Thursday, October 4, 2018

Strong Winds, Preparations, Sunshine, Frost Expected

On Thursday, Oct. 4th, we were up shortly after 6:30. The winds were howling outside and our chairs and recycle bins had blown over. Of course, the rain didn’t start until I was up and dressed so yet again my legs will get no exercise today on the country roads. I feel very lazy but unlike my sister, I have no treadmill to get my miles in. Oh well. We hope that with the warm temperatures expected over the next few days that it will dry up enough to get some more outside jobs done. LOL

Nice to see the blue sky
We had our coffee and tea together and then Bill drove over to the Acreage to fill the water bladder and while there, wash out Black Beauty’s bed. Preps and plans are coming together, not only for our trip itself but also for what to take and what to leave behind. This involves decisions on if we’re taking it, where it will ‘travel’, in the Suite garage or in the truck. 

While he was at the other property, I went outside, surprised by how warm it was and started putting my garden ornaments away. The wind was crazy this morning, blowing our blue recycle bins, small tables and folded lawn chairs across the gravel. Really windy. I filled the 2 storage bins designated for lawn stuff and put them back on the shelf in the storage shed. That felt good. EllScott was bigger than most things so my garden Gnome went into the bunky and will spend the winter in there.

The coat rack in the bunky and room for lots more
We moved the coat rack from the storage shed into the bunky and it will hold the extra heavy coats and boots that we don’t take with us. I’ll cover them with a sheet but no critters have found their way in there anyway. Yet. Never say never, I guess but things are sealed up in heavy plastic should that happen. I emptied the small bar freezer and turned the fridge down. Just a few things need to come in to our fridge, once I make room.

I've seen this boat at our neighbours before but didn't focus on the old buggy
sitting beside it until today
Working around until about 11 when it was time to eat, I came inside and made us egg omelettes on buns. That hit the spot and the buns need to be eaten up before they go bad. They’ve been in the bar fridge for 3 weeks. Toasted is the best way to eat them now. 

I love this breakfast
We cleaned up dishes and Bill went back outside. The sun was making some very strong appearances. UPS drove up the lane and brought me my Avon parcel. Now, with that, we should be well stocked for shower gels and shampoos for over the winter.

Look up, look way up
Gayle had given us a bag of books last night to see if we were interested in any of them. So, I looked through them and removed any that didn’t appeal to me. I can drop them off at the book box in Durham tomorrow. I still have quite a few in the bunky but those will be for summer. I’m going to add the Dean Koontz books to that pile, new authors for here at home and favourites will go with us. I’ve never read Dean Koontz books and one will determine if I read any more.

From the front field, looking up towards the Suite
In between the trees, you can see our home
Nice that the grass has slowed down a bit, probably one more cut
before we leave
Supper tonight will be leftovers from previous nights or dinners out and that will free up more space in the fridge. I brought the sheets in off the line, as they were dry now. Clemson isn’t disturbed by all the hustle and bustle in and out of the Suite. Seems to be a ‘you aren’t bothering me today’ attitude and to us it means at least he isn’t underfoot.

A closer view from the same spot
We were up early so at 1 o’clock I feel that we’ve almost put a whole day in. The good news is that puttering outside is getting done and things checked off the list. I’m sure it won’t be long before Bill comes in, in need of a snooze. The Suite floors finally got a good sweeping, I’ve been putting it off for days, for one reason or another. I brought Uncle Harold’s hooked rug in from the bunky and like where I’ve placed it. Clemson does too, it is nice and plush under his feet as he eats and drinks.

Uncle Harold's mat is going south with us
The temperature is slowly dropping off, now loitering around 51F/11C but feeling cooler in the wind and shaded areas. I know there is a warm-up coming but we have another cool day to get through first. I need to cover my plants again tonight before we come in for the night. It is supposedly dropping to a brutal 34F/1C up here in West Grey. Yup that speaks frost to me and I’ve not come this far with my veggies to lose them in one night.

When they aren't completely ripe, Bill's little sailor watches over them in the window
I slipped my jacket on once more and went out to see what Bill was up to and noticed that he had put my wagon and the riding mower trailer in the shed, along with the bird bath and a few of my flower pots. It was after 1:30 so I wandered down to see if Madame post lady left us anything. I was pleased to see my new Health card had arrived. It was the last thing we were waiting for.

Bill finds the best nooks to pack things in the storage shed
Remember, the riding mower has to go in here too
Before coming back inside, I checked my garden. A couple of green tomatoes had dropped off in the wind so I brought those in to add to the rest of them. I asked if Bill wanted anything to drink but he decided to wait until he came in himself. I poured myself a Diet Gingerale, a taste that we have come to enjoy very much. It is nice not to feel guilty when I want a fizzy pop. I’ve always enjoyed pop, not extravagantly so, but more recently tried to avoid them because of the sugar. I never thought I would like any of the diet sodas.

My new 'straight' drink
Time to settle down with my book. At least take a break. I read for a while and Bill soon joined me inside. I noticed that he managed to get the car canopy cover off in that wind. It is ripped badly in a couple of places so we’re just happy that it lasted us through another year. It is over 2 years old and has dealt with a lot of wind up here. The boys snoozed together and I read.

We'll be buying a new cover in the spring
At 6 I pulled Bill’s leftover turkey meal out of the fridge and my sausage, rice and carrot dinner. Warmed them up together in the microwave and we were eating in a few minutes. Before doing dishes, we went out and covered my plants again. It is much easier with 2 people. That air has cooled down quite a bit and the sky is clear. We believe the forecasted temperature for overnight. We’ll need the heater tonight.

I enjoyed my supper tonight

The garden is protected tonight
There are still some shows on PVR to watch so that will be our evening entertainment. Commercials for me, mean a few more pages in my book. I’m getting close to the end so it is hard to put down. This has been a good day. One step closer to our departure date. Has yours been as good?

The sun sets and from this picture you can see that my ornament
shelf on the bunky is empty for the winter
good night from the Ridge on our
first sunny day in a long time
Thank you for reading today. I love hearing from you if you wish to leave a comment.


  1. Nice to get things wrapped up and ready to go . We have read most of Dean Koontz's books and enjoyed them. Luckily we are out of the and here so not too bad.

    1. not sure what you're out of, George, haha but yesterday was a good day to get things done. Good to hear D.K.'s books are good. I'll keep them for summertime. :)

    2. LOL...., thats a bad typo,I was thinking 2 things I guess. "Lucky we are out of here soon so not too bad."

  2. When I tape on the PVR I just fast forward through all the commercials. Sometimes I just tape a show so I don't have to watch the commercials.

    1. Yes, we also fast forward when Bill remembers to do that! LOL We only watch commercials when we have to. :)

  3. When are you planning to head south?

    1. We are leaving the Ridge on the 20th of Oct. and heading to Arkona for 8 days before crossing.

  4. Hi, Patsy we too are busy trying to get things done ready for departure. This darn weather is so fickle we don't know from one day to the next what it will be. I still have my garden and trees to take care of and some cupboards and the fridge inside as well. Rick is struggling with getting his chores done as well. Hope to see you guys in the SW this year. Be safe. Kathy Rousseau It's about time.

    1. It is that time of year and I'm sure you are as anxious as we are now that it is turning colder. I have a few garden things to do yet and waiting for the last of the tomatoes to ripen.
      I'm sure we'll bump into each other at some point this winter. :)

  5. Ooohhhhh it's getting chilly! Thankfully the stress of packing and getting ready to leave has lessened a tad over time for me. Stay warm!!

    1. It is and the patience with it is waning.
      We're getting anxious now.

  6. Wow that was a busy day you both had but looks like you'll be ready to go when the time comes. My computer is sick, so this is Ken's very frustrating!

    1. Sorry to hear about you computer. They are like a part of our body, aren't they?
      Yes we are getting ready slowly but surely.