Tuesday, October 16, 2018

A Nothing Day Really – Okay By Me!

I woke up at 6 am on Monday, Oct. 15th and Bill was already up. I wish my sweetie got better sleeps but there isn’t much I can do about that. He can always easily nap during the day and usually does when we’re at home. So, I got up and joined Bill around 6:30, in no hurry to move on this dreary day.

There will be a lot more than this before I'm done picking
We had our coffee and tea together and then I sat with Clemson and my book. His tummy was making all kinds of gurgling noises this morning. Bill left shortly after 7 to drive to Hanover Life Labs to get some bloodwork done. While he was gone I walked the garbage and recyclables down to the road. That would be my walk for the day as the 42F and the winds were much too unpleasant today.

When he returned, he called Bell and after 20 minutes on the phone, finally managed to find and rectify the issue with my internet connection. The Bell chap was very good and although they tried a number of things, he never gave up. Phew! Back on line!
I made poached eggs on toast for brunch around 11 and that hit the spot. Today, I had to do the cooking. ๐Ÿ˜Š 

Poached egg on rye toast
After catching up on my posts for the last 4 days, Bill and I went for a chilly walk down to gather the recycle bins. This would be our last pickup this year. Bill and I both finished our books today so that tells you that it was a nice quiet day and a good day to be inside.

This could be wall mounted with a bracket and/or removed and placed on a stand
inside or outside
Bill checked out an electric heater system that was at the show and peaked his interest for us. We have a great little propane heater and yes, we have the fireplace for those damp mornings or chilly evenings, but when you are sitting in weather where a constant use of propane is required, you can go through a 40-lb tank in 3 or 4 days.

This would be a nice back up and great source of heat when we have electric hookups, here and in a park. We are giving it a try this week so took a bit of time setting it up. It can be used indoors, outdoors or in his Hangar. It is a Veito Carbon 1500-watt Heater with 4 heat levels, a thermostat, remote and timer. the The electric consumption data states that it is an average cost of 11 cents an hour. We will let you know how it works out!

The stand is adjustable by height
At one point I ran up the hill, in between the crazy winds, rain and even a bit of white stuff, and covered my plants for hopefully the last time. I know we may get some sunshine Tuesday and might leave them one more day but they will be out of the ground on Wednesday at the latest. The day didn’t get any warmer than 48F/9C and down to 37F/3 overnight so no frost again. I'm happy that we are moving on very soon.

For supper, I reheated some of the mac and cheese casserole that was leftover in a fry pan and cooked some tube steaks. (wieners) Monday and Tuesday nights are the crazy ones for tv, where we need to shuffle programs and make full use of our PVR. There are so many good shows this season that we want to watch.

I also had a piece of my broasted chicken to eat up
The Voice, The Good Doctor, Murdoch Mysteries, NCIS, Bull and This is Us are our regulars. Now we have 9-1-1, Magnum P.I. and New Amsterdam are new ones we are enjoying. It is a juggle, for sure, trying to find other nights when those shows are on. It is funny too that once we move to the southwest, we’ll need to set our brains to meet the time changes.

At 10, Clemson and I crawled up into bed and left Bill to the tv by himself. Yesterday morning when I got up, I stripped the bed sheets to get laundered before we leave and replaced them with our lovely warm ones. The bottom sheet is not flannel but instead like a plush blanket so slipping between those tonight was a real treat. All in all, it was a great day!

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  1. THAT'S what I should have done with those hot dogs!!! Looks yummy.

  2. Really interested to hear how well the heater works, We had to shut our Blue Flame Heater off because of all the Condensation it was creating.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Ken liked the way your breakfast looked, thinking i'll be making that soon in this house :) Do you have a poacher or do you make them a special way? He liked the heater too (so did I)..Glad you're back online!

    1. I just cook the eggs in about an inch of water, with a lid. They are so good on toast. :)
      The heater should help keep us warm on cool evenings.
      Thank you, I'm glad too.

  4. That heater looks interesting , we have a small ceramic microfurnace that works well for us and our blue flame when needed to keep us toasty warm. We might watch one tv show a night we enjoy all of those so what ever we come across does it for us. We seen to not use a lot for propane even with our fridge, hot water and cooking. And you we seldom run the blue flame at night. Like the cold air at night for a good sleep. Soon you be outta there now,

    1. the heater is very nice, we love it so far. We like to be warm, cold sleeping isn't for us. We are all different and that is a good thing, right? :)
      Countdown is flipping by.