Monday, June 28, 2021

Goodbye Friends! Another Gloomy Day, Daddy

The Ridge

When I woke up on Monday, June 28th, I could hear Bill at the bottom of the bed but couldn’t figure what he was doing. Something didn’t seem right as usually when he is up there getting dressed, Gibbs has been up, out and already up on the bed with me. Because I was still sleeping when he got up, he was putting his freshly washed clothes away (I think he forgot yesterday) and our good little pup was laying on the floor beside him. Wow, that’s a first!

Bill getting ready to leave

I stirred and said he could lift him up. Gibbs has strong legs but they are too short right now for him to jump up on the bed. We doubt it will be long though unless we get a new mattress which will be 11”thick! We came downstairs and I made my tea while Bill finished getting ready for Billy to come and pick him and the cargo trailer up. It was another dull morning but mild so I opened windows. It could get humid later and I’ll turn the a/c on if I need to.

Gibbs and I watch

From the steps

Ken and Bill chatted outside until it was time for him to go to work and it wasn’t until 9:30ish that I saw Ken outside starting to pack up the Weber and chairs. They are the type of company we never get tired of. They aren’t ‘in your face’ kind of people, most rv’ers aren’t, and they have their own ‘home’ and we each respect each other’s privacy. It has been wonderful having them here for a few days and it is sad to see them pull out.

There were some pretty dark skies to the north

The Coneflower is getting tall, just waiting for the blooms

So far, the Evening Primrose are
my favourite

When they left, Gibbs and I sat on the step for a while and a bunny rabbit came hopping out of the corral up the hill. He soon stopped quick enough when he saw Gibbs with me. Ha! I don’t have lettuce in my garden so I wasn’t too concerned but he turned and hi-tailed it back the way he’d come anyway. I asked Kim to let me know when they arrived home and after they left thought I should have asked if they wanted to dump tanks. Duh! Sorry guys!

On your mark.........

Get set...........

and so long, guys!

I didn’t have anything pressing on the agenda today so I sat and called the Health line to try and get my second vaccine shot booked. Our appointments are Sept. 1st but if we can get it earlier and over with, we want to do that. I didn’t have any luck, my ‘wait’ patience is only so long on the phone and when Bill called and said he got through but they were only offering locations in Collingwood, (45 km) I hung up. We’ll stick to our September booking if that was our only choice. Time for my shower and I refrained from trimming my hair when it was wet although it was on my mind.

While watching them pull out, Mr. Bunny Rabbit
hopped out of the corral

Inside, I made myself a coffee and sat with my book. It is quite good and while Gibbs is distracted with an old slipper, I was relaxed. 😊 Over the past few rainy days, the little guy has not had his usual outside time and I can tell he misses it. So between yesterday and today, during the dry spells, he gets out on the rope leash at the step. He loves sitting on the step, just watching. Chippy(s) run back and forth feeding on the felled bird seed and the birds intrigue Gibbs as well, as do butterflies and dragonflies.

If you back to the last picture of the Journey pulling out,
you might see him in that picture too

He is like ‘our child’ so I keep a regular watch on him and he is getting better at not getting tangled under the step. This makes Momma’s job easier too. I read a few chapters and when I brought him inside, he slept at my feet while I reheated some quiche for lunch. Since the microwave is out of commission, I sliced it thinly and used butter in my small fry pan. That worked like a charm, going back to the old ways like what Nancy talked about in her last post. At 12:30, Kim texted that they made it home safely. 

There were brief periods of sun as it filtered its rays through the dominant clouds but still nice to see. Everything is so green up here, broken up only by the brightness of my yellow Evening Primrose. I so love this ‘new to me’ perennial and when they spread, I will be transplanting some to different areas that need the colour and the fullness, like the Corral Hill garden. 😊

Fried quiche

Each time Gibbs and I went out, it seemed less clouds were in the sky and the temperature rose by a degree or two. It wasn’t a pleasant day to be out doing anything although the sun was sure nice. With the wet ground, weeds would pull easily BUT I just couldn’t get serious about that chore. Bill and Billy pulled in the lane around 5:15, so a later night, and dropped the cargo trailer up where the Journey was parked. It’s our most popular site. 😊

Supper was good

We sat inside until it was time to start supper, giving Bill a bit of a rest before we ate. I brought in the Fry Daddy and got out Rosy for the shrimp. We were eating by 6:30. I requested only a few fries and had some broccoli with my meal. Bill had a lot of fries so wasn’t hungry for dessert. I had some pecan pie with my homemade whipped cream. It was rich, delicious but rich and I should have passed too.

Too much richness but i still enjoyed my last piece

After dishes, Gibbs had his normal run of in and out but it was so hot, I kept a closer eye on him than usual. He sat on the step for the most part but also went under it into the shade. Thus, getting himself tangled. I didn’t do much on this Monday but it was a pleasant day. Sad to see friends leave but we’ll see them again in August for our campout. Plus others, we all hope!

One of my favourite pictures of Daddy
with my daughter and little sister
this would be at Point Farms Provincial Park, Goderich
in 1975

Today, I remember the loss of my Dad, 26 years ago. He was a gentle soul who passed too young in his 71st year and regularly crosses my mind. I sense him in many things I do and I'm rewarded with the feeling that he is with me as I move ahead and make choices in my life. So many things I wish I could share with him in person, I think he'd be proud. 💕💕💕

Aren't memories wonderful?
Good night!

Thank you for your visit.


  1. Wow ... your primrose are beautiful!! Sorry for the bad weather ... you can blow it down here any time. We're looking at 104 and up for the next week. Love the pictures of your dad!!

    1. Thank you, I know I shouldn't complain about the weather and we tried not to. We had a great weekend regardless.

  2. Time tempers the pain of our loss and the sweet memories remain. Great photos of your Dad!

    A restful, relaxing day is always nice. Hope the weather improves soon.

    1. You are so right, the memories are sweet. We can wish all we want that they were around to see their grandchildren, a new spouse etc. but we have to trust that they are watching. And I do. ;)

  3. Everything is so green! The flowers are gorgeous. WE need rain badly, not winds just rain! Love the pics of your Daddy! I know how it feels to miss your daddy! Mine was only 72...way too young!

    1. I'll try and send some rain to you and Nancy. :) Wouldn't it be lovely to have one more day with our Daddy's?💗 (and our Mom's)

  4. Wow, I love all the beautiful green in your pictures. I love the pictures of your dad as well. I understand how you feel. I miss mine very much too... he was just shy a few weeks of being 72 when he passed. It's hard to believe it's been 13 years. I hope some of the rain we've had, and continue to have, heads your way if you need it. The river is out of its banks. Fortunately Oswego sits on a bluff overlooking the river but there will be areas around us that will be impacted.

    1. Thank you, Cheri. Interesting that Shirley's, yours and my Dad were all around the same age when they passed. Sad that they were so young, almost the age we are now.
      Nope, we don't need rain anymore! Ha ha

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  6. The hot temperatures from BC and Alberta are reaching here now. I plan on going out this evening and watering a few of the plants. There is one I am going to let dry out a bit more.

    Your day looked lovely.

    God bless.

    1. Your temperatures are crazy this summer! And it has only just begun! My brother in Cold Lake says the same thing. I'll try and send some rain your way, we've had plenty for now.