Saturday, June 11, 2022

Working Together, Playing Apart

The Ridge

On Saturday, June 11th, I felt awesome when I woke up. An ‘inner’ awesome that I can only explain by the feeling I had when I realized it was only Saturday. Two more days of a weekend left! That’s what taking Friday off does and I’m glad to be doing that for the remainder of the summer. Hopefully, Bill will get there later on. 😊

Bill completes the outlet for the pop machine
This wall faces the back entrance door
and the storage room is on the other side of it

We were up by 7 and after laundry was sorted, Bill and I drove into the Mat with Black Beauty. It was 8 am when we walked in to an empty laundromat. Perfect!  I loaded the 2 washers and began cleaning. Bill was working on adding a new electrical outlet on the wall where 3 large old dryers were removed after the break-in. Jamie wants to move the pop machine from the front windows to the back where it will be more efficient, out of sun’s heat.

This is the Engine room, with the back
of the dryers on the right
The bag of rags and old clothes, the loaded wheeled cart, and
the wood box on the left
is all garbage

More garbage in the storage room
The white door gets installed on the bathroom 
in the back corner
The ceiling is sloppy but other than removing
the low hanging beam, the rest will be up to the new owners

We needed to determine which of the many fuse/switches shut the power off to that area since the crew that did the renos left the cables hanging, live. Egads! We figured that out in short time and he carried on getting the outlet finished. In between cleaning, I pulled all of the bags of garbage and recycling out of the back room. I call it the Engine room because it is the main hub of the washers and dryers.

Oh yes, this was on the front window
Not unexpected

Bill installed the door to the washroom, which is still closed off to the public and inside the storage room. He also removed the metal door to the lock box that was cut into during the break-in. Because the box was securely installed, it can be used as an open shelving unit. When I had the laundry semi-folded for hanging at home, I wet mopped the floors and together we loaded all the ‘crap’ that would fit, into the back of the truck.

Back home, a walk around the gardens
More of my tall irises are bursting every day

The dump wasn’t far, on the outskirts of Durham, so we offloaded everything for a mere $10 fee. There are a few pieces that they wouldn’t take and some wood that we may bring home for burning but things are done as far as we (Bill) can go. I think Jamie will be pleased with what we accomplished today. Bill does good work, I don’t need to tell you that, and although he doesn’t have time to do anything else for Jamie, I know he’s happy to help him out. 😊

I found this wood sign at the
Mission Store on Tuesday
Just some She-shed signage

We headed for home and were surprised that it was 11 when we finished. That was the morning gone. I hung the clothes and while inside, Bill grabbed a bite to eat and went to the flying field. He has another obligation but it can wait until tomorrow. The day seemed quite calm so far and the sun was once more in charge of the blue sky. A beautiful day! I played my online games and although I thought about my unfinished blog from yesterday, dismissed it immediately.

This is not a flat area to cut so it is challenging
even with my small mower
But the blue thing on the fence is now empty
and out of the way
I'm not totally sure where the mint will go but I'll
find a spot for it.

I went out, leaving Gibbs off leash to run around, and began removing the mint that I have growing in the blue ‘cannister’ up on the berm. It was given to me very soon after we moved here from Rob and Pat’s son-in-law. It’s too heavy to move and it has outgrown its charm. The mint is nice, even though I do nothing with it, but I want the container out to make it easier to cut up there and for a nicer look.

Gibbs watches over the property
but not without his wood 'cigar'.

With that finished, before I had a late lunch, I cut the grass up there. Now the lawn is complete. 😊 We had leftover mac and cheese for one so I ate that. Bill returned from flying around 2 and he and Gibbs dozed in their chairs. I finally finished yesterday’s post and then went out to finish something else. The puzzle has been fun and yet challenging. Just how I like them!

It's a sweet picture

For supper, at 6, I started air fried chicken thighs, deep fried sliced potatoes and a salad. The lettuce needed to be eaten so now it’s gone and just in time as it was going brown on the edges. It was all good and we may or may not have dessert or chips later.

Gibbs sensed something under the car

And just couldn't let it go
There was nothing there

We know that because Chippy was sitting
back at the outhouse, watching and laughing at him

Hey Gibbs! I'm over here!!

Bill was going to the Hangar and as we walked around, Gibbs was acting strange around Ptooties. We figured Chippy or a turtle had been under her and he was determined to find it. Silly mutt.

As you look at the hummingbird, look
beyond it at the turtle creeping across the hill
to the Corral

I worked on my blog and watched some tv. One more day off tomorrow, yay! This was a good day. I hope you’re enjoying your weekend so far too.

I didn't have a food picture
nor did we get a sunset so.........
I borrowed this one from June 11, 2017
Good night!

Thank you for your visit.


  1. Chippy is just as cute as Gibbs!! Looks like a lot of work at the Mat. Hopefully the new owners will appreciate it. Nice of you guys to help out. Your flowers are just gorgeous!!

  2. I'm certain Jamie will be pleased with the work you were able to accomplish. Is it really a day off when you went to the Mat and cleaned?
    Enjoy your Sunday!

  3. Wow that is a lot of "crap" in the engine room! Really nice of you two to help Jamie out! I'm sure he'll be glad to have the mat off his hands. Hopefully he made a profit on it. Your garden area is just beautiful. Enjoy today!

  4. Wow, your gardens look great, but they should after all the work you put into it.
    That was so nice of you both, to do all that extra work at the mat. I'm sure Jamie will
    thank you for it & the new owners will appreciate it.
    I'm doing pretty good at the wordle game. I know how much you like to do jigsaw puzzles,
    so I have a really good website for jigsaw puzzles without all the fuss of toting around the
    boxed version. It is Hope you enjoy it.
    Have a wonderful day, caringly Melynda.

  5. Glad you shared the work you both did at the Mat - and made things much nicer for the change of the new owner. Nice that you both have a place outside for your hobbies etc. Sure glad I found your blog.

  6. What a productive day. Chippy is a cutie.

  7. You had a very good day getting things done. Chippy does not seem to be scared of anything.

    God bless.