Saturday, June 4, 2022

Feeling My Age (or older!), Lovely Spring Day

The Ridge

On Friday, June 3rd it was another mixed weather day. There was sun and there were clouds but only because I knew the forecast did I know which would win the battle of the sky. 😊 It was about 6C/43F when I left the Suite at 7:20. Bill hadn’t been picked up yet but I wanted to get my first job done. I cleaned the big dryers of their lint and pocketed 70¢, then carried on and finished everything else.

Beauty start to the day

This is what decision making looks like in Gibbs' mind
He stops to decide if he wants to carry on or go home
I just wait for him to turn one way or the other 

As much as I love a clear sky, the clouds
sure make for a pretty picture
when they are thrown in the mix

When I returned home shortly after 8:30, Bill was gone, expectedly and I had my cup of tea sitting with Gibbs. I also had some of my oatmeal with yogourt and then sadly had to leave him alone again at 10. One more 3-hour shift for M today, working on the truck. I thought I’d be working on the roof and driver’s side but my boss had other plans. Darn!

Our Corabelle is beautiful in the whole growing
process but once it blooms, it lasts forever

Winter geranium are blooming
and the tall irises are stretching up with buds
I wish there was an easy way to stake them up once
they bloom, they get so top heavy

The roof would have been a challenge as it was but he had the tailgate down and we needed to sand the whole bed for painting. I use the term ‘we’ lightly as that is my job, leaving the ‘bumps, bruises, dents etc.’ to him. That’s the deal and as much as I didn’t like the idea of hand sanding in all the inserts (have you looked in the back of a pick up lately?), I set to work. If I grumble, he offers to get the cheese to go with my ‘whine’. 😊

While I worked on my puzzle, Gibbs sat outside
in the shade

I used the power sander on all the raised flat parts that I could and did it in pretty good time. The hardest part was crawling around on my hands, butt and knees. I do use a pillow but a body can only take so much! Anyway, by the time I finished all the flat surfaces, it was 12:30 and I worked only until 1. I was feeling pretty tired so did the inside of the tailgate and the driver’s side back panel instead of getting back up in there. That will be Monday’s job, the hand sanding. I can hardly wait! Ha ha.

The camera is so quiet but he hears the 'click' and has to pose 💖

Before I left, we talked and he praised me for the good job, even though he does need to correct the way I’m holding the power sander a few times. I can’t keep it straight: flat or on a tilt? It depends on which section I’m working on and if there is a bevel/curve or not. Anyway, he advised me that starting Monday, I would get another $1/hour raise. woohoo! 😊 😊 So, that helped.

After I got home from work, I needed to rest
This is Gibbs' "can you pay attention to me?" pose

He admitted that he can’t sand and crawl around the way I can because of his back problems so he fully appreciates that I can do that for him.  For now, at least. There will come a day when it will be too much for me too and that could be as soon as next summer so we’ll just go with what we’ve got right now. At home, I felt too stiff and sore to plant my vegetables so that will be a Saturday job. I’d better do a few yoga stretches tonight before bed.

This is his "See how cute I am, Mom?" pose 💗💗

Bill arrived home before 3 and while he came in and dozed, I worked at finishing the puzzle. I have to admit it did not defeat me BUT it came close! That’s the hardest puzzle I remember doing in a long time, right down to the last 4 pieces. Phew! I still enjoyed it and can’t wait to move on to the next one.

Tadah! Finally!

I offered to cook the pork chops in the oven so Bill could work in the Hangar for a while instead of grilling them.  With corn on the cob, fried mashed potatoes, the chops, it was a good filling meal. The sun took over the sky around 5 and if the winds had been less than they were earlier, we likely would have hopped on Jazz for another short ride before we ate. They weren’t and we didn’t.

Tired right out too

Bill is back down to his hideaway as I type this but I make no promises that it will be done tonight. My fingers are stiff (typing probably helps), my shoulders and back too and I’m feeling kapooped. I was too cocky yesterday thinking I was in pretty good shape! Ha ha. As for the blog, you’ll read it when it’s done. 😊

Good night!
(ignore the window reflections, pls)

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. try sitting/kneeling on a board, piece of plywood?

    1. My knees won't like the hardness of the wood, it would be similar to the metal but thanks for trying. 😊

  2. Yeah the truck bed would be hard for sure! Ken's got knee pads that he wears, don't think they're that expensive. :) Gibbs and his expressions, so cute :)

    1. Thank you! I'm going to Princess Auto, like Harbor Freight so will look for some. I need them in the garden too.
      I got some from Aunt Marys sale but they're too big.

  3. I'm impressed at your work ethic - I'm pretty certain I'd be saying no to crawling around in the back of a truck with a sander, raise or no raise. It sounds like hard work. Knee pads sound like a good investment to save you some aches and pains.

    Do you suppose a peony ring might work for your irises?

    1. Thank you. I guess i like the idea of being able to do the job too. Stubborn and don't want to admit defeat!!
      Knee pads are a great idea.
      I've never heard of a peony ring???

  4. Well ...$1.00 an hour raise is awesome. Have you considered wearing a "belt" to protect your lower back?

    1. Never thought of a belt. Hopefully i won't have any other truck beds after this one!!
      Thanks Elva.

  5. It would kill me to crawl around a truck bed. Heck unless they had a ladder I couldn't even hop in. Congratulations on the raise!!

    1. Thank you Jackie. I do use a Laffer to get in and out! Haha

  6. For all of us when returning to work it seems to hit us harder then when we were in our prime.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your raise.

    It's about time.

    1. You're absolutely right! Suckered for punishment aren't we?