Sunday, April 28, 2024

The Ridge

The Beginning or the End?

On Sunday, Apr. 28th I joined Bill downstairs at 7:15. Do you consider this the beginning of your week or the end? I'm on the fence on that one. I made my tea to go and was on my way into the Mat at 7:30. The morning sunshine surprised us as we weren’t expecting to see any at all. It didn’t last, by the time I reached town, clouds had moved over us completely. There was a 99% chance of rain today so we knew at some point, we’d get wet. It was a mild 13C/55F when I left. 😊 

Good morning!
Even with clouds, our pond reflections are
picture worthy. 

The Mat was in pretty fair condition, nothing that made me grumble, and Dollar Store Dave was the only customer. That’s the first time I’ve seen him, he’s always in for early Sunday laundry since his store is open every other weekday. I was on my way home at 8:40. Bill and Gibbs were outside, puttering a bit so I came in and had some oatmeal and yogourt.

He behaves much better when I'm not around
so Bill finished when I vamoosed. 😂

M had asked if I would mind taking him into town at 10:30 to the pharmacy so I did that and the rest of the day was home free. He hates asking on a Sunday but did pay me for fuel. While I was gone today, Bill gave Gibbs a wee bit of haircut around his face. Now we can see his eyes again.

This is a pleasant read so far.

The latest word is that he has a tenant moving in to his apartment on the 1st but the previous renter has not picked up all of her stuff yet. She’s a real ‘case’, if you get my drift, in more ways than one. Anywho,(yes, I meant that), Bill and I drove over to help him move her stuff to his old trailer until she comes.

That kind of day. He was up with Daddy,
down with Mom and on the floor by himself. 

We didn’t get far, when M indicated that she said she’d be there by end of day today to get it. We returned home for lunch without putting too much hope into that taking place but we’ll see. After lunch, the rain arrived and it just wasn’t worth being out. Bill debated going to the Hangar but in between showers, he didn’t really feel up to it today. Sunday, a day of rest, right? 😊

He went upstairs with Gibbs and watched movies and I stayed downstairs and worked on my cross stitch for another couple of hours. You’d think my progress would be awesome but……..only to me, was the difference noticeable. Oh well, it passes the time and bit by bit, it is getting done.

Simple supper
The fat on that bacon was soooo tasty!
Great for my keto 'diet'

I put it away around 3:30 and delved into the new book I’m reading. Caroline by Sarah Miller. It is a continuation to the Little House on the Prairie collection, thus bringing up many sweet memories of watching the episodes with my daughter, my own ‘Half-Pint’. For supper, we went simple again and had bacon and eggs. It was easy, filling and a nice change. Who needs a big meal every night? Not us.

Gibbs has to jump up behind me whenever
Bill goes outside without him.
He needs to watch, security detail, you know.

Bill went to the Hangar before 7 and I started my blog. Super fast!! I’m in heaven! Today was not a wash out but with more rain in the forecast, there are some outdoor things that will definitely be on the back burner.

No sunset viewing tonight but at least it is mild.
The arrow is where Gibbs sees his Daddy disappear to.
Good night!

Thank you for stopping around.


  1. The weather has been a cross between nice and naughty. It's like nature likes to catch you when you are not ready.
    Stay Safe and Enjoy Nature.

    It's about time.

  2. Showers are good to get things growing. Some REALLY warm days later in the week!

  3. You two are so kind to help out M. Hopefully his new tenant will be better.

  4. Funny, my daughter and I were just talking about the Sunday vs. Monday start of the week. I tend to think of it as Sunday, she prefers Monday. She had said we'll do that next week, which I took to mean the second week of May, but she actually meant the next Wednesday...which to me meant this week because it falls within the next 7 days.
    Fingers crossed the old tenant picked up her stuff. I'm sure there is a requirement for the landlord to hold it for a certain length of time, but not forever.
    Well done on the security detail Gibbs!

    1. That is too funny! Saying 'this week' and 'next week' can be different, depending on when it starts!
      The tenant did not pick up and yah, it's hard to know what to do with it all.
      Gibbs takes his job very seriously! ♥

  5. Really nice of you two helping M out. Seems he really needs it. Tenants can really be a pain, hoping the next one is better for him. :)

    1. Thanks Shirley. He's in a bad position and we do what we can to help.

  6. When you have been retired for a while, they all kind of run together. Garbage day used to be the start of the week for us on Monday, but they changed it to Wednesday and that just doesn't work any more. We have a small business on Etsy, and we ship on Tuesdays and Fridays, so Tuesday is the start now. Weekends we stay home to avoid the crowds. The older we get, the less tolerance we have for crowds. Turning into hermits, I guess.

    1. Ha ha, interesting how the beginning of the week is different for everyone, eh? You're right, the tolerance for being in crowded spaces has waned for me too.