Wednesday, June 1, 2022

A Change of Pace and Cooler Days

The Ridge

On Wednesday, June 1st we started the new month off with a change. At least I did! After Bill left for work, Kincardine today, Gibbs and I sat together until 7:15 when I drove to town to clean. With a phone call and request from M, I left there at 8:30 and drove to Hanover. He needed a new sanding disc/disk (?) from CarQuest so I had a proper tool to work with.

A picture from yesterday's sunny day
You might remember this tree
I take many pictures of it on North Line
Something about it intrigues me

I stopped at Walmart, since I was going right by it and picked up a few groceries. Back in Durham, I went to Foodland and bought 2 more of their mixed planters. I absolutely love the first one I bought so wanted a couple more before they were picked over. I found some really nice ones with different plants. Once I returned home, I waited for M’s call that he was back from running his own errands in Durham.

As I was leaving our lot,
I zoomed in from the truck window as
these peonies are already in full bloom

Yup, we’ve got a couple of classic (old) vehicles to work on so he needs me. He called at 11 and we agreed on ‘after lunch’. I had my wrap and Gibbs ate his breakfast. He’s been better, eating when he’s hungry and/or with a wee encouragement. 😊 We’re happy, he’s happy. I drove Black Beauty over to the body shop at 12:15 and he got me set up to sand a 1991pick up. I think it’s a Chevy, what do I know? I just work there!

Another couple of planters

It has a bad paint job, looking like alligator skin, so we need to strip it and repaint. Cha-ching! This job was a referral from M’s friend, who has his own body shop but doesn’t have the time needed for a full job like this. We’re happy! Hopefully, a full job with no hidden surprises/fixes. Sometimes you get sanding and find things that require more time and money and the client doesn’t understand that. It makes for a slower process, waiting for an agreement of some kind.

I didn't get a picture of the truck I'm working on
but maybe next time
You'll have to settle for my flowers

Anyway, it’s full tilt today and I power sanded two doors, around the windows, and the panels down to the gravel guard. It felt good to be back at it although my arms may be feeling it tomorrow! At 3:30 I headed home, dirtier than I’ve been for over a year. Ha ha. Bill was home early and it was me that needed to hop in the shower today! Blue paint dust everywhere! I made a tea and we caught up on our day.

I watched one Chippy jump from the branch
onto my 'bungy cord' feeder
Notice the two cleaning up the ground

The day has been a mixed bag again. Not cold at any point, although the air is cooler now than it has been all day. We’ve had sun, rain, sun, clouds – repeat – repeat. It reached a high of 21C/70Fand that looks like the highest over the next 7 days. Spring has reared its head again after a lovely short ‘summer’. 😊 One extreme to the next. Remember our seasons when we were children in school? May and June were always so warm that we couldn’t wait to get out for the holidays.

He's just wondering how easy is it going to be
getting down to the next level
He made it by the grip of a toe nail 😂

Supper was air fried chicken thighs, mashed potatoes and corn on the cob. It was quite good for a cooler day. No dessert required, says Bill. Last night, we treated ourselves to an ice cream cone because it was so hot and quite cooling. Bill loaded the dishwasher and because he didn’t eat his sandwich today at noon, he didn’t have to make lunch. 😊 Instead, he went down to the Hangar to work on his hobby.

Sometimes when Gibbs wants out, this is all he
wants to do

Gibbs and I stayed in the Suite and the sky cleared up all around us to the northwest. To the east, it still looked a bit weird with heavy clouds. We had a thunderstorm through the night, well, early morning and at 4 am a loud crack made me jump. Gibbs didn’t move. There was no wind, which is a relief (I hate wind in storms) mostly just rain and rumblings. I like it when the rainfall happens while we’re sleeping.

Supper was good, very good 

This was a different kind of day for me and I don’t know what tomorrow will bring. I finished my blog and hope to get it posted. Gibbs was hungry tonight and needed no encouragement to gobble up his meal at 6. We can only shrug our shoulders and carry on. 😊

The day started like this

and it ended like this
Good night!

Thank you for popping in!


  1. Looks like you are experiencing the same kind of weather changes we are.
    Congrats at being back to work with Mitch.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. We had wicked LOUD storm last night!

  3. We don't expect very warm weather here for a few days yet. Also lots of wind, which I wish would disappear.

    I wonder if the hot weather was causing Gibbs to not want to eat?

    God bless.

    1. Our weather is still up and down.
      Can't be the weather for Gibbs, it started before the heat did. He's better now but still eats on his terms, when he wants.

  4. I have been trying to comment for a few days but I wasn't able to, so this time I signed in differently and hopefully it works. I love the picture of your driveway yesterday, it looked so lush and green!

    1. I don't get why sometimes blog readers can comment and other days they can't. Sometimes their names appear, other times they are anonymous. Lol stupid Blogger.

  5. We've had the blasted wind for the last few days but I'm biting the bullet and planting my containers today. We're supposed to reach 20C today too, and I think that's as high as it will be for awhile yet.

    I'm sure you'll be feeling some aches from all that hard work on the truck. But it's a good kind of ache, knowing you're getting paid for it. :)

    1. My tomato and pepper plants are going in tomorrow afternoon. Sounds like the same kind of day you had today. :)
      No aches today but tonight, after 2 days, yup, I spoke too soon! :)

  6. Just an update from Arizona. My phone says it's 99 degrees. Patio in the shade is 92 degrees. Inside the house with a/c on is 78 degrees! YEAH!

  7. Nice that you can work for M one more summer. You are very good at it for sure! Oh dinner looks yummy! Your flowers look awesome!

    1. Thank you Shirley. I am happy to do the work for M. I never thought I'd be doing this kind of job! My brother in heaven who had his own auto refinishing shop is watching. ♥♥