Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Rain Again, Scheduling Mom Time, Carpets, SNOW!!

Bill was up around 6:15 on Wednesday, Oct. 17th and I remained awake in bed for another half hour. Just because I could and there was no urgency to get up. We had our coffee and tea together and read some of what our friends are up to this week. A lot of packing up, appointments, repairs etc. going on before crossing the border. Some are leaving sooner than others but we’re down to focusing on our own departure dates and hoping for nice weather.

With a sky like this this morning, we knew we were in for a crazy day
Bill had his shower and had to take Ptooties to Hanover to get an oil change before she goes into storage. I didn’t have anything on my plate until he returned. With the heavy clouds, it remained dark until 7:30 and then the rain came so I didn’t get a walk this morning. Sitting here just before 9 we noticed it wasn’t just rain but that stupid white stuff! It is 37F so we’re sure it won’t stick around.

After Bill left at 9:30 I called Rockwood Terrace to make a reservation to have supper with Mom on Friday. She enjoyed the lunch we shared last year and so did we. Their prices have gone up but you get a nice meal, and I don't have to cook it or clean up after it. Guaranteed she will ask us if we have a small corner in our suitcase to sneak her along. 😊 Mom loved the rv’ing scene in her earlier years.

The sky is clearing as I start removing things off the shelves/counters in here and packing them away. These decorations won’t come out again unless we are situated for 2 week stays. Bill has decided to store his Dad’s ship in the Bunky, instead of the Hangar, after all. The bench in there is quite full with his Stinson plane. That will get moved on Friday.

Today is the day to shampoo our carpets so I got the vacuum out and began the first step, looking for any spots that might need pre-treatment. There is one at the edge of the carpet under the dining table but nothing major. By the time Bill got back from town, it was 11. Unfortunately, he didn’t get the haircut that he was hoping for. The town barber had one in the chair and two patrons waiting. He’ll try again.

I made him a toasted omelette sandwich and then grilled my leftover taco from Friday night. I added some sliced black olives and mozzarella cheese. I ate it with a knife and fork the way I eat quesadillas and it was very good! After dishes, we lifted the coffee table up onto a mat on the couch and I had already moved the dining chairs onto the recliners. Bill started. We had no instruction booklet but it was pretty much straight forward. We’ve used the rental ones before.

Clemson took his leave very quickly and went up to the bedroom. Hiding in amongst the pillows, he would be happier anyway. When Bill moved up there on the second tank fill, Clemmy lifted his head as if to say “is there no safe place?” Funny how we can read disgust in our pet’s faces. :S

Ignoring us completely
Now it is a waiting game for the carpet to dry. With the second go around, with an empty tank, it sucked up a lot of the excess water. Nice job and all done before 1 pm. I was going to see Mom this morning for a short visit but with this going on, I will wait and see her on Friday. That will be pleasant and a good way to say goodbye. Looking outside around 3 and we couldn’t see much of anything. It was a freaking snow storm and it was covering the ground.

This is the look when Daddy disturbed him
Can you see him?
While we waited for the floor to dry, we sat in our recliners with our books and when our eyes got too heavy to read, Bill tilted his chair back and I went up on the bed with Clemson. I need ear plugs so I can drop right off and I knew I was tired for some reason. It was an hour later when I got up and came downstairs to find Bill awake and reading. He is into Two Kinds of Truth by Michael Connelly on my Kobo and I’m into Badlands by C.J. Box.

At 5, Bill fed Clemson, he actually waited tonight, and I began prepping supper. Boneless pork loin chops, the last pack in the freezer. These are not my favourite so once more I’m trying a new recipe. 

This was Clemson the other day 'staring' to get an early dinner
Bill was asleep in the recliner next to me but that didn't stop him
Once they were ready for the oven, I bundled up and took a walk down the lane to retrieve the local flyers. Perfect timing because no sooner did I get back in when the blowing snow returned with a vengeance. Snow, sun, snow, sun. Ontario weather.

I prepared dressing and corn and turned them on to cook after the chops were done. They only take a few minutes. We’ve not hit any temperature above 35F/2C today so this is just confirming more and more why we need to get out of here. Two more days before we leave the Ridge and that is unbelievably good. We were eating supper by 6:30 and it was delicious!

Clemson goes out for a piddle in the snow
I enjoyed the chops more than Bill because he likes the actual taste of pork chops. These had a sweet sauce with brown sugar and garlic. Yummy for me. We had some corn and dressing leftover to have for tomorrow night with our meat loaf and then we have quite a run of meals outside the home. Family time and that isn’t a complaint. It will be very nice.

I'm hoping it will be gone tomorrow morning

We cleaned up dishes and tried to sit and enjoy our recorded programs from Monday night in between Clemson wanting to go out. I think the snow is intriguing to him. My goodness, at 7:22 there was at least 2” on the steps and the patio mat! Enough already! Other than that, it has been a great day. 

Goose the Spruce and our red maple are covered for another winter

And just in time, my garden was taken care of
Supper was good

And the sun played tag with the snow
Thank you for reading along today.


  1. That was a lot of snow, we had a nice warm day at 23C!

  2. Nice to get those carpets all steam cleaned and good for a while again.With that snow time to get outta Dodge, keep warm. I sent you the owners manual for that steam cleaner, kinda late though, lol..

    1. Yes, the carpets look great. Need to do them 2wice a year. We got the manual on line so no worries. :)

  3. Nice that you were able to get the carpets steam cleaned before you left and a lot cheaper than hiring a company to do it for sure! I laugh when I read your comments about snow, I love when it snows here mainly because it melts quickly! Mom will certainly enjoy your visit on Friday for sure! Dinner looks really delicious! Almost time to head out for ya!!

    1. Time is flying by. It was good to get the carpets done before we leave. Snow, it's pretty but not our thing. sometimes it doesn't go away in a day.
      Looking forward to spending time with Mom and Bill there too.
      Hope to see you this winter, somewhere.

  4. SNOW!!! That's a four letter word!! I see Clemson has a cute little brother. Hope you are leaving soon!

    1. I agree!! Totally! Clemson's buddy is Serquie. We used to have a Siberian Husky just like it, although full size. :) That was years ago and Clemson has been sleeping beside him ever since without chewing on him. We are leaving the Ridge Saturday and then crossing the border in a week.

  5. Wishing you a pleasant visit with your Mom and no more S@#w to delay your departure.
    We are staying longer then first planned but will be following you south soon.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. thank you both. It should be a nice visit. Hard to leave her though, when she doesn't realize it is for such a long time. I've had a great summer 'with' her.
      Soon, we will all be in the warmer temps.........those of us who are going. :)