Saturday, October 27, 2018

Last Full Day in Canada, Clean Laundry, Propane Fill, Happy Hour with Friends

I was awake at 6 on Saturday, Oct. 27th after another great night’s sleep. I don’t remember waking at all through the night. Bill was still in slumber but by 6:30 we were both awake and rising. Clemson slept on until after I had sorted the dirty laundry and we’d both had our first brew. Sleepyhead, but we are so pleased when he sleeps through the night like this.

Small but adequate laundromat in Arkona
Bill loaded the basket into the truck and we drove into Arkona Laundromat. It was right beside the Can Fuels so he walked the 40 lb. propane tank back for a fill. I picked up a couple of lottery tickets, trying to get lucky once more in Ontario. You just never know and we had a Canadian ten spot burning a hole in our pocket.

Just $2.25 for a wash so a bit cheaper than Durham
Unfortunately, one of the tickets was for Wednesday’s draw so if I win, I’ll either send the ticket home to my ‘ever-trusting, reliable, dependable, unfailing’ sister, Donna to cash it in and hold the $ for us (I know she’ll probably read this so you know where I’m going with that!) OR we’ll hang onto it until we return. They are good for a year from draw date.

The laundry was done, folded and in the truck headed home before 10 so that was a couple of jobs well done and in good time. We put the clothes away and I swept through the Suite before closing it up in the morning. It was 10:30 when I started a breakfast of bacon and eggs. Bill got into his book and Clemson joined him in the recliner so I gathered the garbage and recyclables and walked them up to the bins.

Small library but lots of good books to choose from
I stopped in at the library once more with my list of ‘read’ James Patterson and David Baldacci books. I knew I wanted The Whole Truth for sure, since we hadn’t read it and it was on my list. I picked up a couple more as well, that is why they are there. Melinda was cleaning up at the clubhouse so we chatted for a bit while I perused the novels. We will see them later for Happy Hour.

Quite the paint job on this Smart car
Makes you look twice
Pat and Rob texted around 11 to let us know they were on their way. Yay! I hope the rain isn’t steady for their 3-hour drive. It is 42F at noon hour and fairly calm outside. Although it rained for most of our morning hours, it has currently stopped. The sky is a solid blanket of white so we aren’t holding out for too much dryness today when the forecast calls for 80% precipitation. No matter, it is our last full day here and we’ll take advantage of whatever comes.

And in the darkness of night, I can look out the window, and there
are our travelling companions right next door
Bill finished his Michael Connelly book, The Overlook with Harry Bosch so I plugged the Kobo in to charge it before he starts a new story. I’m still reading mine but about half way through. It is so captivating! 

this is the mini 100 pc. puzzle Brenda and Randy gave me
At 2 pm we noticed our ‘buddies’ pull in and drive around the block to their site next door to us. Bill went out to greet them and give Rob a hand getting into the spot. Pat came inside with me to stay warm until it was time to go help set up.

And here it is finished
I actually enjoyed it very much and it fits on our coffee table!
At 3 they both returned and Ron and Loree followed soon after for our Happy Hour. Gerry and Melinda arrived as well with their granddaughter and the house was full of friends! It is bittersweet because it is so nice to see them all, yet we are saying goodbye for the winter. 

As you can tell, we never have any fun at our Happy Hours
All 8 of us have plans to pull out for warmer destinations within the next 2 weeks. We’re hoping to cross paths with Ron and Loree somewhere near Lake Havasu so our ‘goodbye’s at 5:30 were ‘see ya laters’ instead.

Melinda, Clemson, Gerry and their Granddaughter
Bill and I had planned an easy peasy supper of grilled cheese sandwiches. I had made up my brother’s Caramel Apple Dip for the last 3 Granny Smith’s we had and I also made up a mayo, mustard, olive oil dip for the last little peppers too. 

Yup no fun happening here
They either needed to be eaten or tossed and they got eaten. Mostly by me, but that’s okay. I fried our sandwiches and boiled up the last 2 eggs we had for egg salad sandwiches. They would be our lunch break tomorrow as we move on. Thanks again, Rob and Pat, for the suggestion.

Bill took a picture of all of us for me
Clemson and the baby were paying attention too
Bill told me to sit and finish my post so we could relax tonight and he did the dishes. After making the sandwiches, we sat together and I could feel the excitement welling up inside me. We’ve planned this trip all summer with our good friends and it begins tomorrow. We get along so well with these two and Rob and I tease that I know how to tell him off if he is getting on my nerves and he says he knows how to deal with me. It will be a hoot, I’m sure of it.

Clemson was quite content in between Ron and his 2nd Mama, Pat
This has been a good day. Not a great day for walking but a great day for everything else. I hope you have also had a great one.

Simple but filling supper for our travel 'eve'
Good night all!

Thank you for stopping in and please join us as we pull out in the morning and begin our 3rd winter journey. Your comments are always a great surprise to me.


  1. Looks like you have all the loose ends taken care of. Drive careful and happy travels!

  2. Good luck on your lotto tickets, we won $12.00 on the ones we bought just before we left. Safe travels!

    1. Thank you, last night's was a dud....oh well, no surprise!
      Thanks for the travel wishes. :)

  3. Safe travels to you all as you "officially" start your winter travels.
    Looking forward to watching your plan unfold. Take care.

    Celebrating the Dance

  4. Nice to see everyone together again for Happy hour, a good bunch of friends there. The last few years we have taken our a bag of honey crisp apples across the border and even eggs. Not a problem. Just don't take your guns or cannabis.
    Enjoy your tour with Rob and Pat , Nashville and Memphis will be a fun time. Opryland hotel in Nashville is sure worth a tour you will enjoy.

    1. It was great that we could all get together for a last happy hour.
      I knew we could have taken eggs this time with no avian flu on but no worries there, wanted egg salad anyway.
      Thank you for the journey wishes, we are looking forward to this new direction with lots to see with our friends.

  5. It's always so great to get together with such nice friends.
    Your Suite is so big and lovely and we all fit in so comfortably.
    Drive safely and it's good to know that you will be with Bob and Pat. God bless you all and see you soon.

  6. Safe travels on your newest adventure. Hugs to Clemson!!

  7. We'll be thinking of you as you make your way to warmer climates. I will be checking your itinerary often so I can relate more to your texts and blogs. Drive safely sis, and enjoy yet another 6 months of adventures!

  8. I can feel your excitement! Enjoy your winter with friends and safe travels to you both.

  9. Glad you had a fun final day with friends.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the Southern Migration.

    It's about time.