Monday, October 15, 2018

Mom, Family Dinner, Lost Connection

On Thursday, Oct. 11th when I woke up, I could hear the wind but it was very warm in the Suite. I got out of bed at 7 and slipped out for my walk. I could feel the soft gravel mostly because it was wet from an overnight rain as well as from the fresh gravel from the grader. It is nice to see the pot holes filled again and with overnight cold temperatures due to arrive tonight, it is in good condition to harden.

Roads freshly graveled makes for nicer walking and driving
When I returned, Bill was up and having his coffee. I joined him with my tea and we read a few blogs to catch up. Love to hear of a lot of our friends packing up for their winter journey. Coming from all parts of Canada, they are saying the same things as we are. It is turning cold so let’s get on the road! Our friends in Alberta, B.C. and even northwestern Ontario are experiencing snow. Get outta there!!

This is the view at the main highway looking onto Baptist Church Road
where I walk daily
The bush is so pretty
I hopped in the shower and Bill drove over to the Acreage to fill the water bladder for our fresh water tank. We’re low and just trying to estimate how much we’ll need before we pull out next weekend. We were advised by Rock Glen that when we arrive on the 20th, the water ‘could’ be turned off. Now it has been confirmed by a couple of our friends that it definitely will be. No problem as we’ll leave some in our tank and add more at one tap they leave on for rv’ers.

The temperature was 64F when I went for my walk and at 10:30 it has dropped to 56F. Quite a change! At 11 I walked into Mom’s room and she was awake but laying on the bed. The surprise and joy she expressed to see me, even though I sensed later confusion of who I was, was enough to last me through most of my winter away. My heart grew just like the Grinch, I’m sure, I felt so loved.

Growing up, Mom and Daddy loved all 8 of us equally with all of their hearts,but that was not a generation where it was expressed outwardly in words or gestures. We just knew and didn’t miss what we had never experienced. “I love you” was not spoken and hugs were not given until after we’d moved out and returned for visits. Seeing Daddy, the last time and having him say “I love you” meant the world to me and so do Mom’s ‘joys’ at seeing me. It became a frequent phrase with her and a beautiful habit with my own children.

Some fields were plowed while others still had to be harvested
Corn still in the field here
Back home, the Suite had cooled down a bit but still fairly comfortable with slippers and a sweater on. I’ll be wearing my long sleeve shirts from now on, that’s a given. Donna has texted asking Bill to be with her when they have a guy from where they bought their trailer come out to the Acreage. Gerry has a house showing, impeccable timing. Bill doesn’t mind helping her explain to the dealer rep what needs to be done and lend a hand if necessary. He drove over at 10 to 1. We’d just had cereal before I left to see Mom so maybe I’ll make up an egg sandwich for when he returns.

Tonight, we are meeting Bill’s 3rd daughter, Krystal, for supper in Millbank. It has been many years since we have eaten at the well-known family restaurant, Anna Mae’s Bakery & Restaurant ( Two of his girls worked there when they were teens as well as his ex-wife, all being from that small town. I’m looking forward to one of their home cooked dinners. Krystal is unable to join us on the 20th when we take the rest of the kids out.

This place has changed so much since our last visit
Bill went through his closet this morning sorting through ALL of his clothes and was able to purge a few shirts so he is feeling happier about that. He hates to take things that he doesn’t need. I’ve made a list of things to take to Toronto this weekend, the little things that might get missed. My bathing suit always goes in my bag although I have yet to have time to swim in their pool or soak in their hot tub. I think they have a hot tub. Hmmm.

When I walked up to the garden to take a peek, there were at least 6 tomatoes on the ground so the plants are getting weaker. They were mostly green so I brought them inside to ripen. I’m not too hopeful for the tomatoes on the vine to continue ripening in this non-sunny cool weather but will still cover them before going to bed tonight with the sheets. Frost will definitely arrive over the weekend while we are away. Monday or Tuesday will be final pick day as well as carrot dig up day.

Their store is similar to a Cracker Barrel with fun gift ideas
I liked this sign
At 4:00 Bill fed Clemson and let him out for a piddle before we left for Millbank. It was a pretty drive, more on our end than southwest of here. The closer we got to our destination, the trees and fall colours were just not as bright. It was interesting to see how some fields were harvested and others not and then some half and half. Every farmer working at his own pace and relying on the weather to help them out.

Thankfully, these patrons were just leaving
We arrived at Anna Mae’s around 5:20 or so and I was amazed at the changes since we visited Krystal there over 7 years ago when she was working. It has been close to 20 years since Bill and I have actually eaten here and this, what we saw today, was a whole different place. The first thing we noticed was a full parking lot and 2 buses. Oh-oh, this could be quite a line up. Thankfully, the bus patrons were soon on their way out and even though we had a 30-minute wait for a table, Krystal didn’t arrive until 5:45 as originally planned.

We were seated in the outer dining section
The staff is very pleasant, all the girls wore dark dresses and aprons, true to Mennonite fashion, and took our orders very soon after we sat. Bill and I had tea with our meal and Krystal finished with tea. Perfect on such a cool night. I ordered the Small Broasted Chicken dinner with mashed potatoes, gravy, peas and a warm roll. It included 2 pieces of chicken and dessert for under $12. That was crazy and wonderful!

Nice and easy menu on the board with the daily specials
With one piece of chicken in a take home box, I ate my Raspberry Cheesecake with no hesitation. I was quite fulfilled and we had a lovely visit for 1 ½ hours before getting a picture and saying goodbyes. 

Yum, simple delicious home cooked meal
Krystal is off on a mini vacation on Wednesday to Nashville with a girlfriend so we wished her a safe trip and she returned the wishes for our winter journey. It was a dark night and I can’t help but think of alien inhabitants when I see the many bright lights of a farmer working his fields. Yes, my mind gets away from me sometimes.

Raspberry cheesecake, oh my!
We arrived home just after 8:30 and packed what we could for tomorrow morning’s early departure. I have Clemson’s bag packed as well and sent an email off to Rob and Pat regarding his 3-day play date. Crossing things off my checklist and finishing this post was all I had to do tonight. This has been a great day even though the weather has been somewhat cool. I hope yours has been just as good.

A nice picture with all 3 of us
Thank you for taking the time to see what we’ve been up to today.

I love their barn board wall as you enter the restaurant
Unfortunately, I was unable to post this when I began having trouble connecting to the internet. So, Monday after getting back on line, these are catch-up posts. 


  1. Glad to see you back! I had wondered what had happened to you. Good it was "just" lost Internet though that can be frustrating as connected as all of us choose to be. Finally sunshine for us here today in Kansas after days (weeks) of clouds and rain, rain, rain. Maybe we can salvage a few perfect fall days yet. Our first freeze warning for tonight. Guess I'd better get those green tomatoes picked.

  2. Thank you so much! Seems like we're missing appendices when we're without our connection to the world. :)
    Glad you got some sunshine, Joyce, we have been having similar wet days and rejoice when the ball of fire returns, however briefly. Yes, my tomatoes will need to be scooped up by Wednesday. I'll have to get creative and make some green chili sauce or salsa.

  3. I know exactly what you mean about the "I love you" my daddy had no problem saying it while we were growing up but my mom really didn't until we were older and out of the house. With our kids both of us never hang up the phone or leave without saying it, you never know when it would be the last time those words will be spoken. Dinner looks wonderful. Good comfort food! Great pic of the 3 of you!!