Friday, October 26, 2018

Wrapping Things Up, London, Costco, Friends, CanAm, Fuel

Bill and I were awake and playing footsies under the covers at 6:30 on Friday, Oct. 26th. Bill was the first to rise, Clemson was second and I was last to exit the bed. It must have been a mild night because both heaters were on low and we were toasty warm. We both slept really well, so we found out after comparing notes. That might just mean that this throat and cough thing is moving on. Good riddance!

While Bill was in the shower, I walked the recyclables up to the bin
Sorry for the blurred picture
We had our tea and coffee together while catching up on our friends’ news. Bill had his shower this morning and we took our Costco grocery list off the fridge and headed to London at 8:45. As usual, Costco opens their doors a bit earlier than their scheduled opening time of 10 am. Who does that? Not too many venues open their doors a minute too soon, so we like that about them.

Looking back past the clubhouse to the entrance
The sky looks blue but it wasn't, it was gray all day long
Checking things off the list as we went, we scooted through pretty quickly. It is hard to move quick in such a busy store but we found everything with the exception of the sauce Pat asked us to look for. 

Doors opened at 9:50
Near the end rows, we saw Randy and Brenda close to the finish as well. We both had pretty full carts. We agreed to meet across the street at Tim Horton’s for coffee. This was all planned in advance, not a ‘by chance’ meeting.

We found a cute little table set up in the corner and enjoyed our breakfast meals while catching up on their Ireland trip and our winter plans. None of us could get over the fact that it had been 10 months since they came to Quartzsite to join us. Where does the time go? I guess we’re all having fun, eh? When we said goodbye with hugs, Brenda handed me a gift bag for our birthdays. She’s so thoughtful. The card was beautiful and the gifts perfect and practical!

I set up my funky tripod for this  group photo
The little 3D star hides a nosy onlooker
(if he'd been smiling, I wouldn't have minded)
Since we were early arriving in London, Bill drove first to Pet Smart to pick up Clemson’s dry dog food. He was almost out. Our back seat was full of groceries when we drove to Flying ‘M’ for diesel and over $100 later, so was our fuel tank. The bank account dipped after these two stops but it is a necessary evil. We got what we needed.

Ours is the one on the left, 96.8 litres
but the price was great at $1.21.9/gal
Our last stop was to CanAm to pop in and say goodbye to our friends for the winter. They are so good to us whenever we need something and since it was lunch time, offered us some pizza that was brought in by a customer. 

We didn’t stick around too long and we were on our way back to Arkona to the park. As we emptied bags and put things in the fridge, freezer and cupboards we commented that it felt good to be stocked up. Especially on those things we can’t get in the southwest.

Do you think he  brought in enough pizza?
It was very good!
We sat and read and dozed a bit before Bill gave Clemson his supper. Time is of no essence anymore. As he has aged, he is becoming more and more of a pest about when he gets his food. The bottom line is that we can’t relax while he is hinting that he wants his food. We’ve decided that any time after 3, if he is sitting there looking (glaring with those cute beady eyes) at us, he’ll get fed and really what does it matter. Otherwise, we get too frustrated trying to put him off. His time is going to be even more messed up in a couple of weeks so we may as well get ready for it. LOL

At 4, we had a snack of peanuts and walnuts and I poured myself a beer margarita for our own happy hour. This day so far has been very accomplishing and leaves us only a couple of things to take care of tomorrow. Supper for us will be leftovers. Sausage from last night and macaroni and cheese casserole from the freezer. Our freezer is full again with pork, beef, soups, sauces, and now packages of ground beef and mini sausages. That feels great! Once across the border, we will stock up on fresh vegetables, chicken, eggs etc.

This is the gift bag from Brenda and Randy
Tea towels and a tiny 100 pc. puzzle for me
in the Suite
After supper, which was so-so, we cleaned the dishes up and relaxed. I must have tweaked my back the other day somehow as for the last couple of days, late afternoon, it is painful in certain movements. I took a couple of Advil and I could almost feel relief immediately. Probably a dip in the hot tub would be good but I can’t get into the ‘dressing and undressing’ thing at the clubhouse. If I can dry outside, that is a different story, I’m in. Same goes with the pool, just not something I'll do this visit.

I packaged these up into 1 lb. packs for the freezer
We had a good day today and look forward to our friends arriving tomorrow for our last day in Ontario. It has been a mild day, really, with no wind for the most part but surprising that it rose to 48F with no sunshine. We didn’t have to wear winter coats all day and that was really nice. I hope you’ve had a nice day in your neck of the woods.

Once more, this is what I refer to as the
'Clemson stare'
Good night all!
Thank you for stopping by. Your comments are appreciated.


  1. Another busy day wishing Friends Farewell.
    Hope you continue Enjoying your final day in Ontario.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you, it will be a wet one but we'll enjoy it all the same! :)

  2. Another day of 84 and sunshine in Las Vegas. But a storm is heading our way from the Pacific NW so we'll drop to 70 next week. I've really enjoyed these days of mid 80's.
    Safe travels ! BTW, what are you reading now ?

    1. You're making me so envious!! mid 80's! even 70's....craving that again. :)
      I'm reading A Darkness More than Night by Michael Connelly. A Harry Bosch story that follows The Poet. Very good!

  3. Nice to get all those things stocked up and taken care of, It seemed like a short while when we met Brenda and Randy too. Time does fly when we are having fun.

    1. Crazy how time flies, eh? Brenda and Randy passed along greetings to you guys and Tom and Deb. :)
      We ARE having fun!!

  4. Clemson is so cute! Freddy somehow knows when its 3 thirty and let's me know he'd like to eat NOW. 🐶 I love dogs.

  5. Hahahahahaha Clemson makes me laugh!!!! I gave up and feed mine at the first sign of starvation!!

  6. The tea towels are so pretty! Very thoughtful of them. So much shopping but you're stocked up for a bit! What a nice customer, that's a lot of pizza!! Clemson is adorable!!

    1. Ha ha, my mistake and Brenda's too! They are actually napkins! She thought they were dish clothes when she bought them. We had a good laugh over that one! Bottom line, they are very pretty and I will think of her thoughtful gift when we use them. :)
      Clemson is...........yes, adorable but a pest!! haha

  7. Clemson is so funny. I really love that little guy. Elva