Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Closing in on the Major Countdown

Bill was up before me again today, Tuesday, Oct. 16th. At 7 I got up and he was making my tea. What a sweetheart! It was too dark out at that time of the morning so I was happy to sit with him and finish yesterday’s post. We read our friend’s blogs and then he left to go into Durham to get propane. I bundled up really good around 8 and went for my walk. It was quite cold on the ears so my hoody was up for part of the walk and my gloves were definitely a necessity!

the winds from the west had the wild grasses bending
and swaying to the east
As I was returning home on Baptist Church Road, Black Beauty pulled up beside me with an offer of a ride if I wanted it. Nope, thanks, I’ll walk back. Bill just smiled, I think he knew what the answer would be. The sun was making appearances by then and yet that wind was the reason for the warnings across some of the areas. My weight is substantial enough that I have no worries of becoming the new and improved kite.

I'm loving the blue sky
Leaves are dropping like crazy but it is still pretty
Back home, we discussed plans and there were a few things that needed to be taken care of on this dry day. Bill hopped on the riding mower and started cutting grass for the last time. We'd discussed that I didn't need to cut my area, he could do it with the rider. I headed up to the hilltop with the garden spade and starting pulling the tomato stakes, plants and bagging the green tomatoes and baby peppers. They were at the end of their growing spurt. They would become fodder now.

Lots and lots of leaves on the side of the road
It was cold but I was bundled nicely
It is comical, and I’m sure you’ll get a chuckle too, to see what my carrots have amounted to. I’ve never ever planted them before and although there is nothing hard about it, I failed badly. First off, the garden plot was still very rocky but the biggest problem was that I didn’t spread the seeds enough, not at all! Anyway, I got my snicker of the day and dug them up. 

I have a lovely bunch of carrots
They’ll be added to my next soup and yes, it is definitely worth the cutting and cleaning. I grew them with my own hands after all! Bill carried on working outside while I came inside and did just that. A nice bunch of veggies that need to be dealt with before the 28th.

Clemson could hear loud noises out the back
and it was Bill storing the Blue Boy for travel
the Hangar looks homey with my potted plants
outside the door
The King chairs tuck up behind the bunky for the winter
We’ve turned our blue flame heater way down to 1 ½ and turned the Infrared heater on to 21C. We’re skimping with the propane more now that we have this heater and the Suite is a lovely 72F/22C. A decision we made this morning was to put the Weber Q away in storage as we won’t be using it again at the Ridge. We are not die-hard grillers in the face of the cold weather. I enjoy cooking inside just as much. It’s time for inside meals anyway. 

Bill finished cutting the grass in my area after breakfast/lunch
I found a recipe for Green Tomato Hot dog relish on line so that is in the process. It has to sit for an hour with the tomato, onion and green pepper (all from my garden!) before I can finish it. I need to hunt for jars to keep it in. Hmm, on the hunt I went. I had 5 tucked under the hutch, which is beside the dining table. This was a feature that I was confidently ‘bragging’ about on the weekend. I love this hutch and buffet in our Suite.

Today's harvest of carrots, peppers and the green tomatoes loose on the
I'm holding the biggest one so you know
how small the rest are!
Because I’ve never made this relish before, I’m only making one batch. I have enough green tomatoes to make more if it tastes okay as well as some salsa, as well as adding some to the chili I’ll be making this week. So far, so good. It smells great as it simmers on the stove. I started the meatloaf at 4:30 and had it in the oven by 5ish. With carrots on the side, this should be a nice ‘fall’ meal.

sitting for the hour
3 jars of hot dog relish
By 6:30, the relish was packed in 3 jars and the meatloaf was coming out of the oven. It is one dish I can always count on. Bill wasn’t keen on carrots ‘again’ but that was the last of the ones in the fridge and the rest can go in a soup or casserole. Supper was very good and we cleaned dishes up before I went for a walk down the lane. There was no mail but the sunset was gorgeous.

The temperature got up to 47F/9C today before it began its decline. It was a pretty nice day and we got a lot of things taken care of. Woohoo! If you are doing similar things to pack up and get on the road, I hope you were able to take advantage of the dry day as well. I don't have to worry about covering any plants tonight........my gardening is done! Yay!

The sky was beautiful tonight

Looking down the road and our tattered flag
We'll need a new one next spring

Getting down to our last few views
good night from the Ridge
time for the Tuesday night tv shuffle
Thank you for reading! Your comments are always appreciated.


  1. Nice to get those last few things taken care of before you hit the road. Lovely sunset picture.

  2. You did a great job on your garden Patsy! Relish looks good.
    I cleaned up gardens and emptied pots today....it was so nice out.
    See you soon!

    1. Thank you Loree. I felt great after cleaning it up. I hope the relish tastes good too!
      See you saturday. :)

  3. First off, that relish looks amazing!! Hot dog relish is hard to find here and when you do it's expensive! The pickle relish is no problem but it's too sweet for me. Try it soon and let us know how it is! Dinner looks wonderful! The Hangar is just too cute to leave :)) Your jobs are getting done and before you know it you're on the road!! Amazing how time flies isn't it ! I think your little carrots are too cute. You did a great job with your garden!

    1. Thanks! I'll let you know! :)
      The Hangar is all closed up for the season. Bill will miss it. :)
      Can't believe the time is coming so quickly. Thanks for your comments on the baby carrots, that was sweet. They'll be cute in a soup, right?

  4. I love the taste of small carrots. You had a very nice garden this year. My husband is just wrapping the gazebo to keep the snow out. Soon be time to hit the road.

    1. Me too, fresh garden ones not the grocery store ones. :)
      Thank you, I had a lot of tomatoes and green onions, didn't have to buy any!
      Good plan, we used to cover ours when we had the house so the panels didn't blow off!
      Safe travels.

  5. Are you able to take your canning across the border? I wanted to can some salsa before we left Kelowna this year but I thought they would confiscate it at the border. I am interested to hear how your relish turned out :-)

    1. As long as the tomatoes are cooked, our understanding is that we can take it. I hope so, I'd hate to lose them after making it.

  6. I think you did well with your garden sis. No critters turning it into their buffet every night...that was my problem at the Acreage. Your time here has flown by and soon you will be texting me from the sunny south! You'll love the relish, I used to make it years ago;)

    1. Thanks Sis. We're lucky up here with no bunny visits or critters digging in it. Too bad about the baby carrots.
      time has flown by and yet we do great at keeping in touch.
      Looking forward to the relish.