Wednesday, October 24, 2018

We Have News, Conservation Area Walk, Sssh, We're Reading

When I woke at 7 on Wednesday, Oct. 24th, Bill had already vacated the bed but Clemson was just jumping off. I was in no hurry since it was too dark to walk yet anyway. When I came downstairs at 7:30, we had our brew and read blogs from yesterday. The rain started within half hour so we agreed to try for a walk later in the day. We are supposed to be getting some sun today. It is a cool 40F/5C but it looks calm out there right now.

So, what some of you may recognize here is a
Gender Reveal
Bill's youngest daughter and her fiance are expecting their first child
Both huge baseball fans, Matt swings the bat, hitting the ball
and the colour tells the story

They revealed to Facebook in a video the gender of their unborn child
Personally, and they know this, I'd rather be surprised the day of birth
but it is all the rage now to do a Gender Reveal
It is blurry but you can tell from the top picture that we are expecting a
new grandson in March.
Congratulations Jess and Matt!
Bill worked on his next post and I went in to BookWright to check out my book. I said earlier that the program isn’t as easy to work with as my last experience and that holds true even in previewing it. I had to add pages, ending up with 30 so not sure yet what it will cost to have it printed. We’ll see! Bill and I made ourselves another coffee and he had a yogourt cup to tie him over until brunch. He has been feeling that he needs something in his tummy earlier in the morning.

My breakfast sandwich
I was so pleased that my working on my book for 2 hours yesterday didn’t make our wifi usage jump much at all. Today when I went on to review it and make any necessary corrections or changes, I was even more pleased to see the total cost. I placed the order and it will be shipped home within the first week of November. That will be a nice treat for when we arrive home in 6 months! Donna is prepared for it as all of our mail will get forwarded to her during our absence.
A colourful autumn walk out of the park this afternoon
Around 11:30 I made up fried egg sandwiches but without any bacon left in the Suite, they didn’t taste quite as good. It’s on the list for Friday. It was filling and I like the taste of the new rye bread with flax seed that I’ve bought for myself. We did the dishes and reviewed our trip plans before sitting with our books for a bit. The sky was still playing games, the winds had picked up and we had no idea what the next 5 minutes would bring.

A walk in the Conservation area
It was around 2:30 when I had to move off the chair. We’d both read a few chapters and Bill finished his ebook “The Safe Man”, a short story collection “The Blue Religion” and has started “The Overlook” all by Michael Connelly. I was into a new paperback by the same author, “A Darkness More than Night” with Harry Bosch. Bang bang, one after the other and that is what you do on a cold October day.
The beautiful Ausable Falls
We let Clemson out for a piddle and he shivered so badly that we left him home while we went for a walk. It felt good to get out and about, stretch the legs and get some fresh air but it was cool with that wind. We walked to the clubhouse library and picked out a few (3) James Patterson books. They have a wonderful collection up there of his and David Baldacci books that we haven’t read but it is too bad (or maybe a good thing?) that they are all hard cover. Therefore, weighty. I left them on the shelf while we finished our walk.

Well, hello there, Sweetie!💗
From there we walked across the road into the Rock Glen Conservation Area and down the intriguing stairway to see the Ausable Falls. They are small time, I guess you could say, but they are beautiful. When we saw the small creek from where it began, it is incredible to see the mighty thrust of water gathered at the crest of the falls. It is like a fire, mesmerizing to watch. When we returned, we stopped to pick up the 3 books.

Looking down to the lower stairs by the falls
this is the stream that leads to the falls
Headed back home, we saw Ron coming up for a swim in their yellow Cooper. I declined his offer of “hey little girl, wanna ride? I have candy” because he couldn’t actually produce any but we did stop and chat for a few minutes. He is such a card and we enjoy his silliness. Back home, it was time for a Happy Hour drink so I made us each a tea. I think Bill is feeling a bit of the scratchy tickly throat today so tea will help.

This is a very nice dedication to the Gorge
At the RV show as I was walking around, I was handed a Summerberries Tetley tea with Rosehip so I thought I’d try that today. I had to add some sweetener, but I enjoyed it. I’m not big on herbal teas, kind of don’t get their odd flavours. That’s just me. We certainly didn’t get the weather we were expecting today, the sun made very few appearances and the temperature didn’t get above 42F/5C and that meant chilly.

I began frying 4 chicken thighs with lemon pepper to give them a pre-cook and then poured mushroom soup blended with mushrooms, parmesan cheese, milk and garlic over top. Thirty minutes in the convection oven, rice cooking and mixed veggies on the side will make for a nice autumn dinner. I was hungry and we both though it tasted delicious.

Dinner was a success
We got the dishes done by 7 and spent the remainder of the evening relaxing. Some television and some reading. We had a good day! 

This is almost more sun than we saw all day
Good night all!
Thank you for reading today even though we didn’t get into too much. Your comments are always welcome.


  1. Sounds like you're enjoying your trip so far, though you haven't gone far!

  2. I tried doing a book of my blogs but they would only make it in two sections costing twice as much. Oh well .....

    1. That's a bummer. This one lets you keep adding pages as so works for me.

  3. Congrats on the upcoming grandson. I always like to know whether I will be a grampa or a gramma!!! Lol

    1. Is that what a gender reveal is all about?? ha ha Love that!
      I guess we'll be grampas too!
      thank you!

  4. More family more fun and another grandson.
    The Rock Glen Falls are very nice and love it in the summer at the bottom with the cool spray, so refreshing. Keep enjoying your time there.

    1. Yep, another little boy on the way. We are all very happy.
      The falls are beautiful.

  5. Congratulations on another grandson!
    I know you've been talking about your book for awhile but I don't remember exactly what you are writing about - travels, your life, etc. I've always thought I'd like to do something like that. My mom's youngest sister wrote a story about their life from her perspective which I have enjoyed since it included many things about my mom. I sent the first two and half years of blog posts to a company they convert to book form. I can have them printed when I choose to. I need to add the others. I think it would be nice to have them in a way - but I doubt anyone but Dean and I would really enjoy them, so not sure I'll pay the fee to have them printed. We'll see.

    1. thank you Cheri.
      this is my 5th book. The first was my life up to 50 years, the second a trip out west Bill and I took, third was our first winter south, fourth was a Mom book, her life in pictures and she has that one and this one is our 2nd winter south. :) I like doing them, just for us and for our kids after we're gone. My opinion is that they are worth the $. :)

  6. Congrats on the news of another Grandson! Give our best to Jess and Matt. Strange how traditions change....the news, 'it's a boy or it's a girl', was always the best part of giving birth.

    1. Thanks Donna. Another little team player although a little girl could have meant the same thing for those two! :)
      I agree, would rather wait for the surprise at the end.

  7. Congratulations to you and Bill. A new Grandbaby is a wonderful gift.
    The Ausable Falls look beautiful.
    Sounds like your winter travels are off to a good start.
    I would love to see one of the books you have put together, that is if it is not something strictly personal, to see what you have done. Maybe talk about the process. I would really like to learn more if you have time when we cross paths.

    Celebrating the Dance

    1. thank you Deb, he will arrive while we are away.
      I should have said Rock Glen Falls, just a misstep in the name. They are so pretty.
      I'd love to show you my books, they are our coffee table books so not personal at all. :)

  8. Congratulations on the new grandson! I have to agree, we never knew the sex until the babies were born and I like the element of surprise! Guess it makes shopping easier, no more yellow..:( But still you have months to celebrate the new addition before he gets here! The falls are beautiful. Love the pic of Bill! Dinner looks awesome!

    1. thank you both. We don't have any prep for the baby and will miss the showers too but that is okay. Lots of time to celebrate for sure. I prefer the surprise element, rather like yellow and green. :)
      I love that pix of Bill too. :)

  9. Congratulations on the news of the Grandson you will see in the spring.
    This cold weather makes you want to head south Sooner then Later.
    Nice Pictures of the Conservation Area.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. thank you, the parents are very happy. We just hope for the best between now and then.
      Today was a beautiful day and I'm anxious for what lies ahead - warmth warmth warmth. :)