Saturday, October 20, 2018

And Just Like That, We’re Outta’ Here!

We were awake and up by 6:30, with a little bit of ‘rarin’ to go’ in our heads. It was Saturday, Oct. 20th, our day to move the wheels southward. Coffee and tea and a bit of blogging before we had some cereal and started closing things up. Bill took the satellite dish down, did the circle check and we were soon shutting the hydro/electric off and locking the bunky for the last time.

Beautiful day to move

Say Goodbye, sweetie!

This is the sky we started out with
It was 9:00 on the dot when we pulled out of the lane, another last time this year thing, and closed the gate behind us. Clemson doesn’t know what is going on but with his sweater and his seatbelt on, he knows he is going with us. 

Curled up on Dad's coat and Mom's scarf
Nothing else matters
Closing and locking the Bunky
The day’s weather is up in the air, we are moving 3 hours to the south so it will be different there than here. Mostly sunny skies, no winds and moderate 44F/5C temps surrounded us.
Last lane drive this year

Closing the Gate behind us
 The drive was uneventful, which we always appreciate. At 10, we stopped at the Wingham turn onto Hwy #4 at Tim Horton’s. This was a washroom break but we also each had a muffin. Mine was Carrot with walnuts and Bill's was Whole grain, Banana with pecans. Both were very good. We chatted with a couple parked beside us while we ate and left them with an rv card and a huge serving of jealousy that they weren’t going with us. Someone has to stay behind and save the world!

Crazy cloud formations today
We continued on and I captured crazy sky displays. You name it, we kind of had it. One huge black cloud moved over and to the east of us so I hope it didn’t do any damage somewhere along that line. 

Sharing a few pictures of the drive today
These Bolers are a descendant of the Airstream, we were told
Bathroom break!
After returning to the truck, this guy was trying to hitch a ride
No way, he got scooted out in Timmy's parking lot
And I enjoyed my Carrot and walnut muffin
We arrived at Rock Glen RV Resort, our membership home park, at 12:30 and Bill checked us in to Site #26. After we set up on the big corner site, he took the water bladder up to the cabin to get us some water.

It felt quite mild outside and I don’t know what the temperature was but the silly weather continued into the afternoon. Sun, clouds, thunder, lightning and downpours. 

Barns that remain standing in the throes of adversity
What more damage can the wind do?
One side of the lane was evergreens and fruit trees
The other side were beautiful maple trees in their glory
Just after 3:30 (I think) Melinda, Gerry and Tucker came around for an impromptu Happy Hour. It was a great surprise and we easily passed the time catching up on things while Tucker begged for food. Too cute! Clemson was pretty oblivious of him, showing little interest. Our dog is such a snob.

Melinda arrived in her little cart

It is always nice to see these friends
Even Gerry (private joke)

And blue-eyed Tucker gives us a chuckle
Unfortunately, we had to make the visit short because of our plans to meet the kids and grandkids in London at 6. They left at 4:30 and we were dressed and out the door by 10 to 5. It was a wet drive to Southside Family Grill and even though we were early, arriving at 5:30, Bridgette, Chris, Jake and Bea were already seated. I’d only met Jake’s girlfriend once before so it was very nice that she was visiting him for the week and able to come.

these next few are sky pictures of our drive this morning

when you think it is starting to clear

Sneaking a water tower shot in

it changed again

This one went over our heads towards home

And turning towards the south, it did improve

And even more so

A bright barn quilt

On Rock Glen Road to the park (on the left)
 Soon enough, the rest of the family arrived and we were seated at 2 tables. We neglected to book the ‘big’ private room but made it work in the general seating area. It was a busy place in there tonight! I ordered lasagna, Caesar salad and Bill and I shared some garlic bread. Bill enjoyed a Hot Roast Beef sandwich and with the exception of individual bar tabs, we covered the dinner. We were happy to have such a great turn out, with only 4 unable to attend.

We said our goodbyes around 8:30 after Stefanie, our waitress, obligingly helped me by taking a picture of our group. She moved chairs, cleared and moved tables in the effort to please her customers. And we were pleased. I got my family photo. It is sad saying goodbye to our children and grandchildren but plan to keep in touch over the winter.  Social media, phone calls, texts and blogs, they all work.

They make a delicious lasagna
Half of it came home with me
We drove home in the dark with the rain and noticed the winds had really picked up. “Thank goodness, we aren’t up on The Ridge”, we said. It was 41F as we let ourselves into the Suite and settled in for the night. I made myself a Ginger and honey tea before bedtime. I’d finished my book earlier today so need to find another one to read.

And nothing beats this picture today!
20/24 - not bad!
Good night from Rock Glen, Arkona
Bill didn’t get the satellite dish hooked up today so instead of watching tv, he is relaxing in his chair with his Michael Connelly book. Harry Bosch is right up there with Jack Reacher for good characters. This has been a great day and we have taken one step towards our winter travels. I hope you have enjoyed yours as well!

Thank you for stopping by. Your comments are always appreciated.


  1. Love your family picture,we rarely can get all our family together. Hope to see you and Bill this winter.

    1. Thank you. Sometimes it is difficult to get everyone together but I'm pleased this is one occasion where it 'mostly' works out. :)
      It would be nice to see you guys again this winter!

  2. Site 26 is a very nice large one, enjoy your time there. Nice to see Gerry, Melinda and Tucker again. And dinner with the family is always a fun time, love the photo.

    1. This is a great site for sure. Great to see the Hick's family again.
      Dinner was fun, lots of stories, laughter and food.

  3. Nice family photo and a great way to start your winter adventures! Safe travels.

    1. Thank you! Turned out great!
      One more family dinner before crossing the border. :)

  4. You sure had a busy day. What a beautiful family picture. We had our daughter Amy and son in law Tobin over for dinner yesterday. Oh yes and Harry their Bernise Mountain pup too. He's so cute. Hope to see you later today!

    1. It was a busy but great day. Glad to get together with the kids.
      Maybe Tuesday is a better day, Loree, if you guys are around?

  5. looks like you had a beautiful drive, even though some of those clouds looked pretty scary!! What a beautiful family you both have! Nice that all but 4 were able to attend. The picture is awesome!

  6. Those Clouds dropped a lot of their moisture in our area. Glad you stayed dry.
    Great Family get-together and Picture.
    Hoping to see you in Arizona again.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I figured someone got it. We did receive some rain after our set up and a bit of a storm.
      the picture turned out great and I'm sure we'll bump into you at the Q!

  7. Looks like a great family day. Safe travels.