Monday, April 29, 2024

A New Day and a New Week Dawns as the Month Prepares to Leave

The Ridge

On Monday, Apr. 29th Gibbs had Bill up early, or visa versa. I’m never sure who needs to get up first. I haven’t told you that I’ve been limping around like a cripple since Saturday morning. I had ordered 2 pair of shorty boots from a great Canadian deal last fall and had them shipped home to Donna – saving shipping costs. They’re not quite as I expected and of course, it is too late for a return.

Good morning!
A lumbering raccoon makes his way from the corner
of North Line and Baptist Church Rd. 

Anyway, I thought I’d wear a pair last Friday morning on our jaunt to Hanover. It was a 3-hour jaunt and although they were snug, I figured breaking them in would soften the leather and perhaps a toenail trim would help. Hmm. I didn’t notice then just how narrow the toe width was. Saturday morning, I had the worst ache I’ve ever had in a toe joint! It felt like a broken toe must feel. I couldn’t put pressure on my left foot pad without it causing me grief.

A tasty bowl of my favourite homemade soup

Well, dang it all! It had to be because the boots are so narrow. I hobbled around all day, trying different ways to walk in which to make it easier. I didn’t have to do much else on Saturday, it was a low-key day, so perhaps resting it would help. It was that day when we brought Jazz home, so I know I was out and about a bit. On Sunday, I woke with less aching and thought ‘yay’, it’s getting better. Still a bit of hobbling went on and I tried hard not to whine. 😊

It was a dry day and we were hopeful
when we saw the sun trying to break through.

This morning, before I even got out of bed it was aching badly again. Rats! It’s the not knowing which is best part. Should I sit or should I keep moving? This morning, I made my tea and sat with Bill and Gibbs. Bill is still trying to find the root of the problem with Jazz, fuel gauge or the sending unit, so rode her to Hanover for them to have a peek. There was no conclusion so we’ll just sit on it for a while.

I wandered further when I saw some purple colour
popping from my Periwinkle

Not bright colour, yet but it's coming!

I made a IP batch of Broccoli Cheddar Soup for my lunches, since my Keto bread is almost gone. I wanted to try once more to get back on track and stay there this time with as few carbs as possible. It just takes willpower to avoid the temptations! Ha ha. I responded to M’s request for help with the final apartment cleaning by going over at 1. He has a small Green Machine carpet cleaner that he bought last year.

 Primrose and one plot of rhubarb.

I used his old, pieced-together, shop vac as best I could and then got down on my hands and knees to shampoo the areas of bird messes etc. His past tenant was a slob, no easy way to say it. Anyway, I worked steady for 3 hours and the place has been improved 10-fold, if I do say so myself. He did pay me for my time today and I felt pretty good getting this place ready for new tenants.

A very bright red and brilliant green leaves

This rhubarb patch is in the corral corner
and last year, I did get a few pieces for the freezer.
It doesn't get enough sun to produce too well.

While I was gone, Bill took Black Beauty down the road to a new shop for her oil change and service check. I was tired when I returned home at 4 and Bill was not so much tired as bummed out at the cost of BB’s bill. We need her, she’s a primary vehicle, but prices have jumped so much. Makes you want to scream! I sat outside with Gibbs for a while before Bill returned and the wind whipped us around pretty good! It was mild though, at 16C/60F.

The corral garden has my ever faithful winter geranium
glowing green.
The brown patches are actually red leaves from 
the evening primrose. 

I can't recall what this is called. Perhaps you know?

I made a tea and sat to write my blog. For supper, we shared a large chicken breast, done in Rosy, my air fryer. Bill had the leftover potatoes, fried, and we’ll each have a vegetable. The chorus frogs had started up by 4:30 and just got louder as the evening progressed. I need to record them one night and see if I can download them into my blog now that I have a speedy laptop. 😉

Supper was filling and good.
Patti, I know you're eyeing my squash. 😋

This was a good day, no rain since we got up but it rained through the night – a lot. Enough already! The evening will be spent quietly for me, in my recliner with a tv playing. The other night I watched a nice movie, Tumbledown, and when I told Bill about it (he watches his in the Hangar if so inclined) he said he also enjoyed it and knew I would too. I hope you are enjoying your days too.

Donna texted fro Hanover (20 minutes away) around 6
that they were getting rain.
We could see it coming.

At 6:30, it arrived. Just what we need. Not!!
Good night!

Thank you for the visit. As usual, your comments are always read and appreciated!


  1. What lovely flowers you have peeking up. Ours are still in hiding. Oh, your poor toes. Hope you start to walk without hobbling very soon.

    God bless.

  2. Hubby had the oil changed in our truck earlier this month and we were shocked when it came to $277.00! Wow has it ever gone up in price!

  3. Having plenty of toe space in any kind of shoe or boot is very important.
    Oil prices have a lot to do with our Lifestyle.
    Rain finally hit around 7:00.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Donate those boots. It’s not worth the pain. Prices are so high everywhere and we know why. It’s good you have the mat!! I’m sure Bill will figure out Jazz. Stay dry!

    1. Yup, I'm sure that's what I'll be doing. Next clothing exchange.
      Thanks Nancy.

  5. Amazon sells shoe strechers for $8.99, I really hope you don't hurt your feet with footwear that's too tight,-Mary

    1. Thankyou, i think I'll be passing them on to someone with smaller or at least narrower feet!!

  6. It seems as I’ve gotten older I definitely lean toward shoes
    with a wider toe area.....Once a toe has been bruised it seems to stay
    alittle more sensitive. Darn... lol
    Linda a.

    1. Thanks Linda a. Yes, not being able to try them on didn't help me.

  7. I was craving that squash but couldn’t find any— again😥Flowers look like they’re coming up nicely. Patti

  8. Your spring flowers are putting on a lovely show.
    I agree with other commenters, I would get rid of those boots. I'm sure there must be a local buy & sell group. Like others, I've found my feet have gotten wider too. It's gotten to the point where I won't buy any footwear I can't try on first.

  9. I ordered a pair of shoes from a brand that's always been comfortable. These weren't. I was so disappointed. Love the red flowers.