Monday, October 15, 2018

Last Show Day, Ice Cream! Beauty of a Day, Home to Clemson

Sunday, Oct. 14th, when I woke up at 7:10 Bill was awake and reading. That shows you how soundly I sleep. The light was on, unnoticed by me. I hopped in the shower and after Bill had his, we headed down for breakfast around 8. We truly appreciate that Canam looks after us, our meals and snacks while working these shows. We are volunteers and this motel stay along with those things help to make it worth our while to give up a weekend.

Views from our window this morning
See Patooties front row, 4th from the left?

and to the left of the above picture was this blue sky
It goes without saying that we also very much enjoy the ‘job’ itself. Meeting new people everyday and sharing our story. Love it! Pizza lunch came in later today because it was a later start, 11 am, and we’d all eaten a big brekky first. 

Original! Cute!
It was around 4 pm when Bill and I decided to treat ourselves to an ice cream cone. I walked by it many times on the way to the loo and we have never indulged. Today was the day and it was expensive but worth it.

Get ready for a few rv's I took pictures of on my morning walk-around. 

Want bright?
This morning, while the staff were having an informative meeting about the new Helio trailers, I walked around the show. Not everything was open but I did it for the steps and exercise mostly. I peeked in a few Class A and C motor coaches, fifth wheels and even small travel trailers. 

I liked this Montana with a raised bedroom AND a raised living room

and a pretty decent price too
I enjoy seeing the way things are set up. Seeing a couple of truck campers, which Bill and I bought as one of our first rv’s, blew me away with the upgrades. Granted the price was an upgrade too.

Truck camper, love the new step system
The bed area is so much roomier than ours was
Want little?
Want red?
Or do you want big and expensive?

They've got them all
The day ended at 5 and we turned lights off and gathered the Mobile Suite decorations at the door so the girls could pack them up. We had checked out of the Hilton Garden Inn in the morning so hopped on the highway home. 

We got our ice cream!
Thanks Katie for the picture. :)
The aisles are long and the rv's plentiful
It was a beautiful calm day from beginning to end with a gorgeous sky and 45F/7C at 8 am. On our drive home, we were warm at 15C so no complaints whatsoever. We drove right to Durham to pick Clemson up and was happy to hear that he was a good little boy for them. Relief.

We'll be flying  next year around this time by Air Transat

These Go-trains are neat

I love it when the planes go right overhead
never get tired of them
Home by 8 pm, we unloaded, emptied suitcases and turned the propane heater on to warm the Suite. Sitting watching Magnum P.I., Clemson promptly got in position against me and fell asleep until bedtime at 10. 

Clemson is home with Mom and Daddy

Sun dogs last night made for a pretty sight
We do miss our little guy but the break is also nice once in a while. We met so many wonderful people this weekend and were surprised this morning to receive an email from one couple whom we connected with. Thank you Wayne and Barbara!

Wayne and Barbara
Jackie and Bob
Bill apologizes for the blurry photo
George and Marilyn
I apologize for the 4 daily posts right in a row but it was a necessary evil this time. I prefer doing that rather than putting it all in once post. You would be sleeping by the last day! I’m certainly glad to get my internet connection back up and running.

good night from The Ridge!
Thank you for reading and your patience but most of all to the concerned readers who texted, messaged me or commented regarding my absence. We are well and doing fine!


  1. Glad you had a good tome at the show as I knew you would. We enjoyed that show for many years, more years to count, nothing that we need or want any more for us we have the perfect home.
    Nice that you got your internet working again as well.

    1. Is has always been fun working the shows. Best of both worlds, seeing other dealers rvs and meeting tons of new friends while working. We are always open to new things.
      So happy to get back online.

  2. Glad your home safe and sound after a great weekend.

  3. Noticed you MIA but figured you'd be back.
    Nice that you can help out as those RV Shows.
    Certain that Clemson is happy to be home.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We enjoy helping and they really appreciate it too.
      Clemson seemed happy to see us too!

  4. Sounds like the show was a success. I love they have real RVer's participate at their shows. I would imagine you also learn a lot in the process. I would enjoy doing that, as I love visiting with folks. Glad you are back though. I bet Clemson was happy to see you and Bill.... as you both were to see him.

    1. We do enjoy chatting with other rvers. Many had never set foot in a large model and 98% stepped in and said "Wow" in some form or another. there was even a "Holy Doodles" which I will remember fondly. :)
      Clemson is back home with his real Mom and Daddy although Pat and Rob are a close 2nd for sure! :D

  5. Can't believe the price of those cab over campers!! Think i'll keep mine! Nice that you were able to share your knowledge but to make new friends too! That ice cream looks so good!!

    1. I was stunned. I remember us struggling to pay for our used one at $6,900 back in 2006. ha ha.
      We had fun, lots of laughs with new friends. PS, the ice cream was divine!! We've not had any in the house for probably a month and I need to rectify that!!