Thursday, June 17, 2021

The Week’s DownsLide, Gorgeous Spring Day

The Ridge

On Thursday, June 17th I didn’t hear Bill get up at 5:30. He had to take Black Beauty to Walkerton for 7 am so it was an early start for him again. He was able to get up and get washed before coming down to wake Gibbs up. When I woke up around 6, the door was closed and I didn’t have a little nibbler running around on the bed. If he can behave downstairs and not get in Bill’s way, he keeps him down with him.

Can you see the finch through the mesh?
almost time for a refill

I found no reason to lay in bed so got dressed, made the bed and joined them downstairs. I sat in my chair with Gibbs, allowing Bill to finish and get his boots on without any help with tying the laces. 😊 He kissed us goodbye and I decided to go in to the Mat for 8 rather than 7:30. I wanted to stop at the hardware store before coming home and they didn’t open until 9. A method to my madness.

Are you ready to come in, little bum?
For the very first time, Gibbs stayed with me and went to sleep on my lap with his head on my arm. Any other time, he would be shifting and wiggling like he had ‘ants in his pants’ as Mom used to say when we were kids. Today, a sound sleep for 40 minutes! I love it but at 7:30, I did have to disturb him to feed him and take him out for a piddle so I could put him in his crate with confidence that his needs were met. He went in really easily as he saw me pick up a treat. Smart little bum!

One half of an orange left outside so the Oriole
frequented it a few times

One lady at the laundromat when I arrived and another one, Judy, came in to finish her loads. One machine had a piece of paper in the door but nothing written on it. Drives me nuts. So what? Doesn’t it work? I got change from another washer and started it. No problem. When I finished up, it wasn’t quite 9 so I got our RO water jug filled and then drove to wait at H.H. for 10 minutes.

Not to be undone, somehow Chippy got up there too

Unfortunately, the sale item I was there for, was out of stock but he took my name and will call me when it comes in. I did pick up a small 3.3 lb. bag of grass seed. Ours is too old, we think. Back home, Gibbs and I went for a walk to stretch his legs. He’s such a happy little guy and just loves being outdoors. With Mom or Dad, all the better! I put him on his lead out at the picnic table while I came in to make a tea. He was in no way ready to come back inside.

I know how he gets down but not how he gets up
It is a metal feeder

I filled my 2 watering cans from the hand pump and took care of the container plants closest to our patio. Later today, I’ll get the ones I have to walk a little farther for. 😊 Bill has a plan in his head and on paper to hook up an electric water pump to utilize the pond water but it is a gamble that it will force water up the pipes to the Bunky where our sink is. Everyone says it should work so he has ordered the hoses/pipes, whatever he needs.

A beautiful day and the wind kept it pleasant
without being too hot

Gibbs and I came inside and when he was settled down, he was on a wild streak this morning playing with his toys and emptying his crate, I closed the door and went up for my shower. By then, he was conked out under the table and hardly noticed me disappear. I had to make a bit of a tutorial on my Norwex messenger site about using the Enviro Scrub to wipe the walls and doors after I was done.

I like the sun, Gibbs likes the shade

Holy moly, they came so clean with little effort and I didn’t have to go back and re-wipe as I do with any other cloths. To finish, I used the window cloth on the doors – spotless! 😊 If that was all I ever purchased (it isn’t and won’t be) I would be quite content with these multi-use cloths. My party went very well, by the way, and I had some newbie as well as avid Norwex users (Canadians) attend and purchase to stock up their own collections.

At noon hour, I put together a cold plate for lunch. It always looks better than it tastes and my 'eyes are bigger than my stomach (another Mom-ism) but it filled me up. At least it is all low carb stuff, good fats, proteins and whatever else that are good on keto. LOL It isn’t easy for someone like me to stick to, because I still love the breads and cookies etc. I pulled some pork chops out of the freezer for supper and rested before deciding what to do next.

Our 'house' on the hill

Today is a beautiful day. Full blue sky and a slight breeze. We are expected to reach 26C/78F so rather a perfect day! Yesterday, I did manage to get the floors mopped and counter tops dusted and now the shower and bathroom is clean. I might have to just take a book out and enjoy the day by chair hopping the way my fellow blogger, Bob, does!

a lunch plate that was almost too much food

That is what we did. I watered more plants, emptied my kitchen compost bin into the big composter on the hill and then sat with Gibbs. He stayed in the shade and I thoroughly the sun. By now, there was a wonderful breeze so I was perfectly comfortable. Unfortunately, my eyeballs get tired reading so I closed the book and rested in between untangling someone and taking snapshots of the Orioles, goldfinches and hummingbirds.

If you don't look too hard, you can see the silhouette

Oh! I can’t show you a good picture at all BUT last night Bill saw something go by on the clothesline hill. It walked along the tree line and disappeared. With the semi-dusk, and watching tv, he didn’t know what it was. It spooked me the way he jumped up and said “something just walked across the grass up there”. My heart was in my throat, thinking worse case scenarios (a person? A dog? A coyote?). No, not a person he said, so I relaxed a bit but knew I wouldn’t be the one taking Gibbs out! 😊 Yep, I’m a wimp.

sorry, they really are terrible pictures

Looking out the back window, I saw it on the other side of our cedar fence but my camera wouldn’t capture it from inside. Should have grabbed my phone instead. This is the first deer we have ever seen up here in all of our 5 years so we were quite excited. We’ve had evidence of scat up behind the trees so knew they were around and Bill has seen huge patches of flattened long grass along the pond when he cuts. So, now we know and I was no longer ‘afeared’. Cool, huh?

The hummer still likes my Corabelle

I did see him then over on the field between us and the neighbour’s property to the west so that patch of grass is likely where it was headed for the night. Back to today. After sitting outside for a couple of hours, kind of watching for Bill in case he was home early, but at 3:45 I took Gibbs for a walk down the lane to check the mail box. Nothing today. On the walk back, I noticed that the geese (all 5 familes!) must have had a picnic down by the dock area. Piles and piles of poop. Yeuch!

When he wants to walk nice, he does

Now, I’m ready for them to take their kids and fly off because Gibbs has to check it out. Not that I let him but he sure tries. Continuing back, the little hellion came to life and did all the things he isn’t supposed to do. LOL When he’d get in trouble by eating something I had to fish out of his mouth, or by grabbing the leash and pulling in the opposite direction, I’d chastise him and he’d flop on the grass, often on his back. Little bumpkin! 😊 We made it back and I picked him up and brought him in.

When he doesn't want to behave, this is what he does

When he is chastised, this is his position
and he just goes limp
like a little rag doll

I needed a cup of tea! Ha ha. No Bill yet and it’s 4:30 so I cleared up the few dishes and caught up on my post before sitting to read while I’m awake. The book, Play Dead, is interesting enough, just too many distractions. I won some things on the auction last night so tomorrow I’ll go for a drive to pick them up. 

While there is still some orange left,
Mr. Oriole delves in
Flexibility is key

Bill had to pick Black Beauty up on his way home and the good news is that it didn’t cost us anything. The backup camera that needed to be replaced was under warranty. Yay! It was almost 5:30 when he drove in but there is no sneaking up on Gibbs, well not too often does he not hear the truck motor or doors. Tonight, was no exception and Bill got greeted at the door. I started frying pork chops for supper and we had leftovers with it. Some salad, some stew and some rice. Filling.

A filling supper and I couldn't finish it all

We didn’t need or have dessert. After dishes, I took Gibbs out for a walk (and a run around) and brought him in. Hopefully he will have had enough exercise today that he rests for the evening. Funny me! We had some great news today. Friends are coming for next weekend and we have been missing them a lot. Stay tuned! Also, Bill’s youngest daughter, her husband and our 2 youngest grandchildren are coming on Sunday for lunch. I’ll bet those little ones have grown a lot! 😊

A memory from last year
June 17, 2020
Good night!
Newly painted free chairs

This was a good day with some work and a fair bit of relaxation. Just the way I like it! Thank you for your visit.


  1. Glad you are still able to Enjoy all that nature has to offer.
    Stay Safe!

    It's about time.

  2. MOMMMMMMMM!!! Goose poop tastes GOOD!!!!! Luckily my kids never picked up anything to eat, but they really tried to taste the buzzard "doo" we found on the patio one day!! Oh the joy!!!

    1. Blech!! I've fished so much stuff out of his mouth!! Luckily, he lets me. haha

  3. Gibbs is definitely keeping you on your toes. What a character!

    Enjoy your company - I know it will lovely to see the family - and it will be a new experience for Gibbs too. :)

    1. Gibbs will get to meet new doggies, hopefully they'll get along.

  4. How fun... Company!! Family too!! woohoo! Those little ones grow so fast it will be fun to see pics of them! How fast the weeks are going! Lunch looks yummy and perfect for a warm day! Nice the back up camera was under warranty!

    1. Yes, family company, sounds almost normal doesn't it?
      We were happy that the camera was covered. :)

  5. What a lovely hummer picture. Still waiting here to see our first.

    One thing I can say living where I do is that deer are constant visitors. I could see your visitor right away.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you. Lots of hummers but I guess you have the deer. ;) They are such beautiful animals.

  6. Glad you're continuing to have good days! So are we.