Thursday, June 30, 2022

Working Wednesday, Banking It

The Ridge

It’s Wednesday, June 29th and the month is drawing to a close. Hard to believe, those 29 days have zipped by! For those who wished the crazy spring weather would settle down, I guess they got their wish. It did and now it’s crazy summer weather. I think I read in someone’s blog that the forecasters are predicting the same for the next 3 months. Up, down, up and down again. Maybe that’s a good thing instead of constant up, up and up?

Oh, puppy dogs.
They can be so comfortable in the
strangest postitions! πŸ’Ÿ

Enough weather talk. After Bill left, I had some cereal and followed my routine. That meant going in to clean the Mat. It was empty, so I was finished with no delays. There was one visitor, just checking out the bulletin board and we discussed the long weekend. I haven’t mentioned it, yet, but this is Durham’s 150th homecoming weekend. It’s a big to-do with a lot of things going on. I’m not sure if we’ll take part in anything but we can if we want to! 😊

Lunch was okay, not my #1
choice usually

I stopped at the bank and deposited some cash into our Travel account. It feels good to be able to contribute to our winter journey. Back home, I changed into ‘auto body clothes’ (old jeans and shirt) and at 9:30 drove to M’s. I’m never completely sure what I’ll be doing but since it was raining when we got up this morning and ‘iffy’ all morning, I wasn’t surprised that I needed to touch up a few spots on the Chev inside the shop. Next, M needed me to cover everything except the inside of the box so he could paint it. N0t sure if that would happen after I left or later on.

We had dullness for a lot of the day
but it turned out pretty nice

Brian, M and Mike, the truck’s owner, lifted the new hood into place. Mike is a big guy, tall and husky, and even he had trouble holding it in place while they bolted it down. Ha! I was relieved of that duty, thank goodness, because I told him I would not be doing it again after the last fiasco! 😊 Apparently, he heard me loud and clear and didn’t even ask today. HaHa

Not a lot of pictures today
so let's jump right into supper
Chicken thighs, veggies and mac & cheese

I left at 12:30 and came home for lunch. Leftover salad from last night fit the bill but I had to add some cold meat to make it more filling. Salad just doesn’t do it for me without hard-boiled eggs or meat. I changed once more into ‘going out’ clothes and drove to Hanover. I was going to check out the butchers at Varney for meat for Friday but not knowing what they have, I decided there were more options in Hanover.

Clouds do make for a pretty painted sky
Looking to the north

M needed a couple of errands run for him and was going to ask me to do them tomorrow morning but since I would be in Hanover today, I offered. He doesn’t need to pay me for fuel and my time that way, seems fair and he was grateful. I did those things first and then stopped at Giant Tiger. I’d checked the flyer and they had a lot of things on sale that we could take advantage of. That was about $100 and then I went to Walmart for another $100. It made sense to buy what we needed for everyday too.

A pretty sunset

It was after 3 when I made my way home. The sun was coming out quite nicely by now and it was a pleasant day after all. Not sure when the rain will return but we’re hoping they are wrong about the weather on Canada Day. Figures that would be the biggest chance of precipitation. Bill got home at 5:15 and we discussed supper, which I’d already ‘half’ planned. We could wait a bit so he went out to cut the front field.

Bill went to cut the lawn and
Gibbs watched for signs of him from his perch
Funny how selfies turn the surroundings around
This is backwards

I’d been chatting with our buddies, Pat and Rob, and the chance of us getting together was getting slimmer and slimmer. They’ve been so busy, as we have, so when we were eating and they texted about popping out for a short visit, we of course said ‘yes, please come!’ We cleaned up from supper and Bill had his lunch made by the time they drove up in their pretty white Ford 4 X 4. 😊

One more sunset photo for the heck of it
My laptop was so slow last night, 
nothing would open.
Hence the delayed post

We all sat outside and caught up as best we could after what seems like too long. Gibbs was Gibbs and had fun outside too. The mosquitos were coming out and after they left Bill went to cut the back field while Gibbs and I came inside. Tomorrow afternoon, it will be my turn to cut some lawn. This has been a great day topped off with a visit (& hugs) from our good friends.

I found a gorgeous sunset from June 29, 2017
Much prettier, eh?
Good night!

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  1. Now THAT'S a sunset!!! Nothing but heat here!! Thank you for reminding me I need to hit the grocery store! Cooper says tell Gibbs hello!!!

  2. I agree with you, salads are better with some protein in them. I keep small tins of flavored tuna (my favorite is lemon/dill) that I use most often.
    Lovely sunset photo from 2017, wow!

    1. I keep forgetting to open my tua or chicken cans. Never seen lemon/ fill tuna!