Sunday, June 26, 2022

A No-Nonsense Kind of Day

The Ridge

On Sunday, June 26th, Bill and I had already decided that we weren’t going to get involved in anything too strenuous. How’s that for planning? Ha! Well, to start off, it was 8:00 when we woke up. Gibbs had been out at 6, which I didn’t even hear, but we all went back to sleep. After a busy week consumed by keeping time on this, that and the other thing, it felt great to not have to do anything at any given hour. I didn’t put my watch on. ๐Ÿ˜Š

This morning, I forgot to look at my
Moonflower so missed the blooms
There are more to come so I hope I remember
in the mornings to come

Of course, there were a few things that I wanted to do but they were small jobs. It was cloudy but surprisingly (or not) the weather man was wrong. The rain that was forecasted yesterday for this morning didn’t happen and even though it was later to happen around 4, the sun was out by then and it was lovely. Mind you, it was very humid, enough that we closed windows and turned the a/c on to 23C/74F.

The fencing is in place. If the ground wasn't so
rocky, the posts would be standing straighter
but it will work and I can step over it to do what I need to do

We went up and finished putting the chicken wire around my garden and then I watered all of my plants and filled the bird feeders. Vegetables and flowers. Gibbs ran around with me, sticking pretty close to where I was, so a good little boy this morning. Bill had a small piece of counter top that we got from the Mat so I lent a hand with attaching it to the Hangar as an outside shelf. After the a/c was on, I vacuumed the Suite. It was so dirty!

Gibbs was quite happy indoors too

Lastly, I went up the berm, with Gibbs, stepped into my garden (over the 2’ fence) and planted my 4 egg plants. They look healthy but I hit so many rocks when I dug that I’m wondering if they will produce anything. All I can do is try. Next year, I’ll get Bill to use the tiller again for me. Gibbs was confused as to why he couldn’t get in there with me but it worked perfectly for me. I gave them all a good watering.

Look at the colours of these pieces

We had something to eat around noon, just toast and jam. Bill went to the Hangar and I took Gibbs out to the Bunky where I worked on that darn puzzle!! Man, is it ever a hard one! The colours of the pieces are different than what the picture is and they are all quite similar. Oh well. I like challenges, right? Haha. Gibbs was on his rope and behaved so well, that I rewarded him a few times with his favourite little treat bites. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Then look at the picture on the cover
Maybe it's me but tmany look to be in the
same colour palette

For supper, at 6, Bill grilled Italian sausages and we had them in buns with some Black Cherry ice cream for dessert. This was an excellent day. Just the right amount of work, to keep us moving. I feel rested and ready to start another week. It will be a short work week for both of us with Friday being Canada Day and a fun day with Bill’s siblings.

Now that's a long sausage! It was very good.
Good night!

Thank you for your visit! I hope your weekend was just as enjoyable.


  1. Ugh, I feel your pain. We discovered the patch out back, on a slope, was pure gravel and rocks. Apparently the hill rising above the front meadow is an esker, debris from the glaciers. Now I know why the aggregate companies are always badgering folks out here to sell. We scraped a depression about eighteen inches deep and filled it with good soil.

  2. Gibbs is a cutie. Regine

  3. I would have given up on that puzzle in the first five minutes. Oh my goodness, it is definitely going to be a challenge.
    Have a good week ahead.

  4. There is nothing better than fresh eggplant from the garden so I do hope you get fruit.

    God bless.