Saturday, June 18, 2022

The Winds Wreak Havoc, Wonderful Friday News!

The Ridge

On Saturday, June 18th (already!) Bill and Gibbs were up at their normal time, 6:15. Bill had his shower and got ready for the day. He’d hoped to leave for the Saugeen Flying field around 8. Today is the club’s Fun Fly and I had planned to join Bill with Gibbs around 11:30. They were providing lunch, for a fee, and it is to be an all-day event.

Last night I said in my blog that there would be no sunset
Then after I posted, I looked out and saw this glow

Lo and behold, the sun managed to make
a late appearance before saying goodnight

With all this cloud around, who thought
that would happen? 💗

With the winds the way they have been, we were disappointed that they remained with us all night and into today. Bummer! Bill wasn’t sure how long the event would last today and how successful (attended) it would be so he left shortly after 8 to help with set up. Gibbs and I bundled up and went for our walk after I finished my tea. The winds made the 8C/46F feel much colder so I’d got my down-filled coat out again. Geesh! I thought I was done with that one for the season.

Last night, while Bill was cutting lawn 
Gibbs and I saw that the plastic shelf
that held our motorcycle stuff got knocked
The wind really made the covering flap
Luckily, it sits on the mower side, not the bike side

It was still very refreshing and I’m glad we went. The sky was clear. When I got back, I sat with Gibbs in ‘our’ chair and played my online games and read a few chapters of my book. It is a different type of story but quite interesting, so far. Then it was time to get to work so I layered up in a couple of jackets and went out to cut more grass. My mower is making a horrible noise upon start up and I’m thinking it has something to do with the rock I sliced in half the other day. Woops!

Our walk this morning

Gibbs disappeared into the long grass
on a mission

Bill will have to look at it. I finished cutting what needed to be cut and then cleaned the underbelly and put it away. Gibbs had been out while I cut, on tether, and at noon we came in for lunch. Bill had informed me he was staying and having lunch at the field. That was good, meaning the day was going pretty well for him and if he’s happy, I am happy. Happy spouse, happy house.

This is what he came out with and carried it
all the way home

It's yours for a little while, Gibbs

I made a quesadilla with cheese, bacon, pepperoni, onion and red pepper. After it was fried, avocado and sour cream topped it off nicely. 😊 It was delicious! 

It was very good!

Crispy enough but not too crispy to fold

Early this morning, I pulled the trays out of the dishwasher and washed the little basin in the bottom. What a lot of crap had accumulated in there! Yeuch! I’ll keep a better eye on it so we don’t have a problem in the future.


The basin in the bottom of the dishwasher that
the above dish fits in

You never know what lurks in there!
We use it everyday now so need to stay on top
of the cleaning too

Donna and Gerry had had enough of the cold winds at the Acreage and after securing one of the gazebo canopies, packed up. They stopped in here to get Donna’s gift. It’s a strong metal finch feeder. She doesn’t have one for at their house and it was a good deal at the sale yesterday. I might have to pick up the other one tomorrow, if it is still there.

While Gibbs was entertained with his bottle
I cut the grass on the corral hilltop

Then I walked down the lane

A diamond in the rough

I saw a mama duck go down into the pond
with her 5 or 6 or 7 babies
but couldn't see them anywhere

When they left, I put Gibbs inside and I went out to cut the grass up on the berm. It’s so rough up there but I managed to ‘get ‘er done’. Then I worked on the puzzle, not having a lot of success but I’ll get there. Bill drove in around 3:30 or so and reported having a good day. So, the winds didn’t upset that apple cart too badly after all. 😊 He hopped on the mower and finished cutting his grass too so tomorrow should be an easy day for Father’s Day.

The finch feeder I gave Donna

Inside, I made my tea and we had a treat together of Nutter Butters before supper. Even Gibbs gets a cookie when we do. He has been a good little guy and has had lots of runs around the property. Speaking of supper, we had fish and chips and the evening went by as per usual.

The puzzle is slowly but surely coming along

Now! I mentioned in my title about wonderful news. Yesterday, Bill got the email from our trailer insurance ‘people’. We are being reimbursed for everything we asked for in regards to the power surge on April 7th. They have taken forever in responding to us AFTER we sent them the list. He kept getting emails saying ‘we are looking into this matter and blah blah blah’. Now, finally we have a positive response and just need to wait for the cheque – that is in the mail. ♥♥♥

Bill has received cards from 2 daughters
Krystal included some of her wedding pictures
that we weren't able to get on our own
I think we cleaned up pretty good!

This was a great day even though the wind and colder air has tried to spoil it. The sun is beautiful and warm if you can only find a sheltered spot. I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Happy Father’s Day tomorrow to all you Dads and your Dads. Also, to our own Dad’s up in heaven. 💖💖 A follow up on my sister-in-law: Crystal had a great recovery and is coming home today! 😊

These are pictures of the pictures
The original are much clearer
I love this one! 💓
Good night!

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  1. Great news on your insurance, that isn't usually the case with an insurance claim so I'm sure glad it worked out for you :-)

    Maxx Trails

    1. Thank you MT! We have a low deductible, under $200 so that sure helped too.

  2. Glad the Insurance will cover your damages but still wise to add an EMS so it doesn't happen again.
    This was a cool but sunny day here as well.
    Nice Wedding Pictures.
    Gibbs seems to be enjoying his new toy.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Of course, we decided to get a surge protector long ago, Rick.

  3. Great news about the insurance. Less than 90 days to get a resolution is pretty good.
    Gibbs sure has the nose to find the recycling. Good boy!

    1. Thank you Maebeme. Gibbs was looking out for himself but we can pretend he was cleaning up the neighbourhood! haha