Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Hot Enough for Ya? A Sister Visit, Storm Reaction

The Ridge

On Tuesday, June 29th, we are almost touching the tail of the month. Like Gibbs chases his own tail, we too are anxiously reaching for June’s, indicating another step forward in unleashing the famed ‘Ontario Lockdown’. Enough already, just get on with it! I want to eat in a restaurant! I want large gatherings again.

Bill hooked up the trailer

Gibbs watches Daddy leave for work

Bill slept through his alarm but not by much, a few minutes, I think. Gibbs took him around the yard and then extended the morning walk up the berm and down again. I credit his patience, Bill’s. 😊 He brought Gibbs up with my permission onto the bed at 6:15. Changes in the little guy are noticeable every week. We went out to say goodbye to ‘Daddy’ as he hooked up the cargo trailer to Black Beauty today. They were meeting close to Hanover to work at the cottage on the lake.

The Meaford pizza shop wasn’t finished but other things were going on there that they needed to wait for. He left around 7ish and I fed Gibbs his breakfast early. Once he’d been out, he went in his crate so I could go into town to do my little job. I was alone today so puttered around at my own speed with no need for a ‘Covid’ mask and no distractions. I left the place in good condition with a wet floor and headed home by 8:30.

I like how the primrose flowers close overnight

The Coneflower is ready to pop

The heat was already moving in with a force so I closed the two windows when I got in so the a/c could do its thing. I took my tea outside with Gibbs and it was around 9:00 that Donna texted asking if I was up for a visit. Of course! We haven’t seen each other for a couple of weeks and that is rare, so she took the time to come for a couple of hours. We caught up on things and got a chuckle out of Gibbs digging for China. Goodness, that little boy makes a mess trying to find cooler ground! 😊

digging in the dirt for a cool spot to lay
Look at that dark stripe down his back

When Donna was ready to leave, she said “We’ll have to do this again” and I agree. She couldn’t get over how big Gibbs is after 2 weeks absence. I chatted on text with our buddy, Pat, as well who is currently at their ‘island retreat’ in northern Ontario. We try and keep in touch every couple or three days and it is always good to hear how they are doing. We came inside where it was cooler and I made a coffee and a grilled breakfast wrap of meat, cheese, onion and bacon.

An interesting dandelion??
First stage

Stage 2

My favourite, stage 3

Last night, I finished my Glynis Peters book and it was so good. I’m sure my sister, Gayle, will enjoy it as I did so I’ll keep it for sharing with her. I checked online to see where one of my deliveries were and almost expected it to arrive today by Canada Post. It was after 1:30 so I’m assuming not but since it was in Kitchener, most likely tomorrow. Also, tomorrow I will be receiving my large FedEx parcel from Norwex. Yay! 😊 Cathy’s and Pat’s orders will be in that parcel as well.

My beautiful sister, Donna visits

Kim and I had been talking about our last daughter’s wedding in November when they were here so I wanted to pull out the dress I’d picked up. Second hand, of course, always second hand if possible. I wanted to consider what else I would need with it so I can keep my eyes open over the next few shopping trips. I’m pleased with it, a lot, but will watch for decent shoes and a hand clutch to match. Gosh, remember those heels we used to wear? They look great but after a few hours they had to come off!

See ya, sis!

Satisfied with that, I started a new book. This one by Louise Penny called A Great Reckoning with characters I’ve read before. It got me hooked right away so I read a couple of chapters to get a good start. I’d also pulled my ‘never-ending’ cross stitch out from under the bed yesterday and decided to work on that for a bit. See Kim, how you inspire me? I know I need an upgrade in glasses so we’ll see how far along I get today.

A confused sky this morning
but a pretty one

As it turned out, I got along quite well! I’m doing a lot of ad-libbing with my picture, no one will know and already there are too many errors to count. I’m working in an area of flowers and shrubbery so it is acceptable. Says me! 😉 Bill came home around 4, which was nice, and he brought the trailer back with him. They will be working in Meaford tomorrow so it is closer and B B doesn’t have to work as hard pulling it as Mike’s F150 does.

Inspired by our weekend conversation
I got my cross stitch (needlepoint) out

One of the first things Bill said was “I need you to cut my hair again”. It was a hot, humid day (the hottest here yet) and when he got out of the truck without his shirt on, I knew that it was a hot day working. Thankfully not a lot of sun so he wasn’t burnt. I was intent to continue on my cross-stitch so did that for about half hour and then we went upstairs to the bathroom to Patsy’s Barbershop. LOL Once more, we did a pretty good job and the customer was more than happy.

Hopefully it will look like this when we're done

I started supper after cleaning up and Bill went out to put the lawn chairs under the cap of the Suite. Rain was coming according to Donna in Hanover.  Rather than fry the farmer’s sausage in a fry pan as they were, I wanted to shorten the cook time. That meant cutting the 3 links into small chunks. They cooked faster that way and I added cut up pepper, green onions, bacon and mushrooms. It looked good so I was thrilled when it tasted just as good. 😊

A storm passed to the north
before we got hit

Gibbs gets a tummy brush

On the side, I made a Caesar salad for me and boiled a sliced potato for Bill. It would give him some leftovers to fry up for another night. Supper was good and while Bill finished the last of his pecan pie, I had a better for me Cheesecake with homemade raspberry sauce. The rain had pushed through bringing thunder and some lightning while we ate and we were happy to see that it didn’t bother Gibbs at all. Storms were never a bother to Clemson either. Yay!

For being thrown together with a little of this and a little of that,
it was very good!

After dishes, I took Gibbs for a walk before his supper and Bill made his lunch for tomorrow. I had a call today from Home Hardware that my kiddie’s pool is ready for pick up so I’ll see if it will fit in Ptooties in the morning. This was a great day, made much better with a visit from Donna.

The rain was heavy for about 20 minutes
and then cleared out with nary a breeze
The greenery and gardens are lapping it up
Good night!

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  1. That cross stitch is amazing! I know I wouldn't have the patience..Dinner looked awesome. Nice and quick too considering the heat you're having. Salad looked perfect with that dinner! Nice that Donna came over for a visit! Always treasure time with sisters :)

    1. Thank you, I must enjoy it as I picked up another one at a garage sale a year or so ago! :) If I ever get this one done! haha
      I was happy that Donna came for a visit, we don't often get to visit just 'us'. :)

  2. Ditto the cross stitch. That's one I've never been able to master! It's surprising you haven't been unleashed yet. California is the absolute worst and yet we are now wide open. No masks. Oh some businesses still have signs up, but I go in naked ... figuratively of course. No one has said a word. Love that silly Gibbs. It's interesting to note that Cooper has never liked his belly rubbed. Luckily you do have one thing we do not ... rain, to make your garden beautiful!!

    1. Thank you Nancy. You do quilting instead, which I've never got into. This, I can handle better in an rv! :)
      No masks? Ha! Even unleashed, we won't be able to shop without them for a long time. Frustrating.
      The rain does help but enough already!! It has rained at some point every day since Thursday.

  3. I agree....love the cross stitching. And a great picture of your sister. The mask situation is interesting. In West Sacramento all the employees at Raley's wear a mask and most of the customers wear them too. But here in Roseville, a half hour away, the Safeway workers don't wear masks and I haven't seen one customer with a mask.

    1. Donna always takes lovely pictures. :)
      It is interesting about the masks.

  4. Your fascinating dandelion is Yellow Salsify. I love that big seed head too. Have you noticed the bloom turns toward the sun, something callued 'heliotropism'. That cross stitch kit looks incredibly complicated.

    1. Aha!! I knew you'd know if anyone would! Thank you. Yellow Salsify - I'll try and remember it (but won't). There is only one plant of it and I wonder why about that too. ;)
      The cross stitch is complicated, my challenge each time (each year) when I get it out!

  5. I put my cross stitch down this month to work on the quilt top. Neither have gotten done...But headway has been made on both.

    Our masks are supposed to come off next week I believe, but I am leery as we have the highest per capita of people that are against the vaccine in Canada. I will probably wear mine for a bit longer.

    We are under a heat advisory and today is not even going to be the hottest this week.

    God bless.

    1. Having a variety of crafts to work on is just how I like it though. I can get bored easily.
      Lucky you to have the masks come off - I understand practising safety but with 77% of Ontario vaccinated, let us toss the masks!!

  6. I thinks Gibbs is a lucky dog with an exciting life. Must bo hot with so much fur! Your cross-stitch is so fine and a beautiful house with blooms in all 4 corners. I did a lot of cross stitch patterns but with thicker yarns. We have been wearing masks since March 2020! Following your posts from Malaysia

    1. Ah, thank you! How wonderful to hear from you in Malaysia!! I'm sure Gibbs is very hot and will get a clipping soon but they do say the fur helps to cool them off. Hmmm, not sure who is right there!
      Thank you for the cross stitch comments, I have a long way to go but won't give up! :)
      I know, we've been wearing masks since March 2020 as well. I don't wear them outside, I refuse. Such a rebel!!