Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Wait a Minute, A Full Day of Sun?!

With a flourish (well, you get the picture) I was up and out of the Suite on Wednesday, Oct. 10th at 7 for my walk. This was going to be a great day! Bill and Clemson remained in bed like little snuggle bums. They’d already been up once an hour earlier for nature’s call.

another pretty tree on our own property
The clouds were prominent but not solid which always gives me hope and then when the pink hue appeared on the cotton fluffs, I was encouraged. Down North Line, Baptist Church Road, past the Dog Farm upsetting a couple of barkers, down the hill and then back up again when I hit the mile marker. I felt wonderful because we would be able to get outside for longer periods today. No rain in the forecast.

Again, ignore the time pls
I got a text that made me smile just as I turned onto North Line heading home. “Your boys are up”. 😊 Going that route on the hills, I know it slows me down a bit so I knew it was Bill before I even looked. It is about 45 minutes to walk the 2 miles at a nice steady pace and perhaps there was a bit of concern in his words. We had our tea and coffee together back at the Suite as per usual and we discussed what we could accomplish today.

Looking up the neighbour's driveway

Looking down North Line as I head out
You've seen this view many times but I can't help it
Soon, I won't see it for 5 months
 Bill went out and started weed trimming around the perimeter fence line and worked his way up into our patio and living area. I busied myself inside and then out in the bunky, gathering stuff that I knew either had to go into the Suite to take or needed to be covered to stay. The large pillows get covered in garbage bags just in case critters get in to nibble at the material. I swept the firepit off so we could move it into the outhouse for storage.

Lots of shedding going on
There was a point in there where I made breakfast and signaled to Bill that he had 5 minutes before it was ready. We’re getting good at sign language, our own kind. I wouldn’t let him inside to eat though, and he agreed because he didn’t want to take his shoes off anyway. We both had our bacon and eggs with juice out on the King chairs this morning. 

I joined Bill here on the King chairs for breakfast
It was nice and other than one bee that was attracted to my Kombucha, there were no pesky bugs. That is one main reason why we don’t eat outside here at home.

It's pretty, isn't it?
I cleaned up dishes and did a thorough job of scrubbing and wiping down the Corian counters around the stove area. Grease that tends to get missed with our daily wipe-downs, behind the stove cover and on the back splash. There wasn’t much else I could do outside so came in and started writing. I touched base with our buddies in Manitoulin, just to let them know we are thinking of them. I am really looking forward to the winter, I feel a bit of a void when they are not just ‘in town’.

I took my book outside and sat in the king chairs in the sun until the teeny tiny little biting bugs drove me crazy. Bill returned from the weed trimming, very hot, sweaty and covered in grass. I encouraged him to stop when he asked me to pour him a gingerale. It was too hot to be working outside any more today. I poured myself one too and we sat in the shade together. The bugs seemed to like the sun as they did not follow me.

Bill finished his drink and went in and had a shower. I’m sure that made him feel better, like half of a new man, I think he said. I had unplugged and turned the inverter on earlier just to take some advantage of the sunshine today on our panels but will need to plug in to cook supper tonight. I’ll need the convection oven. Every little bit helps. 

Yesterday, Bill emptied the rain barrel and buckets
and then covered the hand pump
It is hot outside, 78f/26C feeling like 34C with the humidity but I have managed to keep it very comfortable inside with windows open and the Fantastic Fan sucking the warm air out.

Our county at work grading our road
When we moved inside for a bit around 2, Bill dozed in the chair and I went through the flyers that were in the mailbox. We’ll need a bit of a stock up on food to get us through our few remaining days here and for travelling the first couple of nights on the road. Nice if we can get some things on sale in town. Either town, really, we don’t mind driving to Hanover to pick up on the deals.

Clemson was up on the bed for most of the afternoon and didn’t make an appearance until 3:30 to go out for a piddle. I knew that would start him thinking about the time (supper) so I went for a walk with him down the lane to occupy his mind. When we came back, there was a big black cloud moving overhead so Bill and I went out and began closing things up. The bike bags were on the line to air and dry out so they could be packed away and the shed doors were open.

Bill fed our poor starving pooch and I began preparing supper. I planned on making a dish of mac and cheese, from scratch, something I don’t do very often. Prep would take probably 30 minutes and then 30 minutes to cook so the steak would be the quickest part of this meal. I just need Bill to grill it for me because if I do it, it won’t be edible, I’m sure!

It looks better than it actually turned out
but at least it was tasty enough to eat
Well, after saying that, I have to admit that supper wasn’t the best meal we’ve had. No fault on Bill, the steak was not a good cut and they were tough and not very tasty. I can’t remember where I bought them but certainly hope not to buy them again. The macaroni and cheese also could have been more successful too, it didn’t thicken the way it was supposed to. At least that dish tasted okay and hopefully when we eat the leftovers, I can thicken it up.

and the steak definitely looked better than it tasted
We cleaned up dishes and relaxed for the remainder of the evening. The clouds had moved in and the temperature was dropping appropriately although still over 72F at 6:30. A nice evening for sure and another nice night with my window open while we sleep. Still more things done today. The firepit is tucked away in the outhouse now as we’ve determined there won’t be any more outdoor fires this year.

This is where Clemson likes spending a lot of his day

In the afternoon, Clemson likes Daddy's lap
There won’t be a sunset tonight and the ISS won’t be visible either. We’ve had a good day again. Have you? Thank you for stopping by. I enjoy hearing from you if you wish to leave a comment.


  1. Nice to have another hot sunny day, and get a few more things done, too bad about the steak, another eras n we do not eat many. Still 72 F outside here at 8:30 pm . gonna cool down new the heatwave is over.

    1. It was a beautiful Indian Summer. T-bone steak it is, we never go wrong with them and for the rare times we have steak, it's worth the price.
      Yes, the heatwave comes to an end tonight.

  2. We have slowly started getting ready too.....a little bit every day. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

    1. When do you two plan on pulling out, Loree? I can't remember if you said. It will be nice to see you guys too!

  3. We aren't leaving until around Nov. 12th so we will see you when you get here Oct. 22nd or around that date.

    1. Sounds good Loree. I don't know if we'll bump into you someplace this winter but that would be nice.

  4. Is Clemson a Schnauzer? I had one for 14 years, loveliest little dog ever!! Sami..
    Where are u at that it is so warm?? and humid? Canada somewhere?
    I was in my RV from Aug 2010 thru March 2011, am sure my misadventures are still on the sidebar :) Spent time in Iowa with my friends, then Florida Panhandle, Navarre Bch,(right near where all that horribleness is happening now, hate to see those people having to go thru this again after Katrina) then on to visit relatives in Texas, and then Calif and then home....

    1. Clemson is a cockapoo. He is our first dog and we've had him since he was 6 weeks old. Same thing. He couldn't be a better dog for us.
      You have traveled a lot. I can't even imagine what the residents of Florida are going through. I give them a lot of credit because I think I would want to just walk away.