Sunday, June 5, 2022

Veggies are In! Not Feeling so Old Today! 😊

The Ridge

Saturday, June 4th we didn’t get up until after 7:30. I’d gone to bed last night, with Gibbs, at 9:30. The last 3 nights, I fell asleep in my chair and texted Bill (he goes to the Hangar after supper) that we were going to bed. I never used to do that so I guess the work is exhausting me. In a good way, it feels good to be tired out after a decent day's work.

One of Gibbs' short walks 
This time to the east for a change

We didn’t have to be anywhere this morning but Bill had hoped to go to the flying field. It started out as a calm cool morning with full sunny skies. Before he left at 9, the winds had picked up but I was impressed when he hooked up his cargo ‘plane’ trailer and went anyway. Usually, the first time of a season is the hardest to talk yourself in to going. 😊

He pulls out with his cargo trailer and I went up
to plant my vegetables
Fingers crossed that they do well again this year

Gibbs and I went for a walk first thing and it was a short walk. I swore that I would take him home and go out on my own. I didn’t, but it sounded good! I had other things in which I would get exercised by. 

My view from up on the hill
He can see me and I can see him
And he truly doesn't mind the leash tether

After my tea, I went out to the garden. With Gibbs tethered near the Bunky, I took all the required items up the hill and planted my 7 plants. They already look healthy so I hope they take root and flourish! The water spray of Miracle Gro should help.

They won't last long but here is proof
that we have no ants on our peonies 💕
They are so big and soft!

I watered my potted flowers as well and before I knew it, I was down on the corral hill pulling weeds. Well, not even pulling many of them because I was trying hard to not lose my balance with the rocks and steepness of the hillside. LOL, I did make some improvement but that is a very frustrating endeavour! When I stopped, I realized that not once did I notice my achy arms and back so continuing movement is the best medicine. 😊

So, here is what's left of my 'newly planted' 
day lilies from Cathy
I don't know if it's Gibbs or Chippy
I'm sure both are equally guilty!

I don't know if it is noticeable to you
The left and right side has been weeded
to some degree

Goose the Spruce is getting tall
Healthy still with new needles but I think
this one must be approaching 'spruce tree teens'.
Look at those sprawly, gangly arms and/or legs

Bill returned at noon, after I’d stopped, and we decided on a bike ride. It wasn’t exactly warm, about 15C/60F, especially on a speeding motorcycle but the sun was warm and we had gear to wear. I put on my chaps, long sleeves, a neck warmer and full leather gloves. We both put our ride specific boots on and we were off! What a great ride. I thought I’d feel cold but it was quite pleasant.

We stopped in Holstein to see the dam

But other than a nice view of the Saugeen River
it was disappointing

We hit a few towns, Holstein (who seemed to have a town wide yard sale), Mount Forest, Harriston, Mildmay, places we seldom go to. Bill had me lost on the way home but that’s never surprising. When I just about figure where we were he would turn left instead of right, the direction I thought we’d go. It’s always a treat just sitting tight behind Bill, I seldom know where we’re headed. Part of the fun.

Top picture shows Bill's view
Bottom - aah, look who waits for me! 💖

Clifford is a decent size town and has a few
attractive features
The telephone booths are displayed along the main street
Part of their effort to bring the town 'to life' as a Public Art Project
Named "these booths are made for talking", artists have
decorated the metal structures.
Originally placed in 2020, there was a contest judged
by the People's Choice for the best 😉

It was over 2 hours when we turned onto the gravel road that takes us to Donna and Gerry’s Acreage. 😊 Funny, when they passed us, not knowing who we were until they got beside us. We stopped in while Bill had a beer with Gerry and Donna and I sat to catch up on our day. They’ll be staying out tonight but it is going down to 8C/46F so they might need their furnace.

Another cemetery, another town and
an aptly name restaurant and bar
Note the Harley Davidsons in the back
We drew their attention with our loud Yamaha as we stopped at the light
BTW: Have you ever driven to a cemetery and had your GPS say
"you have reached your final destination?" 
That would be frightening!! 😂😁

Bill and I came home and he and Gibbs had a snooze. We’ve decided that after our grilled burger supper, we are going to see Top Gun, Maverick. It’s all the rage and Bill really is keen to see it. Ratings are quite good. We’re going to the drive-in in Hanover, about a 25-minute drive. We were laughing earlier that it has been about 20 years since we’ve gone to a drive-in movie and neither of us can remember what we saw!

Stopped in Durham to fuel up
Cool old car doing the same thing

Turning into well-hidden entrance to The Acreage

Donna and Gerry just unloading
when we pulled in

We’ll take blankets, hot chocolate (real partyers we are!) and probably chips and leave Gibbs at home. It will be a real date! Whether we stay to see Lost City is debatable, my eyeballs probably won’t be open by midnight. The night has calmed right down with only a titch of a barely visible breeze. 

Gibbs watching us prepare supper

This has been a great day, even though our Friday night lotto tickets were duds. I would be totally shocked if we even won $10.

Before we left for the movie
I placed one of my planter pots
Good night!

Thank you for your visit. Tomorrow I’ll let you know how the ‘old fogies’ date went. 😉


  1. You have so many beautiful small interesting towns. I hope you enjoyed the movie!

  2. I have heard that movie is fantastic, I hope you enjoyed it.

    You can see a difference where you weeded.

    God bless.

  3. As long as you keep working those muscles they will feel better. When they start to get soft it will be even more painful.
    Glad you both had a chance to do what you wanted today and the weather cooperated.
    Lotteries are like Casinos. Their in favour of the house.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Glad you had a safe ride. Love to ride through the old country towns and the Ohio river towns. They are full of history and folk lure. That comment about the final destination on your GPS was pretty funny. We get out there and sometimes we don't know where we are but we figure it out. Part of the fun.

  5. Good work on the garden beds. Keeping moving is definitely helps with the aches and pains.
    Nice ride too - great way to see the cute little towns. I'm surprised you didn't stop at a garage sale. :)