Monday, October 8, 2018

Thanksgiving Monday, Quiet Day at Home, Still More Puttering, Still More Wind and Rain but Beautiful Finish

It was another windy morning and when I got up on Monday, Oct. 8th I decided to skip my walk. That wind was too much. It was 49f/9C so not too cold if it were calm. Bill and I were still up at 7 and had our morning brew together. We haven’t been run off our feet, by any means, but I had a feeling of peace this morning knowing that we didn’t ‘have’ to do anything today. I was grateful for the family time yesterday and especially for my Mom visit and today was ours, alone.

These jewellery boxes are perfect for my needs
and costume bling for any occasion
Bill was finishing up with his mud flaps outside in the shed so I decided to organize my jewellery boxes. These are 2 compartmentalized cardboard boxes that I bought from Avon a long time ago and they were the perfect thing for me, in this small space. I didn’t even buy them for the Suite but have found the perfect location for them in our closet.

These cubbies are slanted because it is the nose of the Suite
so these boxes fit perfectly
I cover them with hair nets when we travel and nothing moves
Being an Avon rep for 21 years, I bought a lot of bling costume jewellery whenever it was on sale. I would pick up nice earrings and necklaces etc. for $2.99 to $4.99, and I wore it a lot when I worked. Now, it is hard to part with some of it. I’ve purged it a few times and each year a few more pieces get added to our exchanges. Today, I wanted to organize it again after a summer of poking, pulling and dropping things in the compartments.

Not a clear picture, taken from the Suite window
but my contemplative hubby eating his breakfast
 The tabletop was full so at 10:30 after I made Bill an omelette sandwich, I took it out to him with his orange juice. A breakfast delivery on Thanksgiving morning. He was happy not to have to stop what he was doing and come inside to eat. Then I reheated my leftover quesadilla from the other night and ate my breakfast in the Suite with Clemson looking on. There was nothing for puppies, I told him, so he ate his own hard food.

My jewellery pouch
something that was a hand-me-down
from my sister-in-law
I cleaned up dishes and continued working to clean up my mess. I packed a little ‘go’ pouch that carries some pieces for travelling. I will need a few choices for next weekend when we pack a bag for the rv show. It is always weird doing that, after not having many opportunities to ‘sleep elsewhere’. That’s not a complaint, I rather enjoy sleeping in my own bed. after all, it will seem like a holiday, staying in a luxury motel.

And it rolls up and ties nicely to fit in a suitcase
My painted rocks needed a clear coat to protect them so instead of buying a can at the hardware store, way more than I’ll ever need, I used clear nail polish. It is pretty durable and dries quickly. Well, it dries quickly on anything but my fingernails. LOL I thought I’d try it and if we still need to buy something, we would. I noticed Bill was outside on the riding mower and wondered if he was cutting grass earlier than we’d planned, which was next week.

I got my jewellery cleaner out and cleaned my wedding rings

Hard to tell in a picture, but much brighter now
As it turns out, he just wanted to trim the grass around the area where he cut bushes, down by the Hangar. The sky opened up a couple of times in between brief bouts of sun. What a crazy weather day! Soon enough he was chased back inside when he heard thunder and the threat of more rain. Inside, he poured himself a drink and that sounded like a good idea. I made myself a cup of tea and sat with my book and my dog.

And these stupid prehistoric bugs are back
Good thing he is on the outside of the window
Are these stink bugs? It is about 1 1/2" long
When Bill joined me, I was happy that he found nothing on the boob tube as getting into a new book is sometimes difficult with a distraction. After 4 chapters, I was hooked but still enjoyed the peacefulness. The sun began making appearances after 4:30 yet we both remained where we were, reading. I took Clemson for a walk down the lane, or rather I followed him down again, before his supper and it was a gorgeous 70F. Where has the sun been all day?

Supper turned out good
When the sun began its descent below the horizon, after not seeing it set for so long, it seemed to have done a hop skip and a jump much further to the south. I guess, in its own way, it is saying, “Come on! Follow me!” And we will very soon. Supper was a couple of fried loin chops, hash browns and leftover dressing and carrots. Such a simple and quick meal and it tasted wonderful! Well the chops….you know what I think about those.

The geese keep visiting our pond before they head south
Maybe they are waiting for us too! I counted 35 at one point
before the thunder crashed and they flew off
After dishes, it was still very warm out so Bill and I walked over to the neighbours to the west of us. We wanted to have a brief visit with Don and Cheryl before leaving the country. They are good people and always keep an eye on our place when we’re gone. Unfortunately, Cheryl was not home and is currently spending the week in Tavistock with their daughter. 
Our first sunset in a long time
 When family needs you, you do what you can. We chatted with Don for a bit and I snapped a couple of pictures of their view of our Ridge.

Hey! That is the Ridge down there

During the summer, the sunset happens over the church steeple,
to the right of this picture
Back home, I finished my post and Bill finished his book ‘Void Moon’. I’m glad I moved on to a hard copy book this time so he can start reading some of Lee Child’s stories on my Kobo. We’re looking at a few warm nights so it will be a nice break on the propane, not needing our heater on until Thursday night. This has been a nice quiet day together at a nice slow pace. I hope yours has also been a good one!

The sun dipped right at the end of North Line
Thank you for popping in. Your comments are greatly appreciated.


  1. LOVE Lee Child... those ARE stink bugs!! My friend in Iowa gets them all the time, this time of year, think are looking for warm....

    1. His books are sooo good! :)
      I thought they were stink bugs and every year we see them trying to hitch a ride. Our first year, they actually appeared inside in Arizona!

  2. Nice to have a quiet relaxing day again, we will soon have some one of these days.
    Lee Child is always a good page turner

    1. It was a nice relaxing day but still managed a couple more things off the list. :)
      Love Lee Child's stories.

  3. Hi
    I've never seen another Loree spelled like mine!

    1. Too funny! I thought the same thing! You should follow her blog for a while! :)

  4. Great day for you two! You do have a lot of jewelry! I did when I was younger but not anymore, living here there's just not much need so I have wedding rings and just a few necklaces (that I haven't worn in years).That's ok though Your sunset was absolutely beautiful!! Love the pic of Bill, you have to wonder what he's thinking!

    1. It was a great day, yes. I know, too much jewellery but oh well. Love the sunrises and sunsets when we get 'em! :)
      I like the picture of Bill too he was thinking of me, obviously. Hahahahahaha

  5. We always get a few of those Stink Bugs too. The 16th is still clear of medical apts for us. How about 3 or so?

    1. Nasty looking things, so a good name for those bugs. Sounds good for the 16th. :)