Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Keeping Busy, Sister’s Birthday

The Ridge

On Wednesday, June 8th Bill was following his regular routine. Up at 6:15 with Gibbs and then he carries on getting ready for work. Gibbs comes back to bed and quickly goes to sleep on Bill’s side so as not to disturb me. I’m sure that’s what he’s thinking. Let Mom sleep.

Our morning walk

We then got up a few minutes after 7 and went for our walk. It was a lovely morning. A tad cool but really, quite a lovely spring morning. The sun was out and the sky was clear blue. It was 11C/51F and no wind. Okay, with the weather out of the way, my morning was relaxing after Bill walked down the lane to meet Billy. Gibbs and I played our Wordle games and I had my first cup of tea.

It looks like Mom on my screensaver is laughing    
at my interference

After my oatmeal, yogourt and rhubarb breakfast, I tried on the clothes that I purchased yesterday. Sandals and red loafers (aka moccasins), a summery dress for a party later in June (maybe), a couple of short sleeve tops, a couple pair of decent jeans to replace some of the ones I wear for work only now. Oh, and a couple of lingerie items. Ahem. 😊

Paying exorbitant prices for something worn under clothes just doesn’t sit right with me. These are well chosen and in great condition at ¼ of the price. I left for M’s at 5 to 10 with my new knee pads in hand. They didn’t stay clean for long but they worked like a charm up in the back of the pickup. Much easier than moving a pillow around and much more padding.

I have to admit that this blueberry muffin
was amazing!

Mike, the truck owner, returned today to top up his deposit and brought us coffee and blueberry muffins from Tim Hortons. That was very nice of him and although I’m not a Timmy’s coffee drinker, too strong usually, it was very good after all. We had a booboo when M, B, and myself tried to remove the hood of the truck. It is being replaced. I’m not strong enough to hold it (no kidding!) and when they took the bolts out on each side, it dinged the corner of the windshield. Crap!

First clue that the feeder is empty

They love the Corabelle flowers

There is no one to blame, unfortunately, but M himself, (sorry to say.) He should have covered the windshield with cardboard and he should also have listened to me when I said it was too heavy for me to take the weight. He praises me for good job but he also forgets that I’m not good in the ‘muscle’ department. I didn’t feel bad about it because I should never have been in that position in the first place. 😊

Bill cutting the lawn before
the rainy day tomorrow

We all know what happens when a stone or something makes even a tiny mark in the glass. It spreads so M knows that it has to be replaced. Bummer. I left at 1 and came home to get washed up. Gibbs and I sat together after I ate my muffin and I rested for half hour or so. Bill needed bread and milk so to town I go. Before I hit Foodland, I stopped at a couple of the second-hand shops. I’ve been looking for table cloth clips for the picnic table. Hard things to find!!

Finally, in Rethreads, I latched onto 2 bags of them for $1.50. Cha-ching! I wandered into a new Vendor Marketplace at the main corner and was blown away. I had no idea it was so big and interesting. This is where I need to bring our friends who come for the campout! They would love it!! Prices are decent and I was able to pick up a couple of interesting things. Also, a few of my sisters would have fun perusing it as well.

These holes go right through
this house
I just liked it because it is a nice
addition to The Ridge

After getting groceries, I picked up two more planters. I can’t seem to help myself! Anyway, the prices are dropping so I saved $2 on each and got a couple of lovely mixtures. Back at home with Gibbs, I made my afternoon tea. Bill was home by 4:30 and after a 10-minute shut-eye, he went out to cut grass. I was going to do that but it takes more energy for me, walking, energy I don’t have today. Burgers for supper since the rain isn’t due until 9. 😊

One of my new planters
I hope I can keep them alive!

Rain is in the forecast over the next few days with Friday being a reprieve. Then it looks like it will finally warm up to stay for a while. Good grief, such a weird spring. I lit the Weber Q around 6:15 or 6:30 but it kept going out. By the time Bill finished the back field and berm, he had to relight it again. Supper wasn’t ready until 7 but these burgers are so worth the wait. Loaded with all the good stuff including bacon and cheese, we are never disappointed.

Bill loaded the dishwasher and he went back out to cut the front field. I made myself an ice cream cone and worked on my blog. Bill will likely have some ice cream when he’s done. Today, I filled the hummingbird feeder and since I saw a Baltimore Oriole, put more oranges out for them. I found a neat little bird ‘house’ at The Mission Store yesterday so hung it with the small bird feeders. I picked up a couple of other interesting things that I’ll post in a picture later once I place them. 😊

Make a wish!

This was a good day. I got another 3 hours done at work and some more cash in my wallet. Today is my oldest sister’s birthday so I was happy to hear that she received her card on time. It arrived yesterday, I think. Happy Birthday, Cathy!

A beautiful picture of Cathy with Mom in 2019 πŸ’–πŸ’•
Good night!

Thank you for reading! Your comments are always welcome.


  1. Happy Birthday to your sister.

    I am just glad that the hood didn't clip you.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you, Jackie.
      I never even thought that!! I'm glad too!

  2. That sure is a pretty tablecloth and the flowers look especially nice - they are costing an arm & a leg here in CO this year!! Too bad about the windshield situation, but I agree, not your fault.

    1. Thank you, Camping World table cloth. :)
      Flowers are up but I'm finding some nice mixtures for under $20 so it's not too bad here.

  3. Uh yeah, those hoods are WAY too heavy for us to lift, even if we ARE strong!! Happy Birthday to your sister Cathy!! I finally found one of those packages of burgers I was looking for. Now to try and make them look like yours!!!

    1. Even though there were 3 of us, me holding the front end up high while they disassembled the socket bolts was not a good plan.
      Yay for the burgers, they'll look just like them!

  4. Happy Birthday to Cathy!
    As for the hood, since you told M your concerns, he's learned an expensive lesson. Listen to Patsy. :)
    The flowers you bought are the same variety I bought this year. I've gone with a yellow and white theme and these are perfect.

    1. Thank you Maebeme. Cathy had a lovely day for a birthday.
      Yes, M has learned a lesson. Every time he mentions a hood, I say "don't look at me!" He has agreed unless there are 3 guys and me as a 'helper'. ;)
      The flowers are quite pretty but don't ask me the names of them! I'm terrible at that.

  5. A Belated Birthday Wish to Cathy.
    Most Dollar Stores, Walmarts and Canadian Tires have the Tablecloth Clips. Sounds like you got a better bargain.
    Even if the Hood had not been heavy they are awkward for one person to handle. Glad you didn't get hurt.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks Rick for the wishes and suggestions. I'm thrilled with the deal I got. :)
      This was a heavy hood for 3 of us, 1 being a weaker female. Thank you, I'm glad it wasn't me that got the scratch!