Monday, October 22, 2018

Beautiful Fall Day, Black Beauty Flush and Bill and the Doctor

Not a good night’s sleep for any of us. It was 12:30 when I woke the first time and it felt like I’d been sleeping for a long time when in fact it was only two hours. I dropped off and woke up at 1:30 when Clemson was crawling around under the covers looking for an exit, I think. Bill got up and took him out for a piddle. Then again at 4 something, I was awake. I couldn’t see the clock with my blurry eyes but from then on, I was awake.

A bit of colour in the clear sky this morning
So, it was 6 am on Monday, Oct. 22nd when Bill’s alarm went off so we got up to welcome this day. We had our first brew together and he left a few minutes before 7 to take the truck into London for a rad flush. Hi-Tech Auto Care is our London service Centre and we give Dan and Brad, owners and friends of ours, the business when we are in the area. Bill has started going to Pletsch’s in Hanover now for when we are at home. It makes sense.

I'm out of the park looking back at our site
By the time I finished my tea and then yesterday’s post, Clemson got up to go out for his piddle. It was 7:30  and 37F so I got dressed for a walk. The air was calm and the sky was clear and I would be sure to witness the rising sun today. I walked out of the park and left on Rock Glen Rd. towards Arkona Rd. I walked as far as the highway before turning around and returning the way I’d come. That was just over 2 miles.

Some bridge work on Rock Glen Rd.
And the bridge over a stream

Back at home by 8:45, I thought I’d start making something with the remaining green tomatoes I had. I wouldn’t need more relish and salsa is too involved for me, especially when it isn’t something we go out of our way to eat. I’d found a recipe for Green Tomato and Bacon Soup that sounded good so started that. 

the soup tastes amazing!
Woops, got so far and realized I didn’t have any broth, of any flavor, so put it on hold. I couldn’t make my chili because I didn’t have all the ingredients there either. LOL, we tried too hard at home to eat things up, I guess.

this beautiful house is certainly facing the right way, in my books!
Bill called around 10:30 to keep in touch and was still waiting for the truck to be finished. It is a bigger job than I thought it would be but with a big truck, 4 rads, it takes time. While talking to him, one of my favourite people from our old workplace walked in to drop off a school board truck. Eric! I was sad that I missed him, definitely one of the good guys. On Bill's second call around noon, he informed me that he was on his way.

I prepped a lunch of fried egg sandwiches so we could eat as soon as he got home. Bill wanted to talk to his doctor about his latest blood test results so called him this morning. Turns out that he was able to get an appointment back in London this afternoon at 3. I have items to pick up today so I can finish cooking. We’re kind of eating up fuel right now but some things can’t be helped. This will be our last trip into the city until Friday.

Sunrise through the branches
A beautiful weeping willow tree
this field of corn is very tall
We encountered typical ‘crazy’ London traffic and luckily, Bill can scoot around the back streets (even with Black Beauty) enough to dodge traffic jams and accidents. We made it to the doctor’s office with a few minutes to spare. We both went in and caught up a bit. Dr. Persaud was not concerned with the .2 jump in Bill’s blood sugar and was very pleased with his 10 lb. weight loss. We’re doing something right! 

Stately turbines on the bend of the road
He also told me not to ‘fret’ about the fact that Bill loses and I don’t. The whole testosterone and estrogen, retaining water thing. It just doesn’t seem fair! He said all the right things about me being in great health etc. etc. I love our doctor. Anyway, we both walked out of there feeling great, happy that no prescription was necessary and we’ll carry on doing the same thing over the winter. We'll follow up in the spring.

It was a  nice enough morning for Clemson and I to sit outside for a while and wait for Bill to return
On busy Wonderland Rd. I snapped a picture of where we lived after first
getting married
We bought a new condo down in that grouping
Getting back on Oxford St. heading west was the fastest way to get our butts out of the city. We stopped at Cherry Hill Mall so I could run into Metro and grab the things I needed for my soup and chili and then we drove straight home. It’s a beautiful day and got up to 55F/13C in the sunshine. When Bill and I returned home I put the groceries away and we sat together for a while. I thought I’d sleep after last night but neither of us dropped off.

Crazy insane traffic
At 5:30 I went big and opened a can of tomato soup for supper. We’d eaten our sandwiches at 2 so weren’t any hungrier than for a bowl of soup and toast. We cleaned up dishes and I sat to finish my post. But wait, the sun had gone down and it would be dark soon. I went out for a walk to digest supper and take advantage of the calm evening. I was just shy of walking 4 miles today so wanted to top that up too.

And overhead, more plans to go south

We have a few programs to watch tonight and they start at 7. I wanted to be ready to sit and watch. This has been a great day. Got the truck taken care of and got good news from the doctor. One step closer. I hope you have had a good one as well.

and a peek at the sunset too
The day ends prettier than it started
good night!
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  1. Isn't it fun when a plan comes together. It won't be long and we will all be like the geese and southward bound. Glad to see you had a great summer. Hope to catch you on the road.

    1. Love it when plans work out. Wax the wings and hopefully we'll cross paths!

  2. Nice to be settled into Rock Glen and get things all taken care of before moving further on down the road. Enjoy your time there.

    1. Soon all things will be taken care of and we'll be pulling up stakes again. :)

  3. Yay!! Way to go Bill (and Patsy!). Teamwork there and success! You definitely are doing something right! Love the selfie of you in the cornfield! Looking forward to your travels! The sunset pics are so pretty.

    1. Thank you guys. I can tell when Bill gets serious about his health. He listens to me!! :)
      I wanted to go further into the cornfield but chickened out. :0
      Sure hope to meet up with you two again this winter. We HAVE to!!

  4. Glad everything is working out for you two.
    Been in that Metro. My Aunt and Uncle lived in the Cherry Hill apartments for Fifteen Years before moving back to Windsor to be near Family.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you guys. We're doing something right even though a slow process.
      My first time in the Metro and I don't even think it is called Cherry Hill Mall anymore. It is a busy area with the school across the street. We were happy to get out of the city!

  5. Hope you two are having a wonderful time, and the weather will get steadily warmer as you head south. I'm already missing reading about The Ridge!