Tuesday, June 14, 2022

This Was a Good Day, A Couple of Hours Left

The Ridge

On Tuesday, June 14th my first appointment for work was at 9:30 but I wanted to be up as early as possible anyway. I knew Bill would be leaving earlier today for work and wanted to say goodbye. 

It was a beautiful morning

Bill was coming our way

Gibbs and I got ready for a walk and this time headed out ahead of Bill, down the lane and to Baptist Church Rd. On our way back, Bill was slowly walking our way. He meets Billy at the corner.

We waited with Bill and Bill watched the Collie
at the new pastor's house

I zoomed in to see Bill waiting
I can hardly see him in the tall grasses!

Gibbs does not walk so good when two of us are together, he pulls and tugs on the lead. I wanted Daddy to see how good he walked with me each time. Anyway, we left Bill at the corner and as we walked back, Gibbs kept stopping and checking. “Why wasn’t Daddy coming with us?” It was quite cute but when Billy drove up and Bill disappeared in his truck, there were no more interruptions and we walked home easily. 😊


And after Bill disappeared in the truck
Gibbs was content to come home

Back home, I had my tea and Gibbs ate his breakfast after some encouragement. He took a couple of pieces by hand and then emptied his dish. What a goof! It’s like he doesn’t realize he’s hungry. We put in time together until I had to make my coffee to go and drive over to M’s for work. It wasn’t the easiest start to the shift but it turned out not to take too long to do the front of the truck’s roof. I had to stand on the metal frame at the bottom of the windshield to use the power sander.

No pictures from work but I 
can show you my new to me moccasins
These are my indoor slippers

Let’s just say that I was glad when I finished that part and could move along the side of the truck to do window and door edges. The rest of the roof was a breeze, standing on the step ladder and then in the box of the truck to finish it off. M has cleared the second bay for the Datsun and with only a couple of hours left on the 91 Chev, I can move over there soon. The time went quickly and soon I was stepping out into a very hot day. 😉 That’s why it is nice to start as early as possible in the day.

Lunch was good

I was filthy so the t-shirt went right into the dirty clothes and I hopped right into the shower. I can wear my jeans for one more day, no point in dirtying another pair. I slipped into my bathing suit and cover up again and cut up a few things for my late lunch. It fit the bill and filled me up. 

Me too!
I’d had Cheerios at 8 this morning and hoped the veggies, cheese and tuna would tie me over until supper. I sent out an email to Bill’s sisters about our July 1st dinner here. It has become a tradition.

Boy, I was surprised when Gibbs started barking and Billy and Bill drove up around 2. 😊 He was also done for the day. I went outside with Gibbs and called in to Bill that it was a great day for a bike ride. He agreed and within 15 minutes we were heading down the lane on Jazz. What a beautiful ride! Bill took me on the route to his flying field near Hanover as I’ll be driving there myself on Saturday for their field event. He goes earlier than what I want and will join him later with Gibbs.

So, I got a few pictures of the corners I need to turn at
but took this one of the lone horse for Nancy K

We stopped on the way home at Donna and Gerry’s and after a 15-minute ‘scare’ (when no one was around, door unlocked and her phone on the bench) they walked home from next door. That was not good for our hearts, trying not to think the worst but very confused about what could have happened. We visited after a laugh over the confusion and were on our way home around 5.

And these cows for Loree

I hadn’t thought too deeply about what to have for supper, just a couple of ideas, but when Bill suggested a grilled cheese (+ onion for mine) sandwiches with ice cream for dessert, I was easily swayed. 😊 It was quite good and after loading the dishwasher, Bill made his lunch and went to the Hangar. He’d planned on working on his big plane but the bike ride took that option away from him. I hope he didn’t mind too much!

I tried to react quickly when Bill pointed but
I missed the lady floating in the Saugeen River
on an inflated raft
Good for her!
(the white speck at the corner of the cement post)

Hard to see Donna's home during the summer
Nice and private and the trees keep it cool

Today, I called Bonnie, our hair stylist, down the road and made an appointment for a trim. I hope she can replicate what Judy did for me in Quartzsite. My hair grows very slowly but it still is getting too long on my neck. She can’t take me until next week but that’s better than later!

A simple tasty supper

This was a wonderful day, plus more $$ in my pocket. We reached a lovely high temperature of 28C/84F today with hardly any breeze. Forecast is for thunderstorms overnight so I put the hammock sling away.

Finished with Chapman's Rocky Road
Good night!

Thank you for your visit.


  1. Love the horse picture. It's just so green and pretty there ... lots of feed for them. I bet Bill is excited over the fly time. Also love your moccasins. I've never seen any that color. Very nice!!

    1. I knew you'd like the horse. :) Bill is looking forward to the event on Saturday. My other moccasins were men's and too big.

  2. Wow that tall grass..I'd be afraid of what would be crawling out of there! I love your moccasins too! I love Rocky Road ice cream! :)

    1. He isn't actually in the tall grass. It's on the side of the road and he's on the gravel at the intersection. We don't have scary crawly things here in Ontario. :)

  3. Simple suppers are usually the ones I like best. I really enjoy grilled cheese sandwiches and another fave is a breakfast bowl. Of course, I don't consider myself much of a cook either.

    Have a good day!

  4. Looks like another fine day was had on the Ridge. Love the moccasins. So nice to be out
    for a ride on the motorcycle. Fresh air and lots to look at. There are times I miss our /81,
    1100cc Yamaha. Enjoy, yourselves, have you a backpack for Gibbs, so he can go on a ride with you? Well, ta ta for now, until your next post, caringly Melynda.

    1. It was a fine day, thank you. :) We love our rides and vowed to get out more this summer than last. We used to have a '79 Goldwing 1000cc (I think) but too much was breaking down and we got into rv'ing instead. :) Thanks for the comment, Melynda.

  5. It sounds as if you had another fine day. I am glad that you managed to get so much done on the truck.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you Jackie. The next vehicle (the Datsun) is very low so will be easy to do the roof (if I have to!)