Saturday, October 6, 2018

Early Walk, Craving Sunshine, Baking for Sunday, Painting More Rocks

Saturday, Oct. 6th came in about 10 degrees warmer than Friday did. I was awake at 6:30 and got up just after 7. I couldn’t hear any rain although the wind was audible from the warm bed. When I checked the temperature outside, I was pleased that 48F would make for nicer walking. I didn’t have to bundle quite as much but slipped out the door and grabbed a walking stick, not knowing how far I’d go this morning.

Lots of fallen leaves along the roadside and I love them when
I don't have to rake them up
Bill and Clemson were still in bed when I left so I lightly closed the door so as not to wake them. I walked just past Turbine Drive to the top of the hill looking down at #4 highway. Not a walk for today but I am still proud to look that far and know I’ve done it. I had slipped a wool hat on to cover my ears from the wind but half way back, it came off. It wasn’t too cold at all. Bill was up when I came back inside, with his coffee and my tea was ready to go.

Now that is a majestic maple tree
I used to do this as a child,
and I still find I look for the perfect maple leaf
Haven't found it yet though

not sure what this one is
I stood up against the trunk and my it is a big tree
We had our brew together and read blog posts from yesterday. It is nice to see what our friends are up to. Seeing fellow blogger, Furry Gnome, post about apples over the last couple of days reminds me that I want to get some for the freezer before we leave. I need to act on that very soon. Bill called Princess Auto in Owen Sound to check on an item they were out of on Wednesday when we were there. They have it in stock so he hopped in the Rav to drive over and pick it up.

Even ragweed is pretty dressed in its fall clothes
I'm planning to go see Mom before lunch. I'd like to take the car and he thinks he'll be back on time. In the meantime, I got out what I needed to make up some tart shells. I’m taking pumpkin tarts to Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow so need to get them ready today. I don’t like waiting until the morning of the dinner simply because that is when they won’t turn out. I’m much more confident in my baking skills than I used to be years ago but still can flop a recipe.

Homemade tomato soup for lunch
I had to add crackers
I prepared 30 tart shells but before mixing the pumpkin, I got washed up and dressed. At 11:15 I debated whether to take the truck to see Mom or just finish making my tarts. I never have evaporated milk in the house, it isn’t something I buy to keep on hand. Unfortunately, I forgot that I needed it for the pumpkin so will either substitute half and half cream or see what the Foodland craziness is like if I go to town.

Clemson leads the way on our walk
As it turned out, Bill was delayed for one reason or another and I decided to mix the pumpkin and start baking. I became concerned at 11:50 and texted him to make sure he was alright. He was and so I put the first tray of tarts in the oven. There is always tomorrow morning to go see Mom. 

Bill didn’t find the exact thing he was looking for but managed to get a substitute and popped in to see John on his way by. Hence, the delay. I decided to use my cream in the mix after texting on Google to see if the substitution would work.

We stopped at the Hangar to see what Bill was up to

When he started the drill press

Clemson took off at a run
I guess he heard that loud noise!
Bill, Clemson and I sat together inside when the rain returned for about an hour. I was able to finish The Midnight Line and Bill got a brief snooze in his chair. My tarts baked while I painted my last 5 rocks. They aren’t anything special but they are original and that is the whole idea. I need to pick up some clear glaze to cover them and protect them from the elements since they will be hidden outside in Arizona, New Mexico or wherever.

The tarts turned out pretty good. It is difficult to tell when they are done but when Bill and I shared one, we agreed they were quite tasty. I will take 24 to our dinner tomorrow and keep 6 at home. Six of them didn’t turn out as nice, the pastry was falling apart. What a shame! Ha ha. Bill went outside at 2:30 to finish his wind screen for Weber Q and cut the rubber he purchased today for his mud flaps. Clemson and I went out around 3 and I did my own puttering around.

another garden tidied up
the grass is longer up here
It was warm enough that after we walked to the end of the laneway, I took my jacket off and cut the hostas and tiger lilies up on the hill. Now all that was left were the 3 lilies at the road. I like cutting them back at this time of year rather than waiting until spring, as some people do. They are too slimy in the spring and a bigger mess. Clemson sat on his stool while we both worked out there and when Bill put him in, I decided to try and get a fire going. There was no wind now and the sky was mostly clear.

At 3:30 Bill drove over to the Acreage to meet Mike and help him winterize his trailer. The rain has held off except for that brief shower earlier but of course, as soon as I get the fire started, the heavy clouds move over the area. I chatted on Messenger with Rose for a bit about winter travel plans and just enjoyed sitting outside poking at the fire. It took one of my fire starters to get anything to light and then it was slow so I didn’t burn much other than a few pieces of bark.

That is my little fire starter doing its job
they don't look pretty but they taste good!
I took another walk down the lane waiting for Bill to return and at 5 came inside to feed Clemson. We’ve planned hamburgers for supper, not having had them for quite a while but of course, the rain returned with gusto. I put the awnings out when Clemson had to go piddle and left them out. At least that will give Bill some cover when he is cooking. He returned from helping Mike at 5:30 and we began cooking around 6.

These burgers were delicious and we had a tart for dessert
The rest of the evening went quietly with some tv and I found a new book to get into. This one a Michael Connelly one called The Poet. This has been a good day again and much warmer than Friday was. I hope you’ve enjoyed your day too.

I enjoyed sitting outside this afternoon, tending the fire
Good night from the Ridge
Thank you for taking the time to stop in today. I enjoy reading your comments.


  1. Hope you get those apples in time! I like the RVing Rocks.

    1. Me too! I just have to find the closest market.
      Thanks, the rocks are amateur but fun.

  2. You did good!! At my house probably 8 tarts would have been bad enough to stick in my freezer!!! Beautiful maples!!

  3. Another nice day getting things taken care of and ready for A meal with family. The warmer weather was very welcome too.

    1. It was a beautiful day. Bit by bit, one step closer and now time with family will be nice.

  4. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving with your family. The tarts look good, how about a topping of whipping cream? BTW the stainless steel cleaner you posted I wanted to purchase, where did you get it?

    1. Thank you Marlene, same to you! The tarts were good and at home here, Bill and I had some whipping cream on ours but I wasn't taking it along. :)
      Bill got that cleaner at CanAm but it was a shop product so he can see if it is available for sale. Surely someone sells it. He'll check for you. :)

  5. Happy Thanksgiving! Your tarts look wonderful to me! I love the rocks you've painted just too special. Love the look of Fall!

    1. Thank you Shirley and Ken. The tarts turned out good tasting, my son teased that only half of them had a top hat. :)
      The rocks are fun to paint, childish but that's me!