Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Relaxing Day, Visit with Friends, Chili Making Day

It was 8:15 when Bill and I woke up for the day on Tuesday, Oct. 23rd.  I was surprised but it wasn’t the best night sleep again, so maybe not too surprised. It was a dull morning with gray clouds overhead and quite a breeze. The tree tops were swaying. We had our tea and coffee, read blogs and bundled up for a walk. Bill went with me this morning to the Arkona Rd. and it was a pleasant trek together.

The sky was shark-gray this morning but we didn't get rained on
Back at the Suite, he sat down to work on a couple of blog posts that he has put off for the latter weeks of summer. You can check them out at On Our Way. It would be a relaxing day for both of us, hopefully involving a visit with friends in the park. It is also the day I’m making chili so at 11 I started frying the ground beef to make enough for quick meals on the road. I stole the idea from Rob and Pat, but with their permission. Ha ha!

the last of my peppers and tomatoes
At the same time, it was cooking I started bacon before cutting up the last of my green peppers, green onions and 3 red tomatoes to add to the mix. Bill isn’t big on tomatoes in chili so it is usually something I add alternatively to the batches I make. He agreed I could use these. :D  We ate breakfast and I left the chili with added spices and bean mixture for another hour to simmer. Then I started my post.

I didn't need the canned tomatoes this time
Bill offered to do the dishes up and I took advantage of some extra WiFi this month and finished putting my book together. It kind of got put on the back burner and I let it slide. No rush getting it ordered and delivered now but soon I’ll wrap it up. My chili was finished around 1 and I’ve put 5 containers of it into the freezer. Each container will be a meal for us and because we’ve been eating things from the freezer, there is room.

I don't make spicy chili but I do make attractive and tasty chili
Here it is just beginning to simmer
At 3:15 we put our drinks in the small cooler and because it was raining and still windy, drove to Loree and Ron’s up on the hill. They live in the park for the summer and travel for the winter in their Class A coach. We saw them this past summer when we came here so were looking forward to another fun visit. They are a sweet couple. Ron was waiting on the deck when we drove up and when we entered their home, Freddy and Loree greeted us.

Loree's little Cooper
We had a fun Happy Hour indoors today but it didn’t downplay the moment. Conversations flowed, first Bill, then Ron, then Bill, then Ron. Loree and I laugh that we occasionally got the floor but that is okay, it is all in good fun and as Ron says “we learn a lot!” We said goodbye a couple of hours later and I felt bad that their supper would be delayed. Clemson was at home waiting, patiently, for his own meal and while Bill fed him, I began our own.

So, I took a picture of our Happy Hour but the backlight left us in the dark
We moved to the living room and you can see
from this picture, exactly WHO is the boss
Freddy turned to the camera at the perfect time
Fried pork chops, hash browns and corn were the only menu choices. No complaints by anyone in the house and it didn’t take long to prepare. It tasted good but I forgot to get a photo.  We cleaned dishes up and watched NCIS reruns until I finished this post and we could watch the new episode of the season. We were too late eating for me to go for an after dinner walk in daylight so I’ll have to make up for it tomorrow.

Good night from Rock Glen

This has been a good day starting with a nice walk and ending with a nice afternoon visit with friends. I hope you’ve enjoyed your day.

Thank you for stopping in.


  1. Getting a few meals prepped for the road always helps and makes things easier too.
    The cool day was a good one to make a batch of chilly too.
    Nice to see Ron and Loree again and of course Freddy, what a supper couple we have camped with many times over the years.

    1. Perfect day for chili!
      We had a great visit with Ron and Loree and will see them before we all leave here.

  2. So happy that you came for a visit. So much to talk about and so much to share.

  3. Your chili looks wonderful! That'll be great for nights when you don't have time to cook, or just don't want to! Great pic of the 5 of you, but that Freddy is a cutie, right in on the action! Great sunset pics! :)

    1. Thank you, it will be nice for either of those reasons, yes. :)
      Isn't that cute the way Freddy is poised perfectly?