Saturday, June 11, 2022

My Day Off, Campfire to End the Day

The Ridge

On Friday, June 10th Bill was up and getting ready for his work day when Gibbs and I got up at 7. Instead of going for a walk right away, we were waiting until Bill was ready to walk down to the corner to meet Billy. We’d go with him. 😉 We sat until 7:40, and then got shoes on and Gibbs’ harness. Woops! There comes Billy up the lane! He’s early today, wouldn’t you know?

Gibbs found this plant quite smelly
I had to tug at the leash to get him to move on

So, after they left, Gibbs and I went for our walk down to the corner. It was a beautiful morning. The sun was in charge of the sky today and although it was only 10C/51F it felt good. Back home, I made my tea and relaxed working on the last couple of Wordles. Gibbs was a big help. This felt nice, not having to rush off anywhere today. At 9, we went out and I got my lawn mower out to cut some more grass.

It was a lovely morning

There were a few spots that I didn’t get to yet, the grass was too wet up on the berm but the corral hilltop got finished as much as I could do safely. Bill will use the weed eater to get the stuff on the hill. It was warming up nicely by the time I finished so I put the little runner on his leash and went into the Bunky to work on the puzzle. Well, that just meant no more lawn was getting cut today. 😉

I thought this would be an easy one but with all the odd
shaped pieces, it is a good challenge. 😀

I made a coffee in the Bunky today and it was quite convenient having Gayle’s Keurig out there. She doesn’t want it back so that’s handy! I had some lunch at noon and then drove into Durham to get 7 more garden stakes at FS Co-op. 

While I was cutting grass, I let Gibbs run
He was entertained for a good half hour chasing
Chippy around these sewer hoses behind
the outhouse
Chippy could go in them but L.J. couldn't. 

Then I went across to Foodland and picked up a few sales items. Yogourt, potato chips and Chapman’s Ice Cream. All good prices. One last stop at I.D.A. drug store to get my B12 vitamins, also on sale. Happy camper, I am!

Gibbs knew I was going somewhere after lunch
but waited patiently for his milk bone

While in there, I heard a couple of sales girls talking about the Library’s book sale around the corner. I knew about it but had forgotten! Of course, I went. What a ton of books and I was elated when it was all by donation. People were walking out with grocery bags and boxes full of books. I found quite a bundle myself and one book that I’ve read and wanted a copy of my own. Man Called Ove has been on my watch list for a couple of years.

Quite a haul!

Back home, Bill had just arrived home himself. It was 3pm so I’m glad he was done for the day too. He dozed, Gibbs dozed and I rested. We’ve been invited to the Acreage for a campfire tonight so after we had toasted Westerns for supper, we got dressed for the evening. 

this was a delicious supper!

A strawberry treat for dessert 💓

The fire was going when we arrived at 8
We all marvelled at how nice it is to be so light out
at 8, 9, 9:30. 

Donna and Gerry had us all fooled by this turtle.
Gibbs barked his head off at it and it wasn't until I got close
enough, noticing that his head wasn't going in his shell
that I clued in. Silly us!

Gibbs was on his rope for a while
Then off for a while when he went wandering 
Back on his leash after not coming when called

I always take too many clothes but erring on the side of caution is the best thing for me. Not much is worse than feeling cold while sitting outside.

Nice fire, Donna!

What a great day! From beginning to end, things were pretty darn good. 😊 As it turned out, Bill used the blanket on his legs and I used my big sweater. The winds had died down so it wasn't as bad as it could have been. 

We all laughed as Gibbs got upon Bill's shoulder  for a better look
Good night!

Thank you for stopping in.


  1. the date is saturday june 11th.

    1. Yes, Bill found it too but not until Saturday evening. :) Thank you.

  2. I love reading your blog. You, Bill & Gibbs really know how to live life to the fullest.
    Something I definitely admire. I crack up when I see Gibbs sitting like a small human on the chair, looking out the window. Take care of yourselves & each other.
    You make my day!!!!! much brighter. Thank you, caringly, Melynda

    1. Thank you so much, Melynda. (ps, what a unique spelling of your name! ♥) for the kind words. We try to get as much as we can out of our simple life. It seems to be working! Gibbs makes us laugh every day, such a little bundle of joy. :)
      Thank you for your comment. ♥

  3. That's was an awesome book collection. I'm a little jealous. I do enjoy the evenings outside. I stay out until 9pm.

    1. It is quite a good collection but the books had to go in the Bunky. I don't sit out at night much because usually it is by myself as Bill goes to his Hangar. I like leaving the window blinds up though until dark so I can see everything. ♥

  4. Lots of great reading material there. I love sitting by the firepit in the evening.

    God bless.

    1. I do like a fire at night but we usually only do it when we're with company or at the Acreage. :)

  5. Wow, you certainly got yourself a great haul of books. That should keep you reading for some time now.
    Sounds like a wonderful day. A few chores, some time to spend on your hobby, and time with family around the fire pit!

    1. The ladies asked me where was my second bag. Funny. I told them I would have to either get rid of clothes or move out!! haha It was a great day, thank you!

  6. Sounds like a great day! Nice to end with a fire in my opinion! The books! WOW! I'm going to love that puzzle!