Wednesday, October 31, 2018

‘Vetting Along, Kentucky to Tennessee, Are We There 'Vette'?

Our 3rd day was a little mixed up only because it involved a few unknowns. We were up early, at 6 am CT on Tuesday, Oct. 30th. The plan was to get moving as soon as possible and drive the 6 miles to Sam’s Club, still in Bowling Green, so Rob could take his truck to the Ford dealership a hop, skip and a jump away from there. It was 7:30 when we arrived and parked. Rob unhooked their fifth wheel and he and Rob drove across the street.
                                             (Picture overload Warning)

Waking up at Wal-Mart, Bowling Green, KY

Pat opened up their slides and we sat together with Clemson to wait. Rob and Bill walked back by 8:30 and we decided to take a walk into Sam’s. We were not members here but were allowed to walk through. We had already discussed splitting the cost of a membership and it didn’t take long and Bill and I were at the service desk signing up. They offered us a complimentary 2nd card on the same membership so Rob and Pat were able to get one with their name on it too.

Moving on down the road to the museum
We continued wandering until Rob and Bill had to leave to walk back and check on the truck. Pat and I had a Treasure Hunt for food that was offered to first time members. I wish I’d kept the sheet we had, it had some great choices. We passed on the free sundae, free pizza slice and drink but took advantage of the free Rotisserie chicken and 6 other items on the list at $2 off each one. We walked out of there with enough entrees for 3 meals, plus bananas, strawberries, cookies and baguettes to share for $10 each. Bonus!

Rob and Pat all smiles for me
The boys returned soon after 11:30 and we were packed up and drove to the International Corvette Museum with the rigs. Lots of room was available so we pulled in and parked, opening our Suite up so Clemson could be comfortable while we toured. Senior’s rate of $8 was quite good because there was a lot to see. It was almost 2 hours later when we left the lot and drove to the Shell station to fuel up. Great price here at $3.149/gal.

Bill's new Vette? He looks good in it!
New Corvettes awaiting delivery
This one was one of our group favourites
Red Jet on license plate

Veteran's Memorial Vette
Yes, the names are on the trunk hood
Beautifully done!
We sat and watched a short screening
this is an overview of the property

The cars are beautiful and I ooh'd and aah'd a lot
I was drawn to their 'lifelike' displays

One of Roy Orbison's Vettes

I love the 50's corvettes the best
This was a neat wall paper
and a great picture of Rob and Pat
The wallpaper is made up of thousands of photos
Sad reading about the sinkhole
8 corvettes, all but 3 perished and they were restored and on display

Couldn't help but think of who this reminds us of
Jim, you are not alone!!
Last Corvette picture
There is a line up of the Vettes by generation
7 generations meant changes each time
There was only an hour between Bowling Green, KY and Nashville, TN but with the traffic on I-65S, it took us 90 minutes. It was crazy on the northbound side and then soon enough, as we neared our destination, our side was just as bad. 

Huge traffic 'jams' as we approached Nashville
Our lanes weren't bad here but in the city got messy
The gps led us to Nissan Stadium without any problems but once we turned into the area, our stress levels jumped quite a bit. OMG, it was looking quite ‘iffy’ whether we would find an overnight spot.

Stomach knots began here when we saw the parking lot
This lot was recommended to us by another rv’er and even though we had a possible alternative down the street (Wal-Mart), we wanted to give this a shot so we would be close to the pedestrian walkway to downtown Nashville. 

We found a spot in Lot M at first and it looked promising so pulled in and remaining hooked up, opened our slides. As we were relaxing, enjoying a Happy Hour drink outside (79F) security came around and politely told us that we were on government property and needed to move.

After 2 hours, we were asked to move
Security suggested we'd be good in Lot G

Arriving in Lot R caused a bit of panic until Patsy came to the rescue and moved this gate
And I didn't get into trouble!!
You can see the full lot to the left of the picture, we were 'screwed'
 Easy enough to pack up, so we followed his instructions to Lot R (Jim’s original direction – but it looks so much bigger on Google maps!). This got scary as we turned into R and realized that we couldn’t get a spot, nor could we plausibly see our way back out of there. Rob was behind us in this small FULL lot and Bill said ‘I don’t know if I can back out of here’. Cars were turning in all the time and waiting behind Rob.
Our spots for the night, right at the base of the pedestrian walkway
After little deliberation, I told Bill I was going to move the metal, chained barricade to the further section where we could at least turn around. So, I hopped out and pushed and pulled until I made enough room to pull the Suite and Rob’s Cedar Creek through. They parked and decided ‘hey, this is Lot R' so swung around and picked our spots for the night right at the bottom of the ramped walkway to the bridge. I pushed and shoved the barricade back in place. Voila!

our view across the lot
That is the pedestrian walkway to downtown Nashville on the left

An elevator with changing colours from blue to red to purple to green
I took a salad and dressings and our drinks over to their trailer and Rob cut up the chicken. I sliced the baguette and Pat set the table. This was an absolutely wonderful meal! I popped the cap off of a Seagrams Strawberry Daquiri cooler and savoured every bite. 

The chicken, salad and bread were all SO good!
I think we were all very hungry too
I have a bit of chicken and bones left for soup
After dinner, Bill and I walked up the ramp to check out the sights, getting an idea of where we’d go tomorrow. 

These views are 'over the top' :)

settled for the night
 All 4 of us moved our chairs outside and sat for the rest of the evening. It was such a warm evening. (67F/18C)

Yay! Nashville!
Just before turning in, Bill and I were curious about a lady’s voice we could hear so walked over to the edge of the parking area to find a group of people, maybe 25 or so, taking an outdoor line dance lesson. We watched for a bit and walked back to the Suite and moved our chairs inside. This was a fantastic day, even with the ups and downs with their truck and the traffic. Wouldn’t trade a thing. I hope you had a good day too.

No way was Clemson going to budge this morning
He just looked at Bill with disgust
We had to wake him, we were about to pull the slides in!
Thank you for following us to Tennessee! I can’t believe we’re in Nashville! Woohoo!


  1. So glad your overnight spot worked out for you, it is always a little scary when you get into those situations. Enjoy Nashville!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you F.G. after reading today's, you see that Jello jiggled and we'll do the Nashville thing in the spring on our return trip. A campground is the way to go for sure.

  3. Beautiful sunrise pic!! Loved the Corvette museum. it's going on my list! Looks like you are having a wonderful time and working through anything that tries to throw you a curve ball. Only way to be!! We loved Nashville... hope you do too.