Thursday, October 18, 2018

White Wonderland, Family Visit, Storage Barn, Oh Yah! We Voted!

On Thursday, Oct. 18th Bill and I got up just after 6:30. Once it brightened up outside enough, we opened the blinds and found more brightness than we like to see in the form of white snow covering the grass. There was a skiff more that must have fallen overnight since Bill had cleaned the steps off 3 times before bed and they were lightly covered.

Morning view from my window
The strong winds we’ve had for the last couple of days have dissipated, thank goodness, and there is a promise of ‘some’ sunshine today and a high of 5C. With any luck everything will be back to normal tomorrow and we’ll get our mat folded up dry. We drove Clemson into the Bath and Biscuit for his haircut and made sure to put his sweater on him. He’d need it after he was clipped.

I love it when things like this happen
As if my own smile needed a boost this morning
Black Beauty wasn't smiling
Our lane was looking mighty wintered
I had a small list of sale items at Foodland to pick up and then we dropped around to Rob and Pat’s to wait for the remaining time to get Clem. Just in time, Rob was hooking up his 5th wheel to move it forward enabling the GMC to be moved out front. Bill was able to help him do that so Pat didn’t have to go out. I went inside while they did their thing and we chit-chatted until the guys joined us.

Needless to say, I didn't walk this road today
Bill drove their trailer ahead and Rob pulled the GMC out from behind it
After picking Clemson up and saying ‘so long’ to Kate for the winter, we dropped off returnable cans and bottles at the Beer Store. That’s $2 in my pocket. 

From Rob and Pat's property, these pretty trees grace the view
Wow, I’m rich! We then drove back to our friends’ home and did a convoy to the farm near Hanover where we will store Ptooties and their ’73 GMC for the winter. Murray came out of the barn as we arrived and greeted us all around. Such a nice, happy guy.

Murray's farm where we store our vehicles
Rob drove us home to the Ridge and it wasn’t until I got out of their car that I realized my purse with my phone was sitting on the floor in Ptooties’ front seat. Lordy oh Lordy! I was holding Clemson the whole time and was concerned that the groceries got moved into their vehicle and that we checked the hatch area. I never even though of my purse. Luckily, it won’t be a wasted trip since we are heading back that way to visit with Donna, Gerry, Gayle and John after lunch.

the boys chat it up with Murray
Murray wishes us well on our winter travels
Talk about missing an appendage! I made up some bacon and eggs as Bill stated he was hungry. We’d had a piece of toast and a yogourt earlier so I could have cared less whether I ate again, but I did. We’re skimping on our water today and tomorrow until we get to Rock Glen so the dishes will wait until after supper. It was a cold 36F by now with the sun disappearing as I type. Good grief!

We relaxed until 1:15 and I was happy to see the sun return on our drive to Hanover. Clemson stayed home to look after the house. We were 20 minutes early so I nipped into Giant Tiger to pick up a couple more extension curtain rods. I’d bought one a few weeks ago to use in the fridge and it will work perfectly. My intention was to get back for 2 more. Today, wouldn’t you know, they don’t have any left.

Clemson modelling his haircut
I did find a pack of 4 pr. warmer socks, called Mountain ‘Ridge’, at a good price so that was all I ended up with. Darn, I was hoping for the rods too. We left there and drove to Donna’s. We had a nice visit for an hour and a half before hugging each other goodbye. That would be the last time, this year. It is hard to say goodbye to family for the 5-6-month period but that is all. Not unbearable, they will be here when we return.

Back home, I made myself a tea and Bill relaxed with Clemson in the chair. Looking at the carpet today, after Bill did an ‘after shampoo vacuum’ and we are very pleased with the shampooer. We should try and do it a couple of times a year to keep the carpet looking its best, for as long as we have it. I had a few walnuts to curb the hunger feeling I was having. A walk would have been good but the wind is raw and I don’t have the energy this afternoon.

We read our books and turned the tv on at 5 for NCIS reruns. It isn’t just the shows that we enjoy, it is the tv personalities, the actors. I can continue to read while it is on because I don’t need to focus 100%. My book is good so easy to stay focused in that direction. At 6 I put the meatloaf, dressing and corn into a one-pot dish and re-heated it as a casserole. Bill set the table and we were eating 15 minutes later.

With dishes done, the evening darkness pushed me to close the blinds and work on finishing my post. Bill and I were working on the crossword puzzle that came in the This Week paper yesterday. They are usually really tough and we know we can never finish them without some help. Suckers for punishment though, we do our best. I work on it and then he works on it. When we’re done with it, we do the Word Search. We manage that quite well.

Clemson manages to find the sunny spot
Tomorrow will be our last day here and we only have one main job on the agenda. Laundry in the morning. Today was a good day, and now crossed of the countdown. 

A much better view now at 4 pm
One thing we took care of on Monday was to do our civic duty and voted online. We knew we wouldn't be here on voting day, Monday, Oct. 22nd. Easy peasy going to the online site and making the choices. Done! 

Good night from the Ridge
One of our last, this year
Thank you for stopping by. I hope you have enjoyed your day.


  1. Hope you don't run into any snow on your trip south.
    Enjoy the trip and drive safely!

  2. brrr. Don't miss those cold winters from my youth in Orillia.
    And here was me whining because it was only 60 when I went to dog park the other day (Las Vegas). I had to put long pants on ! 77 today though so back in shorts for a little longer.

    1. It has been a wintry couple of fall days for sure!
      Wear those shorts as long as you can! :)

  3. Look like we got gotta there just in time, easy border crossing and looking forward to a fun weekend here. You guys get things wrapped up and travel safe to Rock Glen.

    1. Glad you made it to the U.S. safely and easily.
      Enjoy the weekend.

  4. You sound like me... leaving your purse behind!! At least you knew it was safe until you returned.
    Snow.... while it is beautiful, the cold is not! Hope you do not have to deal with it in your travels south.
    We really need to do a shampoo on our carpet. Thanks for that reminder!

    1. first time I've ever left my purse behind but you're right, at least I knew where it was! :) this age crap is as disturbing as the snow!
      Small carpet spaces but they sure get dirty!

  5. See you soon. I envy that you are all done the "getting ready" to leave stuff. Have a good trip to Rock Glen!

    1. Thanks Loree. I have to admit that I'm very happy to have the 'getting ready' to leave stuff done. :)

  6. That's nice that you can do on-line voting, we had to mail our votes in. I sure hope that snow disappears before you hit the road!

    1. The snow was gone by morning so that was great!
      The on-line voting was a bonus for us.

  7. Love the smile out your window! I'd feel naked leaving my purse behinds haha. There are times Ken will say I don't need my purse for wherever we're going, but I need it with me anyway! The snow is beautiful but I'm sure you were glad it was gone quickly! Nice you can vote online! WE used to be able to do absentee and mail it in, but not here in Yerington. We will do early voting though next week.

    1. I couldn't believe that smile! It was special. :)
      My purse is identity!!
      Nice to be able to vote online, first time we've done that. We wanted to show our tie to Canada too.


  8. Drove through a winter wonderland on our way downstate earlier this week. Hopefully, you will have decent weather at your park.
    Safe travels as you start your travels. Looking forward to cross paths down the road.

    1. I am on my daughter-in-law's computer and noticed after I published it said unknown.

    2. I am having some of her keys are in a different place and I hit the wrong one and published...maybe I should not sign any of this.


    3. Too funny! Using someone else's laptop is sometimes a hoot! I'm constantly hitting the wrong keys on Bill's.
      Not sure who this is..Deb, we know a few and trying to match your comments up. :)
      Thank you for the pleasant wishes though. :)

  9. Beautiful pictures of the snow. I could sit here all day at looks at pictures of snow. I just don't like to be in it! I'm getting excited about your trip....LOL. Love, Elva

    1. Thank you, it is true. Snow is beautiful if we're not in it!! :)
      Thanks Elva, nice to hear from you! We are excited too!