Tuesday, June 8, 2021

A Much Better Day!

The Ridge

On Monday, June 7th we woke up before the alarm.  Bill actually woke Gibbs up at a few minutes before 6 and got his little business taken care of. I told him to bring him up with his leash while he got washed and ready for work. The little bum still doesn’t settle down right away but I was mostly awake after having so much sleep from 8:30 pm! 😊

Woops! Seems we have a couple of leaky washers
Could just be a disconnected hose
I texted Jamie to have a look, it makes a mess each day

Lying down, I felt great, no achy body at all. I was concerned if there would be that dull ache at my rib cage again once I got up. Nope! Around 6:30, or so, both Gibbs and I got up and I carried him outside for another piddle. I had to clean the Mat this morning so I was on top of the world that I felt ‘normal’ again. Bill loaded the garbage and both recycle bins on the back of the truck and left around 7. It was 15 minutes later when I was ready and put Gibbs in his crate.

The laundromat was empty, yay! My job should be quick. First off, I empty the recycle bins and in one I found two brand new microfibre men’s shirts in Bill’s size plus a pack of two men’s dress socks. Folded neatly so obviously someone didn’t want to return them, or couldn’t. Strange things we come across. There was also an old floor mat on top of the garbage so I checked it out and when I couldn’t find any rips or stains, tossed it in a washer for good measure. It came out nice and I put it at our door on the stoop.

Kind of a plain Jane bird, is it a baby robin?

There was one stop at Foodland for bread and eggs and I was on my way home shortly after 8:30. Gibbs and I went for our walk around the corral and when we came back in, I closed up the Suite and turned the a/c on. I wasn’t having success turning the bedroom one off (zone 2) for some reason but eventually got it. LOL It’s another warm/hot day so we were grateful for the coolness inside. When later it was obvious that it wasn't shutting off and it wasn't always blowing cold air, (oh no, they just replaced it!) Bill noticed that it was switched to Hi instead of Auto so when the a/c shut down, the fan was what was still running. It made a huge difference once we changed that.

Gibbs had a late breakfast again; he’s going to trade his Mom off for a better one if I’m not careful. I set an alarm for tomorrow so I won’t forget. Poor starving little porker. Speaking of which, here’s his update. May 7th – 4.4 lbs. May 26th – 6.2 lbs. June 6th – 7.6 lbs. So, you see what I mean, he’s starving! 😊 😂 Gibbs and I were in and out a lot until noon hour. Part of the time, after he rang the bell, he was on the rope leash by himself. He'd have me outside all day if he could.

I discovered that he likes to dig in our soft gravel under and around the steps. What next? He can’t hurt much and he always lets me wipe his snub nose clean from the dust. I hung the shirts on the line and later his bed when he had an accident. I thought I heard him yelp before he came and rang the bell but didn’t notice it until I picked him up. His little doodoo was wet and his bed was quite wet. 😞I’m sure it came on fast so I didn’t get upset with him. Just sprayed his bed and hung it on the line. 

He pooped while he was outside so it wasn’t a loss. I’ll take his bed in to the Mat for a wash with our chair covers on Wednesday. M called to tell me something that my sister, Cathy, had texted me about this morning. It’s a very sad story that infuriates me. You’ll remember me talking about walking the trestle train bridge in Paisley over the winter? Saturday night it was set on fire and has destroyed one large section over Willow Creek which feeds into or out of the Teeswater River. 😖

Some sad news of the day
Paisley's trestle bridge, a wonderful scenic walkway

Gol darn! What is wrong with people? M thinks someone has ulterior plans for the property but no matter, it’s infuriating. Another thought is that someone is trying to stop the atv's from crossing it. They do take up the whole walkway but I only encountered 2. Hardly enough reason to burn it down! The police and fire department are treating it as 100% suspicious. I’m glad for the opportunity to have gotten all the pictures I did and have them not only on my blog but in my Book Smart book too. See for yourself in these photos from the web story.

I used to walk from the top left corner of the picture
which crossed the highway first, then the creek
I turned around at this end where the trail went into a bushy area

At 12:30, I put a plate together of cold meat, pepperoni, cheese, red pepper, olives and an egg. Madame IP helped me out a couple of times today. 5-5-5 made me perfect, easy to peel, hard-boiled eggs. Later, I cooked some potatoes for potato salad. It will be a nice addition to pork chops for supper. Maybe I’ll even feel like making a lettuce salad as well. My little sister just texted after reading my blog. She offered me a sheepskin for my numb butt so yay! Our next ride might be a longer one! Thanks Wendy!

Yah, major damage 😢
these pictures were from the news article

Gibbs and I walked down the lane and I was thrilled to find 3 turtle nests that were empty except for freshly abandoned eggs!! New babies! I’d wager in one hole there were 6 or 7 shells at least, all in one piece.
😊  Yippee! Bill will be happy too. I didn't have my phone or camera but my eyes saw them. While the potatoes cooled, I sat in my chair and debated starting my next book. This one is Play Dead by Harlan Coben. The review sounds good so we’ll see if it grabs me. That first page never got opened, Gibbs had me up and down every 20 minutes to go out and play. 

Bill was home by 4:30, hot and tired, and we relaxed together at our laptops for a while before it was time to start supper. I prepared the potato salad and added red peppers, cucumbers and chives from my garden. I didn’t have any green onions so the chives were second choice. I fried our very thick pork chops in a frypan on the stove and didn’t bother with the garden salad. It was very good but still a lot of food. The chops were quite filling. With Bill working 8 hours daily, he doesn't feel like bbq'ing at night. I hope that changes as I'm not great at the Weber Q.

We didn't have full sun today so that helped it from getting
to the mid 30's

After dishes, I asked Bill to look after Gibbs while I took a call from my Norwex consultant. She was helping me set things up for my upcoming virtual party and the little guy can be very distracting. The call was longer than I thought but I got a lot of helpful info. Within the 30 minutes after Bill came inside with Gibbs, he rang the bell 3 times. Each time a piddle or a poop. It’s hard to believe that he has to go so often but he does drink a lot of water.

Our supper was nice, a step into more summery meals

There was quite a nice difference in the temperature between outside and inside now and even though it took a while to figure out our problem with the a/c, the Suite was comfortable. We watched a movie, kind of together, as I worked on my blog and found our beds when it was over at 10:30. The heat takes a lot out of us but I’m so happy with how I felt all day today, not bothered by it once I left the laundromat. It was terribly hot in there! 😊

                                                              A little more Gibbs fun,

                                                    this is why I laugh a lot during my day

With the exception of the sad Paisley news, it was a pretty nice day, reaching 29C/84F at the peak with a bit of a breeze. I was counting on some rain when the dark clouds moved overhead but nothing came of that and now it’s too late to go out and water them. I didn’t even get pictures today so this could be a boring read.

I used to have one like this, way back in the 70's, not sure if it is still
around here somewhere.
My buddy, Pat, sent me this picture for my next rock creation.
Now that things are opening up on Friday, June 11 in Ontario,
we will be able to get out there even more and 'hang' with each other!!

Good night!

More terrible, sad news from London news last night. A Muslim family was on the sidewalk at a light, waiting to cross, and a 20 yr. old male in his truck hopped the curb and killed 4, leaving one 9 yr old boy in hospital. Intentionally. He was caught and faces 4 charges of murder and 1 attempted murder. Terrorism charges are possible. I'm shocked and so sad at how a young man can have so much hate in him. The evidence is that it was premeditated. 

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  1. Glad to hear you're feeling better! I was able to read both blogs this morning YAY. LOL. So sad about the train trestle..hope they are able to catch whoever did this! Really sad about the Muslim family, how horrible. I just don't understand the hate! Glad to see things are finally opening up for you all! Your potato salad looks really yummy!

    1. Thank you Shirley. :) Sometimes I find it hard to keep up with other blogs let alone post my own! haha
      I was sad to hear about the bridge and horrified about the London tragedy.
      Supper was good and I'm thrilled that things are opening up on Friday.

  2. Good to hear that you are feeling fine again and all is well. Too bad about the train trestle destruction. Just makes you shake your head what some people are doing to make a point. Love the clip of Gibbs playing. He is so very cute.

    1. Thank you Marlene. Sounds like they are going to reconstruct the bridge walkway, none of the steel framework was damaged. :)

  3. Good to hear you are feeling better.

    Sadly, the racism exhibited by the young man is seen in so many ways. That level of hatred is so difficult to understand. I do hope he faces the consequences of his actions and beyond that learns to care for all people.

    What a shame about the the trestle bridge. I hope there too, the perpetrators will be found and held accountable.

    Love that video of Gibbs. I'd be laughing a lot too at his antics.

    1. Thank you Maebeme. I feel great again!
      you're right about the racism, it makes me so sad to think that some people think they are better than others. :(
      At least the bridge will be reconstructed which is great news. No cameras so I don't know how they'll ever catch the devils.
      Gibbs makes me laugh but he can also frustrate us with his antics. Hard to get upset with that face though!

  4. Good to hear you are feeling better and that Gibbs isn't starving. I get most of the news from my phone. Most everytime I put the phone down I tell Jerry "people are crazy". So sad about the bridge destruction and the family. I just don't understand.....

    1. Thank you Elva. :)
      we don't watch a lot of news, so it is good others keep me informed when necessary. :)

  5. So sad to see the bridge burn. I don’t know what’s wrong with people either. In both cases.

    Gibbs is funny. Cooper plays the same way. Glad you are feeling up to snuff!!

    1. Sad and terrible, both situations.
      I'm sure Cooper is just like this guy or visa versa. Fun to see, Clemmy had pretty much stopped most of his 'playing'.

  6. I've noticed most stores are not taking returns so perhaps that is why someone decided to "donate" that clothing. Value Village isn't taking goods yet, but the Mission store is unlocking their bins as of Friday and opening the store on Monday. I'm just sick over the nasty nasty stuff going on in our country these days.

    1. That's what I was thinking too about the clothing. Yes, I'm looking forward to Friday's openings and probably Tuesday, I'll be going to both donation spots with my sisters or alone.

  7. Love the rock concert creation. Cute idea.

    How terrible that the bridge was burned. People just have no respect for anything right now.

    God bless.

    1. I love the rock too.
      People can be really disappointing, can't they?

  8. So sorry about the Paisley bridge! I enjoyed your walks over it this winter.

    1. Thank you, so sad but they are reconstructing it as the steel framework is not damaged. Yay!

  9. We have gel pads and they help alot. Sorry to hear about the bridge. Very scary that someone would do that to that family and very troubling. So sad and awful.

    1. Thank you, broke my heart about the bridge but at least it is repairable. The family, however, there is no replacement for life. So terrible.