Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Hallowe’en, Too Early for Tricks, Memphis here We Come!

We were both in bed just after 10, well all 3 of us, last night and other than one wake up at 1 am (Clemson needed a piddle) we slept well. Bill was up just after 6 but I snoozed on undisturbed until closer to 7 on Wednesday, Oct. 31st. Hey! It’s Hallowe’en! I get to wear my funny face today!

I took a walk along the Cumberland River this morning
I immediately got dressed and went out for a 30-minute walk getting 1.5 miles in at least. I’ve missed walking. I didn’t do the pedestrian walkway, we’d do that later (so I thought) so instead I walked along the Cumberland Riverfront at the back side of the stadium. It was a beautiful morning, around 66F at that time. The sky had wispy light clouds of which we expected to thicken up before the day’s end.

I made my tea upon my return and started to work on my blog post before we headed out for some sightseeing. Rob came over to discuss the time to go and we were all but ready to put our running shoes on when another security guard came around and told us that without a permit, we couldn’t stay there. If we left our units to tour the town, we might return to a ticket OR finding our units had been towed. No way would we take that chance.

History lesson of the day
And no, this isn't referring to my cw singer 'Willie Nelson'
He gave us another alternate Lot “T” to park in but why would we trust that after this mix up? So, we had a group meeting and decided to just leave the area and head towards Memphis today. We plan to come this way on our return trip in the spring and if we find a park for a few nights, we can take advantage of Nashville’s offerings. I was quite bummed, saddened since I was so excited to be in this popular city, but I totally understood that we had no choice.

There was something about this skyline that I was attracted to
Maybe just because it is Nashville
today's selfie, because I can
Of course, had I known, I would have walked downtown this morning just to take a quick peek. So, with a “we’ll be back!” we caught I-24E to I-40W and began the journey to yet another popular destination. It was 8:50 when we left the lot and it was 10:30 when we pulled off to get fuel at a Speedway to the left. It was $3.159/gal compared to $3.319/gal at Pilot to the right. No brainer even with the Pilot card. 

The back of the Nissan Stadium
Home of the Tennessee Titans
We had a very dirty windshield from our night at the Walmart from late night street workers so I hopped out and washed the windshield once more. I thought I'd be nice to Rob and wash theirs too. He was grateful and gave me a hug later.......or was that to take away the sadness? It worked, either way.

Last night when we were sitting out, there were some young people scooting
around on these electric scooters
today, I saw 2 of them parked and understood a bit more
They've got an app for that!!
Anyone can use them
We visited the restrooms and got a coffee/tea and had a Hallowe’en treat at their store. That hit the spot and while finishing our drinks, we pulled next door to an empty lot to discuss the day’s agenda. 

Mountain Roast coffee with double cream and sweetener
Plus some Krispy Kreme bits
Bill called our Memphis destination park to see if we could arrive a day early and leave a day early and that was approved. Yay! When one thing unfavorably jiggles, another good thing takes its place. We got back on I-40W and even though clouds did appear heavier, we had brief patches of sunshine. It was 72F and a beautiful day!

Let's just go!
The drive was uneventful and actually quite smooth. We made a couple more stops, one at a very full Rest Area that Rob and Pat were able to park at but we weren’t. In that case, they needed to stop and we didn’t so we waited on the ramp at the exit. Next was our turn and we all turned into a Pilot fuel station for all 3 of us to take care of business. Once loaded back in the trucks, we carried on the journey.

It really was a nice drive with nice roads and good weather
We crossed this large Tennessee River Kentucky Lake
Arriving in Memphis was much less congested than Nashville was and we found Graceland RV Park easily with some guidance from Rob and Pat behind us. Bill and Rob checked us into to our pull through sites on Hound Dog Way. Why can’t they all be this easy? We were in, set up and having a Happy Hour by 4 pm. The satellites were a bit challenging since we were under some trees but it wasn’t a worry tonight. Our shows are on at the beginning of the week.

We started seeing cotton fields along the north side of the interstate
Nearing the end of our H.H. Rob saw rain across the street near Graceland and people began running. We quickly scooted our chairs away and said goodbye just in time for the sudden downpour. It didn’t last long at all. It didn’t cool it off any, the temperature was still registering 25C/77F even with no sun. Inside, we relaxed with our books and me with my blog. Because of the change in plans, we each went on and made changes to a couple of reservations down the road.

They do it big here in Tennessee
Tennessee Department of Transport
At 5, Clemson and I went for a walk. Nope, not around the park, instead we walked back towards some of the Graceland buildings. I don’t know what they are, I have never been here before and none of the pamphlets from the park name them but the first one is the Ticket building, I think. I know Graceland itself is down the street, about a block but I just wanted to walk and see what I could without going too far. I did see the pink Cadillac driving around picking up patrons to Marlowe's restaurant but didn't have my camera. I'll see it again, I'm sure.

Excitement is building inside me, I can feel it here
Pat mentioned feeling emotional when she visited the Mansion for the first time and just from this walk, getting close to where Elvis lived, had my heart pumping. I think I’d better take some Kleenex along tomorrow. LOL Around 5:30 I was feeling hungry enough for supper so Bill’s choice was brown beans with some baguette slices and I was going to warm up some of my green tomato and bacon soup that I’d made. I still hadn’t really had any.
and here
I was very impressed! It tastes yummy! Maybe a tad on the salty side but I enjoyed it very much. I had about a bowl and a half left in the one container so I took it over for Rob and Pat to give it a try. They had finished supper so I left it for them for another night. They may not like it and that is fine, but sometimes it is fun to share. They’ve done that often enough with stuff they’ve bought or made so I’m glad I had something to take them.

Bill and I sat after doing dishes and just enjoyed our books. The rain returned around 6:15 so we remained inside for the rest of the evening. It was kind of a mixed up Jello day but it all turned out very well for us. We are here, set up with full hook-ups for 3 nights, close to one of the top places on my bucket list and the rain outside is not deterring us from anything. 

I didn't get too close but close enough for my heart to pound
It felt like forbidden territory, even though it wasn't

Oh my, this makes it real and tomorrow it will even get more so
Walking back across the parking lot to our campground might
show you just how close we are
I hope your day has been wonderful. If you have trick or treaters or are trick or treating yourself, I hope the weather is nice enough for all to have a good time. We won't have any here but I do have a couple of pictures to share. I topped off my evening with a dish of strawberries, bananas and cream. Yum! 

                                               💀👻👺👾👽 TRICK OR TREAT!

My grandson, Nathan, back home

He is a Star Wars character
the interesting thing is that my son, Patrick, made 3 costumes all like this
for Nathan and his 2 friends
What a guy!

Thank you for coming along. Your comments are always appreciated.


  1. Hope you enjoyed some sights in Nashville we loved it there,The Grand Ole Opry, the Parthenon and then Graceland Beal street and Peabody Ducks so much to see in those areas, enjoy.

    1. Oh I found your other posting we have stayed at a campground next to Camping world and found it very handy or even the Opry Mills Mall next to the Opryland Hotel. Better luck next time.

    2. We'll catch them on the flip side in the spring. We'll stay in a campground rather than just overnight stops. :)
      This stay should prove more successful here at Graceland.

  2. Sorry things didn't work out in Nashville this time... but I'm sure it will be great when you return!
    Oh my, visiting Graceland was high on my list too and it did not disappoint. Enjoy your day there!!

    1. Thank you Cheri. I was close yet so far away! but we did the right thing by moving on and now look where I am!! :D

  3. We loved Graceland and I did need tissues. Amazing! Enjoy!
    Say hi to Bill, Pat and Bob.

    1. I'm already feeling the emotions, these should be a great couple of days.
      Thanks Loree.

  4. Memphis is better anyway. I LOVED Graceland!! Even stayed in the same park. You're going to have a great time checking out Elvis' house. It's amazing all the outfits he had that are on display.

  5. I loved Graceland and had goosebumps each of the 3 times I've visited. If you stop and listen carefully you can hear Elvis saying "Thank you, thank you very much." Enjoy!

  6. Oh gosh I think my brother in law Don was in Nashville the same morning you guys were there day before yesterday. He's only a little over an hour away from there. I love Nashville ( a little too much ..ha). Hope your travels do get you there on the way home. Curious, in the post yesterday you said the one security guard told you to go to parking G and you ended up in R was that a typo? Love Beale Street in much good food and music to choose from. Last time I was there thinking in the area there was a trolley you could take that was cheap and takes you along the waterfront and tells you about the area. If you have time it was good! I'm jealous :)) Enjoy your visit!

  7. Oh My.. have a great time at Graceland. This brought up such memories... went there when i turned 60!!! AND that was 11 years ago now.... We had a great time!! Had BBQ on Beale St... Elvis impersonators were there.. It was such great fun... Memories... but that was ONLY yesterday!!!

  8. That is a bummer about Nashville but knowing you will be back that way in the spring I am sure helps. Luckily you were able to re-arrange and move on to another exciting stop. We have been to Nashville, my sister lived just north of there, but have only driven through Memphis. Maybe, that would be a good destination when we finally leave still do not have a plan except to point south. Take care...enjoy...stay safe.