Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Weather Change, Bill’s Day Off, Nature’s Watering – Yay!

The Ridge

On Monday, June 14th Bill was up with the alarm at 6 and took our quiet little pooch out for his morning constitution. I know what a handful he can be when Bill is trying to get ready for work so I suggested he bring him up to bed with me. Gibbs was surprisingly well behaved and settled down within 5 minutes, trying to keep an eye on Bill downstairs.

Today, we attempted to trim some hair from his paws
but he didn't like us touching his front feet too much

Help me!
He didn't mind the back feet being trimmed

Bill hadn’t heard where they were working today so texted Billy for the word. As it turned out, over the next 30 minutes, it started raining. Not too heavy and it didn’t last long but Billy said it was doing the same where he was. Hard to work on an outdoor job when it is raining one minute and not the next. So, between them, they decided to stay home. 😊 That was perfect for Gibbs since he was going to have to be in the crate for 3 hours while I worked around the corner.

He isn't too fond of anything with a motor, no matter how small

We tried to trim a bit of the very long furry hair around Gibbs’ front paws and that took both of us to hold him. He didn’t mind the back feet as much and sat really well for that but the front and his face was a different matter. Boy, do I give Kate, our groomer, a lot of credit! There were many bribery treats involved and at least we gave him a taste of a quiet shaver and maybe he’ll get better at it and maybe so will we!

I laughed when he went in to his crate and brought his blanket out

I had some cereal at 9 and left for work a few minutes before 10. I’m ‘seeing’ Tommy again. 😊 It’s like a ‘thing’ with us now that he is back in the workshop. I worked on sanding the panels under the doors, just above where the running boards will sit, for an hour and then we drove to pick up a truck load of skids for burning across Grey Rd. 4. We have a workable method with me up in the back and M handing them up to me to stack. We managed 24 skids!

Who knows what gets in their heads

Back at the shop, I carried on sanding both sides and then above the back window. I used the bigger power sander and the small sander as well as had sanding where the areas needed it. It wasn’t too long after I got back at it, M asked if I would help him unload the skids. Usually he does that gradually after I leave but it made sense to ‘get ‘er done’. Four hands are better than two. We were both worn out when we finished but went back inside and got to work until 1.

We were watching NCIS reruns, as usual, and apparently
I got called two times from the victim before he perished!

Bill and Gibbs were sitting on the patio when I pulled up. He said Gibbs heard the car coming down the road and slow down for the turn into the lane. He has the sharpest hearing ever! So, needless to say he was excited to see Mom come home this time, the tables being turned. We had some lunch and I made a coffee to sit and drink while perusing my Norwex party page. There are a lot of things about the products that I’m liking the sound of so hope for another party so I can spread my spending out! 😊

It is nice when he settles down for a while to play with his toys

Bill went to the Hangar and I stayed indoors with my little buddy for a few hours. We went out when the bell rang and someone was rewarded with a treat each time he did his business. The weather has certainly changed today. I’ve gone from shorts and tank yesterday to socks, long pants and a long sleeve shirt today. It was only 20C/68F this morning and with a few rain showers throughout the day, it dropped to 18C/64F by mid-afternoon. I closed windows and the outside door.

We had rain a few times, off and on, today

Later, when Gibbs and I went out, the rain had just stopped and the sun was very hot again but in the shadows of the clouds, I needed a hoody. Weird day. Gibbs was very good this afternoon and wanted up to cuddle with me in my chair. Both Bill and I take these moments each and every time they come because they don’t happen often. He hasn’t been much of a cuddler – yet, but he is getting better each day. 😊

All ready to cook for 19 minutes

At 5:30, I started supper. Madame IP made us a tasty Hamburger Stew and we were eating shortly after 6. Bill had come up just as I was turning it on. There were enough vegetables in it that we needed nothing else although I like to add tomatoes and olives to my plate. We each had a piece of lemon meringue pie for dessert and cleaned up the dishes right away. I worked on my blog post at the same time as I kept an eye on my FB party site.

I love stew

The rain today made me very happy. You all know what that means to me, someone who doesn’t have a direct connection to water, and has to pump it to water my plants. My plants are also very happy. I used a lot of muscles today in my work at M’s and I came home with $ in my pocket so it was a pretty good morning. At 7:15, I finally caught up with Marie, Norwex consultant so I could watch her live video. It was longer than I’d expected and I’m sure ate up a lot of my data but it is just one time. 😊

Rewarded with a beautiful sunset

We were both tired and dragged ourselves up to bed at 10. Sleep came quickly, even for Gibbs, not a peep from him. Good boy!

Thank you for stopping around. I'm still a day behind but I'll catch up tomorrow. 😌


  1. My dogs (especially Elsa) don't like to have their hairs trimmed on their paws either. Perhaps they are more sensitive there then we know. As to the rain, we had some too and that is always nice when I don't have to water my plants and I realize that for you it is a bonus so Bill doesn't have to haul it. Gibbs is such a cutie!

    1. There must be something about their paws, for sure. Gibbs is better than Clemmy was, he wouldn't let us hold them at all.
      Glad you got some rain as well, funny how it was hit and miss all over the place.

  2. I'm envious of your deserts and your rain. Still no rain here!

    1. Funny how you get in a habit - desserts and crazy how the rains missed you!

  3. Try messing with his feet when he’s in your lap. Hold them, kinda tug on the fur, when he stops pulling away, let go. That from an old horse trainer (not me) !! I’m sure he’s fighting that big grizzly for the win!!!!!

    1. That's interesting, Nancy. Thank you! We'll have to try that. :)

  4. We got a bit over 2 inches a couple of days (well maybe three) ago and as it got really hot I watered yesterday....

    Love the sunset pictures.

    God bless.

    1. We are like starving flowers ourselves, praying for the right amount of rain, aren't we? :)
      Thank you, I agree that the sunset pics were pretty.