Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Moss Can’t Grow on a Rolling Stone, Granddaughter’s Birthday

The Ridge

On Wednesday, June 22nd we were all up and moving towards the day before 7. It was going to be another hot, humid one. I didn’t have to be to the body shop until 9:30 so Gibbs and I went for a walk. It was refreshing but at least we can say we slept well last night. I turned the bedroom a/c on as I crawled into bed and we left it on all night. I was afraid that it would keep Bill awake but he reported this morning that he only heard it a couple of times. 😊

Lovely morning

Shadows don't always present us in the best light
Gibbs looks great on the other hand! 😁

Tonight, we may be doing the same. Bill left for work a 7:45 and I had some cereal and tea sitting here with Gibbs. I got washed and left the Suite in his capable paws at 9:25. Today, my work was focused back on the Chev pick up. We taped and papered the windows all around and I lightly sanded over the primed hood and tailgate. I’m still learning and when I think I’m done, M goes over it with his professional eye and points out spots I miss. LOL It’s the only way I’ll learn but I still whine at him a bit. Teehee.

Just a few wildflower pictures

I can't pick them easily with a leash in one hand
so this will have to do

Because it was so hot and humid, 26C/79F at 10:30 already, M suggested I only work 3 hours, until 12:30. That made me happy, I was continually wiping my face down and that is with short hair! I’m sure grateful not to have to wear my hat to keep it off my neck and out of my face. 😊 

When I left there, I drove back home and had a quesadilla for lunch again. They are becoming a big favourite right now but I’m running out of ingredients.

It was already warm out this early
and I think the tall grasses are cool

He runs in and jumps out

The snow plow pushes gravel off to the side of the road
Gibbs thinks it is his own personal pathway 💓

I relaxed for a bit, I felt quite knackered, and then close to 2 pm I drove to Hanover for some groceries etc. First, I went into Giant Tiger, a store I haven’t been in for a long time. This was actually a good shopping experience, friendly people complimenting my Tulip dress and a couple of jokes back and forth. I perused through the ladies clothing, checking out summer dresses. I found a couple, both for $11 each.


I also picked up a few of the grocery items on my list before stopping at Canadian Tire for my chicken wire. Another dress compliment so I was feeling pleased with my decision to put a little extra effort into my attire. Sometimes, adding a little ‘pretty’ in your day is a bonus for many reasons. 

Because the rain is evading us right now, I watered
my potted plants
this pretty daisy broke off but it made a nice ring ♥

My tiger lilies down at the road
are getting tall and close to blooming

Lastly, I stopped at Walmart and finished the groceries before heading for home. I wasn’t surprised to see Bill was already here.

Once we get the grass weed whacked around
the corral hill garden, the flowers will
show up even nicer
Beautiful evening primrose, just not very organized.

We unloaded and put away the food and then all sat until it was time for supper. I fried some of the leftover potatoes, cooked 2 cobs of fresh corn and reheated some frozen meatballs. This was a tasty supper; some meatballs aren’t good but these are precooked and quite good. We didn’t need dessert so Bill made his lunch and went out to check tires on the truck and trailer. We’ve got weekend plans and don’t want to leave everything until tomorrow night.

This pretty little Camaro was parked beside me at Walmart
Perfect day for it

This was a good day; I’ll sleep good again because it was tiring but a good one all the same. 😊 As in my post title, no moss growing on this gal today! 

It doesn't look like much 
but it was quite good and it was filling.

Today, we want to wish our oldest granddaughter a Happy Birthday. 

Happy 15th Birthday, Chelsea!
You've grown into a lovely young lady. ♥
Good night!

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. It sounds like you will once again have a lovely sleep. Hope Bill isn't too disturbed by the air conditioner.

    Happy Birthday to your lovely granddaughter.

    God bless.

  2. No pics of your lovely dress?

  3. I cannot sleep with the AC on ... ever!! It sounds like a jet engine!!

  4. Yes, please, I would like a pic of your dress, as well. I love your outlook on life, very positive.
    That's the way I like to look at life too. Carry on my dear, your light shines brightly in your
    posts. Take care of yourself & each other.
    Caringly Melynda.

  5. Happy Birthday to your granddaughter, fifteen is a great age to be. :)
    Your gardens are doing so well - they obviously enjoy the heat, humidity and the watering you're giving them.

  6. That Camaro almost looks like one we had back in the day! Ours was a hard top but it was the same color with black stripes. Wish we still had it!