Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Warm Sleep and Warm Day, Firepit Cleaning, Chippy Takes Advantage

On Tuesday, Oct. 9th, Bill and I slept in until almost 7:30! The extra hour that I stayed up last night was the factor for me. I watched Bull until 11, not knowing how I managed to stay awake. I opened the blind and noticed that the wind was minimal. Bill made his coffee and I just slipped my safety vest on over a t-shirt and went without socks for my walk. This weather is crazy and we can never be sure what today is bringing.

obviously the time on my camera is wrong
I wasn't walking at 4:30 am!
It was a beautiful walk, literally. The fall beauty is displayed no matter which way you turn. Even looking across the golden-brown bean fields is a stunning view. I did the 2 miles and made my tea when I returned. We sat together reading blogs and answering comments. Bill drove into Durham to fill the Rav up with gas, put some more in a can for the riding mower and pick up a few things at the Hardware store. We are certainly supporting the local economy!

And the sun rose to give us a beautiful mor
Yesterday, I mentioned that my clear nail polish works on my rocks but it takes longer than it would with a regular brush and shellac, because of the teeny brush. I texted Bill and asked him to check out the clear paint for me after all. It is 68F/20C as I sit here at my laptop at 10:30, the clouds move across the sky and dump more rain on us. Is that because Bill and I discussed him cutting the grass today instead of waiting? F Y I - The grass didn't get cut today. Had to share more fall colours from my walk today.

We have a clothing rack that stays in the bunky over the winter and we, Bill especially, removes some of the clothes from the Suite closet that he figures he doesn’t need to take along. I can’t be quite that certain nor can I honestly say what I won’t ‘need’ as far as the temperatures we will encounter during our travel days this winter. I’m too much of a Boy Scout, always prepared for things that likely won’t happen BUT there is a possibility!

When the sun popped, the colours burst even more
When Bill returned with Varathane for my rocks, it wasn’t quite the method I was hoping for but for the price and the quantity, it made more sense. I’m just not great at spraying things evenly and this stuff takes so long to dry. Anyway, instead of returning it (the small pint can would be no different as far as drying time), I will use it outside hopefully before we leave here. I might plan on stopping into a Hobby Lobby when south and get a small bottle or jar of the clear Craft paint.

This whole beautiful day was a fight in the sky for control
 I made up some breakfast sandwiches at 11 and we cleaned up dishes. I haven’t noticed any finches over the last week and a half so that tells me that they have flown the coop. Literally! Probably in warmer places already than what was here when they left. This meant that I could empty the finch feeder and clean it out for storage. I still have some in the brown bag so just added to it and will have some to start out spring with, when they return.

Even our own trees are dressing in their finest

Bill asked if I would type out a fresh page of our winter trip plans so we have a good copy and can share it with my two sisters. Gayle, will be south at some point this winter too and would like to know where we can connect. Donna reads my blog during the winter but we can leave her a copy too so she knows our whereabouts. Just thinking about all of this, I can feel myself getting excited about the journey.
Believe it or not, with each heavy cloud, some rain fell

After I finished that, I went out and cleaned the ashes and bark from the firepit. It stays in the outhouse over the winter. It is very annoying that even though we are able to be outside in summer attire that the rain returned every 30 minutes all through the morning. We need the sun to ripen my remaining tomatoes or I’ll be writing my own movie about Fried Green Tomatoes!

This is where Bill cut out the bushes and it looks so
open now although a gully so not walkable
At 1:30 thunder rumbled off in the distance and it started sprinkling once more so we came inside just in time to see the sun pop through. I do love that I have a couple of windows and the outside door open today. Finally, it stopped around 2 and things began drying up so Bill was able to put our big rocker patio chairs in the bunky.

when I emptied a few clumps of damp niger seed here, it wasn't wasted
The bar fridge in there has been cleaned out and unplugged and I made a note to self “Self, remember to take our empty cans and bottles to the Beer Store before we leave”. I walked down to the mailbox with Clemson to see if our mail lady left anything in the box when she picked up Bill’s letter. He needed to renew his membership for Forest City Flyers, his London RC model airplane club. There was only junk mail in the box so it got added to the recycle bin.

and no matter how close I got, he wasn't moving
 We got back inside and within 2 minutes, the rain came again. Bill started reading The Midnight Line by Lee Child on my Kobo and so far, they are getting along fine. It was quiet hour or so while we flipped through our books. Clemson would cuddle first on Bill’s lap, then move over to sit beside me and finally jump down and stand at the door. I think he was missing the out-of-doors so one of us would go out with him for a while. I had to bring the awning in as the rain was quite heavy at times.

Oh, Chippy, you make me laugh
For supper, Bill lit the Weber and grilled farmer’s sausage. We had some sausage buns in the freezer and I still had some sauerkraut so I opted to have mine in a bun as well. It got very warm today, rising to 76F outside and 81F inside. There wasn’t much relief no matter where we were and with all of our chairs either put away or wet, we mostly hung out inside the Suite. 

This was a good easy meal
Bill cleaned up dishes while I worked on my post. Tuesday night is our crazy tv night so want to be ready to start watching Still Standing right at 7. That didn't work out, things were running way too slow for me, so I gave up and posted Wed. morning.

Good night!

This has been a good day and I hope you can say the same. Thank you for stopping in.


  1. I got a small spray can of paint sealer at Michaels. Not only has it lasted - easy to spray - but I repaired an entire table that was fading and still have half a can left.

    1. That's what I thought I'd do. Just paint sealer instead of a clear paint. Thanks, Nancy.

  2. Beautiful pictures of the fall colors!

  3. Too bad you got the rain, was very hot here, and sunny, perfect. I have used a clear spray with a UV protector on some things and seems to last forever, Think I got its at Walmart in the states? We ready to hit the road as well. new places and new faces. Always exciting! Only 7 days to go.for us...

    1. Oh, it was very hot just the rain had to show its face often! :)
      Like Nancy says, a paint sealer is what I need.
      looking forward to hitting the road now too. Just a few things left to do, visits and then we're off!

  4. Oh this computer or Google. Ever since i got it back it's not letting me comment or I'm just too dumb o figure it out hopefully this will work. The trees and the clouds are incredible..Love when the colors change! Dinner looks yummy!