Monday, October 15, 2018

Play Date for Clemson, RV Show, Can Am Staff, More Catching Up

We were up on Friday, Oct. 12th to a cold day at 6:30. No walk today as there were things we needed to do to get on the road by 8 am. We had a bite to eat, finished packing ours and Clemson’s stuff and left the blue flame heater on for him and the fireplace on low. We would be vacating for the weekend and wanted to keep some form of heat on. Rob and Pat were picking Clemson up around 10 and would turn the blue flame heat off.

Nice day for a 2 hour drive
It was an uneventful drive to Toronto to the Congress Centre on Dixon Road. 

We arrived at a few minutes before 10 when the doors opened. It was nice to connect with the CanAm staff again, for me, after not seeing them over the summer months much. 
You see some pretty cool things
dogs in the truck bed
giant jack o' lanterns
amazing views
lots of traffic
Bill and I situated ourselves at the DRV 38' Mobile Suite and would remain in and around it for all 3 days. This is the unit we know best and we enjoyed chatting with new people interested in the Mobile Suite as well as interested in our lifestyle. There were even a few who had been to previous shows and came in to sit and catch up with us.

It is so easy to talk about this sister unit to our  Mobile Suite
View to CanAm's set up area
Mobile Suite where we stood
Tommy Bahama (one of our favourite Airstreams)
Vintage travel trailer, bright enough for ya?
It was 8 pm when the first day ended and although we’d had lunch and healthy snacks through the day, we were all famished, hungry and tired. Downstairs at the Hilton Garden Inn we gathered just before 9, after checking in and dressing down, for supper. 

My soup and tacos across the top
Bill's Turkey club and salad
Josee's Chicken Supreme
My poached eggs on Saturday morning
I ordered Wild Mushroom Soup with Jerk Chicken Tacos and a margarita. Yum! It was very good. Bill ordered the Turkey Club on a Ciabatta Bun with Caesar salad and he had a couple of Bloody Caesars. Yay, no driving!

An attempt at a group picture
Sorry Nicole, the other one he took was a blur
this one is my favourite though,
Kirk's drink food order got delayed
I had to take a picture of Josee’s Chicken Supreme, it was so ‘pretty’ on the plate. Back up at the room we chose one of the two queen beds and tried to read for a bit. 

That lasted all of 10 minutes and we were asleep by 11. That was Friday. Thank you for following my blog. It means the world to me and love hearing from you!

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  1. Poor Kirk LOL..That food looks so good! Love RV shows, we haven't been to one in awhile though. Darn..We definitely missed you and your blog!