Sunday, June 26, 2022

An Update on Friday’s Party and Back Home Again

The Ridge (lots of photos, sorry)

So, still on Friday, June24th, you know we arrived at the residence of Kirk and Kate (Catherine) safely and were set up behind the barn. Perfect spot for our big rig, especially with a nosy barking security dog inside. 😊 We were dressed for the party by5:30 but waited, appropriately until around 6 before we walked up front to their backyard.

Gibbs took Mom on a morning walk
New smells!

Looking back to the farm. A couple of other rv's
are visible now, small ones

We did take our chairs, just in case they were needed. With 84 guests expected and who knew how many others didn’t respond until last minute, it was good to have somewhere to sit. I wore one of the little summer dresses that I bought at Giant Tiger for $11 each and it was the perfect choice. The sun had disappeared from the yard, blocked by their house and the mature trees around the property, but it was still quite warm.

A peek at the party location ♥

Bar set up under one canopy
Food under the other

Really, the perfect party atmosphere. It was beautiful, all the set up. I indulged in a drink that I’m not that familiar with but when the bartender suggested a gin and tonic as being a light summer refresher I said ‘yes!’ It was perfect. Not too heavy and it went down smoothly. So smooth that before the night was over, I’d emptied 3 (or was it 4?) glasses of it. 😊

the Guest of Honour
who just happens to live here too

One of the nicest guys you'll ever meet
His sister bought him the signs and glasses πŸ˜‚

Kate, Kirk's wife and host of the party
Looks like she's singing and she really
was 'singing Kirk's praises'. πŸ’–πŸ’–

My favourite picture of the night
Aren't they adorable?
Listening to Kirk's brother and business partner, Andy

Kirk, Kate, his sister, Nancy and hubby

Andy, his brother and a priceless t-shirt gift

Another speech from Roger, former
General Manager and he hired Bill in 2016/17

‘Dinner’ was a tad confusing since it wasn’t sit-down, but you ate as the caterers brought food around. We didn’t realize this until later and almost wished we’d partaken more, thinking they were appetizers. It all was delicious and we actually did have enough to eat in the long run. The music started around 9 and the DJ knew exactly how to keep the crowd on the dance floor. I haven’t danced that much since – well, what seems forever!

We liked how they marked the grass for parking 

The garage set up for the DJ and dancing

We had a ball, cutting a rug (even though it was cement floor in the garage), reacquainting ourselves with co-workers of Bill’s and friends. It made us miss the RV shows in particular, the ones we used to volunteer at in London and Toronto. 

Kirk on the left, getting it 'down!'

My second favourite picture of
the host couple
Too bad it is blurred

Bottom line, it was a great time and a wonderful tribute to Kirk who as worked as part owner, with his brother, in his father’s business for over 30 years. Currently, he is still driving for them, delivering the odd rv for them. Hard to cut the ties.

Andy and the ladies encouraged Ben
for his Michael Jackson routine

Who doesn't love Sister Sledge's We are family!?
I joined but wanted a picture first of the ladies

PatHartley took our picture for us

It was 12:30 when Bill and I took our chairs back to the Suite. Of course, the little guy wanted to play after sleeping all that time, but we were ready for bed. Three hours of steady dancing (for me) does that to an old gal! The morning came too quickly and at 7 we were on the move again. Gibbs and I walked down the road a way and then Bill and I went up to the garage to meet a few others, who stayed overnight as well, for breakfast. Kate had croissants, fruit and coffee. 😊

Kate sent peonies home with a few of us

It was 9 when we pulled out and headed home. Another uneventful drive but with much less traffic this time. That was nice. We were pulling in the lane just before 12 noon.

His backup skills are A-1 in my book
This took a few tries to get it exactly right
but I'm still blown away!

Back in place again

At home, Bill backed the Suite into our perfectly ‘manufactured’ spot beside the steps and on the boards. Perfection is required, although he says it still isn’t perfect, and he does it better than anyone I know. We had some lunch and I took the sorted laundry into town and cleaned while washing our clothes.

My sweetie pie looks great on Jazz

By the time I had them hanging, I was feeling quite tired and hot so we all relaxed inside in the cool Suite for about half hour. Bill had taken Gibbs over to the Acreage to get a bladder of water while I was gone. It was the perfect day for a bike ride so we hopped on and drove to Paisley. The Paisley Common is the restaurant across the street from the home we stayed in during winter 20/21 and that’s where we went for supper. 😊 Lovely!

Our window view of the winter home space
we rented

Tastefully decorated upstairs too

The second floor is now finished and we chose to eat upstairs since we hadn’t seen it yet. I wish James had been working but he was upstairs with the kids in their newly renovated apartment. We wouldn’t disturb him on his day off but his wife, Ranna, was in the kitchen. I had a chicken quesadilla with a Caesar salad on the side and Bill had fish and chips. Yum, both were delicious! We stuck to ‘virgin’ drinks today, Zero Coke and lemonade.


Another great ride back home and it was great not to have to make supper. Yay!  Donna and Gerry were having a fire and so we rested for about 20 minutes before we all went to the Acreage. It was still very warm, 24C/75F at 8 so not too many layers were necessary. Gibbs entertained, as he does, and got into his usual nonsense, as he does, but it was a nice fire for a couple of hours.

They had a vision and have successfully met it
We sat at the window with the lights for supper

The day temperature reached 32C/89F and we were grateful to have the a/c running. Even up in the bedroom for bed, we turned that one on and the main level off. That bit of relief to fall asleep was helpful since there was no breeze to speak of for opening windows. 

Wonderful night for a ride

We’ve had 2, 3 actually, busy days and it sure feels like summer is here. There is lawn work to do but with company coming on Friday, we’ll wait until mid-week to take care of that. This was a great couple of days!

Good night!

Thank you for popping by!


  1. What a nice outing you had and super accommodations at the party in beautiful surroundings. I bet the Paisley trip brought back a ton of memories. BTW we were in London on Saturday for some shopping and swung by CanAm just because it was on the way.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend. To end with a motorcycle ride, dinner out and a visit with your sister doesn't get any better.

  3. What a fun party!!!! They really went all out!! I envy Bills backing skills. I used to be able to do that with a cattle truck ... not so much now!!! Great pictures and I love your hair. Mine got cut WAY too short, so there will be no pictures!!

  4. Nice picture of you and Bill :-) And gin & tonic is my favourite summer drink!

  5. You guys really keep busy. So now I will have to keep him in stock in case we have winter visitors!!!

  6. Thank you so much for making the journey down to celebrate with me!