Thursday, October 25, 2018

Gorgeous Sun Ball, Country Walk, Root Touch-Up, Meeting Friends

On Thursday, Oct. 25th Bill and Clemson got up around 7 and I remained in bed until closer to 8. When I came downstairs, I told Bill that at 8 I was going for a walk to the corner, giving him fair notice in case he wanted to finish his coffee and join me. I promised not to jump out of bed at 7 and head down the road unless I knew he wasn’t interested. The walking is not only good for me but great for him with this blood sugar thing. So, I leave it up to him each day.

Frosty morning at -1C
We both bundled against the 30F/-1C and we weren’t surprised to see frost on the grass and Black Beauty. She’s parked in the shade of the Suite so it took a couple of hours before the white on her windshield dissipated. We did our 2 miles to the corner and back and only my chin and the tips of my ears felt the cold since it was a calm morning. I was happy to return and be rewarded with a nice hot cup of creamy tea. Most of today's pictures are from our lovely morning walk.

What’s on the agenda today? Bill has plans and I have plans but nothing too pressing and no time schedule to follow. He drove in to Arkona to check out a couple of things, one – where the laundromat is and two – propane and diesel prices in town. When he left, I went upstairs and began colouring the gray roots in my hair. 

This bright tree stood out amongst the dull ones
While the process was working, with my saturated head in a plastic hair net, I cooked up the last of the Steel Grey Oats I had in the cupboard. Some days I feel like having a bowl of oatmeal. Bill worked outside, vacuuming Black Beauty and then cleaning and dusting her out. She will be pretty inside at least for our next leg. Her outside is a different story. I rinsed my hair by means of hopping in the shower and that looks better.

A blurry moon shot
Just the two of us
I finished the oatmeal and separated it into 4 containers, single or double-size portions. The last thing I had to do was cook my carrots so I rinsed them and put them on to boil. It took longer than I expected but kept them on medium until they were tender. 

I'm running out of containers
2 large of Green Tomato and Bacon Soup
4 small/medium of oatmeal
Quite a few in the freezer of chili and spaghetti sauce
I took Clemson for a short walk around the park block and as I rounded the turn up by the clubhouse, saw some dear friends whom we met for the first time on Dec. 31st, 2014.

Larry and Cynthia were living here in the park when Bill and I rented a cabin for New Year’s Eve. We met at the party in the clubhouse and hit it off really well. We’ve seen them once here at Rock Glen in May of 2015 and then bumped into them in London at Plunkett’s when we worked the Airstream display for CanAm. It was wonderful to see them both again and they walked back with me to the Suite.

My baby carrots boiled for a long time until tender
The sun was gorgeous and it was 57F/13C so we sat outside at the picnic table for an hour before we said our goodbyes and ‘hope to see you soon’s’. Lovely couple. Inside, I bagged my carrots for the freezer and we sat together with our books. The picnic table seating is hard on the butt and we weren’t getting our chairs out for one day. The weather would surely change tomorrow and we enjoy sitting inside our home. It was a blessing to see so much sun today.

Larry and Cynthia
I like the way the low clouds (which didn't rise all day) looked like
mountains off in the distance
Soon, we'll be seeing real mountains
I made myself a tea after catching up on some of my reading and texted back and forth with Pat and Donna back home. We have a busy day tomorrow so it has been nice to have this quiet day today. At 5 o’clock, Bill turned the tv on and I went out for one more walk. After supper it gets dark too quickly, especially if we don’t eat until closer to 6. I was pleasantly surprised that it was so mild out even without the sun’s warmth.

A few puffy clouds arrived this afternoon
While I was walking, my son called to chat and to ask a favour. He was trying to get in touch with his cousin so I contacted my sister, Cathy for the number. It was a nice walk. When I returned I sat for a bit and then started boiling farmer’s sausage for supper. We had two buns left so that made the whole meal that much easier. When the sausage was ready, I warmed the buns. They were delicious and I can finally report to those who asked that my homemade Green Tomato Hot Dog Relish is wonderful!

Kind of says it all for these people
A nice get away
After dishes, we sat and watched a couple more of our recorded programs from Monday and Tuesday evenings. I’ve really enjoyed this day and I hope you have as well.

And one last picture for you
Thank you for stopping by today. I love to read your comments.


  1. Hopefully tomorrow's destination will be where there are warmer Temperatures.
    Nice Pictures.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. "tomorrow" isn't until Sunday. :) We pull out of the park on Oct. 28 for a short jaunt across the border.

  2. You have been cooking up a storm for the road. So nice to see Larry and Cynthia what a great couple they are. We spent a lot of time chatting with them when they camped here.

    1. Getting things prepped for travel plus sometimes I don't feel like bacon and eggs and oatmeal sounds yummy. :)
      It was great to see these guys again, they've been hoping to track us down and the feelings were mutual.

  3. Root touchup??? You're not old enough for gray hair!!!! Poor Black Beauty looks C O L D!!!!

    1. And you are my very newest BEST friend! ha ha :)
      Yes, she does look cold.

  4. It was a beautiful day here as well. Blue skies and sunshine makes for a nice fall day. Your freezer must be getting full for your trek South. Good plan, taking some of West Grey nutrition with you!

    1. Glad you had a good day too. It was quite warm too!
      Full freezer means we'll eat well. :)

  5. Great pics today Patsy! Bet you're getting excited to be on the road once Rob and Pat join you! Really nice you met up with friends again. Your freezer is getting a lot of food in it lately ;) Good thing you've got a big one!

    1. Thank you. We are getting excited for sure.
      It was great to see Cynthia and Larry again.
      The freezer is overflowing. Yes, great to have a large one.