Monday, October 15, 2018

Shorter Catch Up, Birthdays and 2nd Show day

We were up by 7 on Saturday, Oct. 13th and we thought of our 3 grandchildren at home having birthdays today. Happy Birthday to the twins, Carter and Zach 
Happy Birthday you little gaphers!
12 years old!
and as well to Olivia. We hope they all have a fun day, I’m sure with hockey and dance, they will be kept busy. 

Happy 9th Birthday, you sweet little thing you

The view over the parking lot from our Room 418
Bill hopped in the shower and I opted to wait until tomorrow for mine. We went down for breakfast before getting dressed for the show which started at 10 again today.

Nice to have a sleeping bed and a bed for spreading out our clothes
This was a repeat of yesterday, with lots of interest in the show Suite. We had a great day and got to leave an hour early when it closed at 7 instead of 8. Yay! 

Bill is good at what he does and the customers love his
knowledge and open personality
We followed Kenny, who drove his orange Jeep from the Congress Centre to Jolly II’s Italian Restaurant on Weston Rd. 

Kenny's orange jeep
Keeping an eye on that Indiana plate
The traffic is always crazy on this Saturday night on the 401 and as John said ‘where does everyone come from?’ We arrived, found seats and soon the rest of the staff arrived. There were 20 of us.

Multi-page menus, lots of options
ooh, that's blurry!
Happy folk, 2 days down, 1 to go
I tried a new drink tonight, Pineapple Dream, and it was sweet. Well, no, I don’t mean ‘sweet’ but it was delicious! The appetizers, mussels in white butter sauce as well as in creamy tomato sauce, bruschetta and fried jumbo shrimp.


Garlic crusted shrimp - it went fast so not many on the plate

Mussels in tomato sauce - yum!
Oh my. For my entrĂ©e, I ordered Fettucini Alfredo with 5 Tiger Shrimp. Oops! I forgot to get a picture before I dug in. The shrimp was huge and cut up, turned a pasta dish into a wonderful meal. 
Steve and Lorna Poole, the other Customer Volunteers
like Bill and I

Bill, and me cozying up with my birthday buddy, Kenny

We thanked Andy for dinner and drove back to the Inn by 10. 

this is a beautiful motel
It was another wonderful day. We read a bit more before cashing it in for the night.
Thank you again for catching up with us!


  1. Thanks Patsy sounds like you had a great time...the food looks wonderful mussels are one of my favorites.

  2. Cute grandkids and to have birthdays on the same day! The food looks awesome, traffic doesn't! hah. Looks like a good group of people you "work" with!