Thursday, October 4, 2018

Are We Done Yet? Errand Day, Voting Privileges, Birthday Dinners

When I woke up at 6:30 on Wednesday, Oct. 3rd, it was because Clemson needed out and Bill was getting up to take care of him. Another dull looking day out there confirmed when Bill crawled back on top of the covers to wait for the Suite to warm up downstairs. The heater had been on through the night but very low so he cranked it up a notch. Clemson is no dummy and jumped up right after Bill lay down and curled up behind him. He wanted to wait for downstairs heat too.

The other side of Gayle and John's, we had a bit of a hold up
due to construction
The Richards family got up 30 minutes later and made tea and coffee to get engines started. We read a few blogs and then I hopped in the shower while Bill drained the gray water tank. When I was finished in the bathroom, he did the same. 

Driving on Hwy #6 into Owen Sound
We left the Suite about 9:15 and drove into Owen Sound to meet with Shannon (yay, Shannon!) regarding Mom’s investments. No better feeling, after what I’ve dealt with, than to walk in to her office with Mom’s paperwork sitting on her desk.

Yes! Let's get this done!
We discussed our options and I gave written permission for an temporary investment move to deal with in the spring. From there, we popped into a Tim Horton’s for a bite to eat. I had a steeped tea, double cream (my very favourite thing from Timmy’s) and a breakfast wrap. It hit the spot. Bill wanted to look for a couple of things at Princess Auto so he dropped me at Value Village. I was hoping to find a pair of comfortable, semi-dressy black shoes.

Been a while since we've been to one
Breakfast wrap, hash brown and steeped creamy tea in a china cup
By the time he texted me, 10 minutes later, I had tried on 6, no 8 pair of shoes. I could have chosen all 4 and been happy but that would be ridiculous. So, after I walked around in a few pair, I kept the one pair that suited my needs best and returned the rest to the shelves. 

I hadn't been here in a while either
I had amazing restraint in the store, and didn’t even look at anything else. Time was obviously the factor, with Bill waiting. I paid and walked down to where he’d parked at P.A. at exactly the same time he came out of the store.

They're Aldo brand, a good Canadian brand and next to new
We next went to Home Depot and then drove back to Durham. What a crappy morning! More rainy drizzly stuff and temperatures didn’t get above 50F/11C. While driving home, we listened to my sister, Wendy, the curator of the Waterfront Heritage Museum, talking about the frustrations they are experiencing with yet more vandalism to their railway car. That has to hurt all involved staff and volunteers.

The West Grey Municipal offices
In town, we stopped at Rob and Pat’s to pick up their carpet cleaner and Rob helped Bill bend a metal bracket he needs. We stopped at the West Grey Municipal Office to register for the vote on Oct. 22 so we can vote early and then to the I.D.A. Pharmacy to pick up his prescription. Are we done yet? No, one more stop at Foodland so I could pick up something I needed for Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday. Then, home, where for a brief 5 minutes, we actually saw the clouds break to let the sun through.

Holy cow, that is sunshine!
We each had a piece of toast with jam to tide us over until dinner at 6. I caught up a bit on this post and sat in my recliner (beside the boys) and closed my eyes for a few minutes. It was that kind of day………again. Are we done with the rain, yet? Apparently not. Bill dropped off easily and I read my book for a bit until my eyes were ready to give in. It must be the weather that is making us feel so drowsy, so I went up to the bedroom to see if I could drop off. Nope!

Clemson drove Bill crazy for his supper at 4 so we put him off until 4:30 and then fed him. My goodness, you’d think he hadn’t eaten for days the way he was pestering. After he ate and went out, I went for a walk down the lane. I’m glad I did because the 55F felt quite nice with an adequate jacket on. The wind was strong and I had to fight with it to hang the two ‘garden’ sheets on the line. I won the battle and they will blow dry until I need them again.

I think I'll need these sheets for the garden again so want them dry to begin with
so much rain that the west pond actually has water in it again
And most of the summer, this stream to our neighbours has been dried up
At 5 we got ready for dinner. We were meeting my sisters, Gayle and Donna and their hubbies at the Clubhouse Restaurant, south on Hwy 6. This is to celebrate our birthdays which were last week. 

No turtles on the tree branch today but a week or so ago, there was no
pond water here either
It is what the 6 of us do together and usually a nice evening out. We were all very prompt and arrived literally within 5 minutes of each other at 5:55. It is a restaurant connected with the Golf Course and the front seating area consisted of about 9 tables so we found one for 6. There was also another room in the back for more diners.

The menu had many choices and we easily chose our meals. The prices were also pleasing. Bill ordered Fish (cod) and fries and I ordered a Chicken quesadilla with a side Caesar salad. The quesadilla was the most stuffed one I’ve ever had and it was yummy. 

Yummy quesadilla
We had an enjoyable time together and topped our dinner off with Cheesecake. We would definitely go back another time. We said our goodbyes around 7:30 and it was a mild 14C/58F.

And a delicious Cherry Cheesecake for sharing
Back home we watched some tv and at 10 I crawled into bed with Clemson. We got a few things taken care of today and went to bed hoping for some drier weather in the days to come to complete more outside jobs.

Happy Birthday dinner for Bill and I
I hope you’ve enjoyed your day. Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Wow..your day of running around made me tired!! Love your shoes really cute! You can sure tell you all are sisters! Very cute. Dinner looked awesome!!

    1. It was a busy day but you should talk!! haha you two are always on the go! :)
      I think the shoes will work out very nicely for me. They are very comfortable.

  2. Thes last minute things we need to do before Thanks Giving and before head on out for the winter migration.

    1. things are getting done and we're having a good time too.