Friday, October 5, 2018

Laundry, Winterizing for Others, More Inside Cleaning, Geese Saying Goodbye?

It was a cold morning on Friday, Oct. 5th when we woke up at 6:30. Bill took Clemson out and they both crawled back in. At 6:45 I began my stretches to rise and go for a walk. It wasn’t raining, finally a dry morning. Bill said “if you’re going for a walk, bundle up”. The thermometer said it was 38F/3.3C. Okay, no argument there! So, I began getting dressed and brushed my teeth. “I’ll go with you” were his next words and you know that gives my heart an extra beat.

First frost here this season
So, we layered up, not only because of the cold but because of the wind, making it feel below freezing. I’m glad we covered the garden plants and we noticed frost on Rav’s windshield and on some rooftops around the corner. Bill just had a ball cap on so had to cover his ears where I had my hoody on, hence a hood. We only went as far as Elvis’ place (halfway to Turbine Drive) and turned around. That was enough for my first walk in at least 5 days.

Our hot coffee and tea were so rewarding, back inside. We turned the blue flame heater up a notch or two. I don’t even know what time it was when we left for Durham, but being it was going to be only 11C today and not looking like much sun, we decided to dry them. Bill went with me because he wanted to go to Home Hardware anyway and 2 extra hands folding is always helpful. When we left for home, it was 11 and had I been alone, I could have stopped to see Mom.

A view of the pond after the rains
I felt chilled so was very grateful not to have to hang the clothes in the cool air. We put them away and as I put the pillowcases up in the cupboard over the bed I noticed a couple of sheets were wet. Sheets that had been up there. Hmm. It is never nice to find leaks, anywhere because no one wants leaks of any kind. I pulled all of the sheets and cases out to discover the back panel was quite wet in a 2” strip. Great! What next? How many times have we all uttered those words?

Hopefully, the fix up did the trick!
I made breakfast and after we’d eaten, Bill went up on the ladder to examine the bed slideout. It didn’t appear too serious, yet, so he added caulking to the dry area and made a mental note to do the same all around once we get another warm day. I let the cupboard dry out completely and replaced the linens. Clemson lifted his head to look at me. I know, I know, don’t bother me! He is curled up with the pillows and one of my sweaters.

He loves the pillows on our bed
Bill worked at a couple of small things outside until Donna texted that they were heading over to the Acreage from Hanover. This is the day Bill has offered to help them winterize their 5th wheel. Closing up for the season is always sad and I’m mentally jumping in the air and clapping my hands that we are not having to do it. He left at 12:45 or so and I cleaned up the dishes.

This stretch of trees are along the drive to Durham

There were a few things I wanted to do in the Suite so I took care of dusting the entertainment centre, coffee table, leather furniture and cupboard doors. I got the stainless-steel cleaner out that Bill bought and gave the fridge and microwave doors a good wipe down. They look like new again! Bill still wasn’t back so I made a batch of popcorn and a tea. Work done, now time to play.

Everything is sparkling clean again!
Oh, I forgot to mention that yesterday, I got down on my hands and knees and with a good all-purpose cleaner, a sponge and a couple of Q-tips, I cleaned the shower. Not the whole shower, not the walls. We wash them down after each use but with the curved shower doors in our unit (or any bathroom) it isn’t hard to see how the dirt and grime gathers underneath the doors.

You know the area I'm talking about

Way down there in that crack

And I won the battle against grime
I’ve been contemplating for a long time how we would ever get that area clean. The doors can’t be removed to clean it. With the small bathroom, sitting on the loo is where a lot of thinking gets done so I came up with the aforementioned ‘tools’. It actually worked quite well and I was quite pleased. It looks like new now too! Little bitty jobs are getting done and things are getting crossed off the list.

when I uncovered my plants, I realized again that there are
a lot of green tomatoes yet to ripen
Sunshine is needed!
When Bill returned, he found me in a whole new project. I had brought a rock home from Arizona with the intention of painting it and hiding it this winter. 

Yah, I had quite a mess going on
I’ve joined the group ‘Rving Rocks’ on Facebook, I know I’ve mentioned that before, so want to participate. When I found the first painted rock at Bottomless Lake State Park in March, I re-located it at Eagle’s Landing RV Resort a week later. Now I want to hide more rocks.

so, I finished one

a very simple first one
I’m not an artist, not at all good at painting designs or pictures on small 2” x 1.5” rocks, but it didn’t stop me from trying. I got 6 prepared and will finish them over the next couple of days. For supper, I baked 4 chicken thighs, boneless and skinless, with some olive oil, onion powder, garlic powder, pepper and Italian seasoning. They came out quite good. I had carrots on the side and Bill had corn with his. We cleaned up dishes and I caught up on my post.

Supper was colourful and delicious
This has been a good day. Some work got done, some time for fun and some relaxing time too. I hope yours has been good too.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Nice to get those small chores taken car of a little at a time, hopefully you have the water leak fixed

    1. Yes it is. Only time and future rain showers will tell on the leak.

  2. We have a water getting in too during windy, rainy days. It's near the front and hard to find. We have had lots of those kind of days! It feels good getting jobs done.

    1. so annoying when you get a leak. Trying to find it is not always easy. hopefully we've fixed it.

  3. Yup ... same water leak problems here and there. People laugh at my rock painting, but it's a fun past time!! WAY too cold for me to walk. You two are brave! Hugs to Clemson!

    1. Hopefully Bill fixed the leak, we'll keep an eye on it after a heavy rain.
      It was very cold to walk but we did it!
      I'm not talented at all in art but it's fun to paint rocks.
      Clemson hugs you back. :)

  4. Those showers can be a real pain to clean. We have the three sliding glass doors. The grooves the slides set in were a pain to clean trying to use qtips. A friend told me she uses one of those foam paint brushes... so I bought one. Works great!!! I use one of the foam brushes for several months before needing to buy a new one.
    I too noticed my pillow cases felt damp the other day. Pulled everything out, felt everywhere and Dean did too. We could not see or feel anything.... was dry as could be and nothing looked as if water had been there. Since we've been in so much rain we put it down to humidity. It's made me a little concerned though, so now I want to check every where once we get to KS just to be on the safe side. I've decided to make it a triple duty task... check for water leaks/dampness, clean each space, and eliminate anything I haven't used this past year from every cubbie, closet, cabinet and drawer. It seems we accumulate alot even though it doesn't seem like we buy that much. How is that?
    Oh.... the trees you posted are beautiful. Love fall trees and their beautiful colors!
    Your rock is really cute. I noticed on Facebook they are putting painted rocks out around our hometown prior to our annual fall festival. It has encouraged parents and kids to get out together looking for them. I think different businesses make them and there may be a prize involved when they are turned in. Seems to build the excitement for the festival. Who would have thought painted rocks would provide so much enjoyment to so many? So simple... and so much fun!

    1. that is a great idea and those brushes should fit under the shower doors. Thank you! Next time!
      Hopefully we've fixed the problem. We, I mean Bill. :)
      Triple duty tasks are a good plan too.
      I enjoyed painting the rocks and will have fun hiding them this winter. they aren't anything special for sure but thanks for the nice festival story.

  5. Can you imagine in a few thousand years those rocks are going to be found and maybe they will become ancient artefacts! A curiosity because maybe no one will know why they were painted.

    1. Ha ha, I never thought of that, Dee! I hope some of them get found but I'll never know. :)