Monday, October 8, 2018

Thanksgiving Sunday, Morning Walkabout, Mom Visit, Dinner and Family

I was up on Sunday, Oct. 7th at 7:10 and it was just a tad darker than what I like to walk in so opened blinds, prepped our coffee to bide my time for 10 minutes. Bill joined me downstairs and I’m sure would have come for a walk had Clemson been up and out, but that wasn’t the case this morning. It was a nice walk, did my 2 miles returning to the Suite to have my tea. Our little pooch was still sleeping and didn’t rise until about 9! A total switcharoo!

This pretty yellow flower is not giving in to fall
Bill went outside for a bit after we finished our drinks and read blogs. I hopped in the shower first so I would be ready for the day before I go see Mom. We’ve made a tough love decision regarding our Thanksgiving dinner and Mom. It makes me sad as I type this but I know, as most of my family knows, that it isn’t necessary to take her. It is too hard on her with so many people whom in her mind ‘she doesn’t know’. I am not taking her with us today.

Mom and I in the Parlour
Happy Thanksgiving!
I'm so grateful to have her still in my life
I think this is one of my favourite pictures with Mom
I prepped the dressing and veggie dish that I’m taking to my niece’s and began making breakfast. Bill came in and sat with Clemson, who will also not be going today, and read his book for a while. After eating, I got the cooler bags out to make sure my tart container would fit and thought about what drinks to take. Joanne, today’s hostess, will be providing cutlery and dishes and it is a buffet style dinner with everyone pitching in. Drinks are up to the individual.

Mom wanted to fold some of the towels
 Aha! I was then inclined to mix up a batch of Beer Margaritas so I could take some along. Bill might have one drink of something while there, so can take his rum and a few Coke/Ginger ale along. Usually only one alcohol drink is all he allows himself if he is driving. I love him for that. I left the boys at home and drove into Durham just before 11 and found Mom in her room. All the guilt about whether we should be including her in the day’s festivities disappeared with her first few words to me.

When her back bothered her, she sat, determined to fold this one
“How did you know I was here? I just arrived this morning.” My mind was put at ease that we made the right decision. I didn’t mention that it was Thanksgiving in case she remembered about our gatherings enough to question that. We had a lovely visit, walked some in the halls, in the direction of her choice, and stopped in the Parlour. I’m sure I’ve said how much I love this room. We took a couple of selfie pictures and goofed around with the hats and scarves before folding some of the laundry in the baskets.

She was trying to be serious
Mom’s back has been bothering her for a while and today was no exception. Another good reason not to take her away from her ‘comfortable’ place. I wish they would find out what the issue is but after blood and x-rays, they found nothing to substantiate the pain she is having. We walked a bit more and then we went down the elevator to her dining table. She was very chipper and comical saying goodbye, making sure I drove careful, didn’t speed and kept 4 wheels on the ground. 😊

Dig in!
Back home, Bill and Clemson were trying to have a snooze or trying to read and one always led to the other. I finished making the dressing dish while he had his shower and then relaxed a bit myself in my chair. There is no rush to get to Hanover, life is too short to rush anywhere, so we took our time. The sooner we leave, the longer Clemson will be alone. Dinner is at 3ish so it won’t be a late day anyway.

A yummy Thanksgiving meal
ham, turkey, sweet potato casserole, turnip, mashed spuds
dressing, eggplant parmesan and a brussel sprouts dish
We were in the Rav on the way by1:45 and then after forgetting something and having to go back, we tried again at 1:55. It was 2:30 when we arrived at Joanne and Ted’s on Lake Rosalind 4 Rd. and most everyone else was there. You go through the motions, saying hello to sisters, brother-in-laws, my sister-in-law, my daughter-in-law, nieces, nephews, their spouses and of course ‘noticing’ the 3 young teenage girls as they run through in giggling induced ‘cool’ states.

Downstairs table for some to eat
My eyes were searching for my son, Patrick and youngest grandson, Nathan. Once I spotted them, I was fulfilled. Nathan, at 8 is a real charmer. Playing on his tablet, his “Gramma, I haven’t seen you for ages!” was sweet and his big hug was sincere. ‘Now let me get back to my game’ was in his mind, I’m sure, but I love him all the same. We were eating soon after 3 and there were a lot of food choices. Turkey, ham, dressing, potatoes, gravy, turnip, oh my.

Upstairs sitting area
Desserts were available on the hall counter and they were plentiful too. There would be no complaints that there wasn’t enough food. The rest of the afternoon was active, I sat and then walked around, talking and listening to the many conversations going on in different rooms of the big house. 

B-i-l Bill and my Bill shoot the bull
It’s too big for me, missing the cozy factor, only because I’m past that stage and my understanding of needing a large home for two people has changed. After all, look where we live!

Donna's family gathered at this table
It was a great day and at 5:30 we packed up and said our goodbyes. I think it was a good thing we came back home because Clemson had had an accident and that makes us feel bad. Bill fed him and I emptied the coolers before catching up on this post. 
Dessert line up
My sisters, Cathy and Donn, cutting (and sampling!) pies
My dessert plate
Apple pie, mixed berry pie and pumpkin tart
I think the couple of drinks I had today were taking a toll on my energy system as I felt exhausted. Hmm, I haven’t had a beer margarita for a while and forgot how strong they are!

And Nathan entertains himself with his tablet

Happy Thanksgiving blue eyes!
and out the window, Keira and my niece, Morgan walk the rough hill top
I downloaded pictures from today and sat with Bill for the rest of the evening. If you had Thanksgiving dinner or gathering today with family and friends here in Canada, I hope it was a good time.

But going down was a different story
Morgan, today's tree hugger
Thank you for stopping by!


  1. What a wonderful feast you had so nice to see family at this tome of year.

  2. What a great day! Love the pic of you and mom too cute! Sounds like you made the right decision regarding taking her with you. It would be nice if there was a diagnosis for her back problem. Great getting together with family and sharing such a wonderful meal and not too far to go either!

    1. thank you, I actually love that picture too!
      Dinner was great and the visits too!

  3. Whoops..Nathan is a cutie and those eyes will getcha everytime!

    1. Ha ha, yes Nathan's looks do get me everytime. And he is such a smart cookie. :)

  4. You definitely made the right choice for your Mother's sake. If she is not feeling well it would only add to her confusion.
    Looks like all your family Enjoyed the Thanksgiving Get-Together. Nobody went away hungry that's for certain.
    As Clemson ages his accidents might increase.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We did make the right decision and she doesn't know what she is missing so that helps. We had a great meal and a great day.
      Clemson can't handle being left alone as long, we never get upset with him.

  5. That is a very nice picture with you and your Mom. You are blessed to have such a great family to celebrate the holidays with. The food looked appetizing and I'm sure it was delicious. Poor Clemson, he probably missed you.

    1. thank you Marlene. Mom likes getting her picture taken so we can't lose! :)
      Food was great and the visits too. Clemson is such a good boy, we know it will happen more as he ages.

  6. Seeing you with your mom reminds me of the wonderful times with my mom. You were so wise not to take her, as big gatherings can become so overwhelming. They are more peaceful in their comfort place. It's just been 2 years and I miss mom so much. Love your mom and you pictures.