Sunday, June 20, 2021

A Great Saturday, Gibbs Wins Hearts, Campfire Night

The Ridge

We woke up around 6, on Saturday, June 19th.  Bill got up first, and he opened blinds downstairs. The idea was to arouse Gibbs (who watched him quietly) and get him outside for his business. They both came up to bed and after just a short ‘playtime, Gibbs settled down and we all slept until 7:30. I had the Mat to clean and laundry to do but I was in no rush. It is Saturday, after all, a weekend.

Friday night, the sky was so pretty
It looked like a rosy fire was burning just along the horizon

It was 7:45 when I’d cleaned up a bit and headed out the door. There was one customer and a young couple during my hour cleaning. The place wasn’t too bad and Jamie had been in to fix the two washers which meant no leak and no mess to clean up upon my arrival. That made my job easier. 😊 When I left, I wasted no time in heading for home. I had no other stops to make. As I was hanging the clothes, Bill left Gibbs on his rope leash at the steps and went into Durham himself.

Giving all the other clouds in the sky a lovely glow

Home Hardware had the piping he needed for our water system. Step by step, it will not be an easy job. We drove to Owen Sound with Gibbs because we wanted to go into Pet Smart and then Walmart for groceries. I don't need to tell you that he was a 'hit' as soon as we got out of the car. There are other dogs there and they are all adorable but ours just happened to be the smallest, fluffiest and in our opinion, the cutest. No prejudice here AT ALL! Ha ha We found a front pack that we hope will work with him on the motorcycle. He went in it and stayed put while I walked around a bit so we'll see. I am working on something to cover his ears though. After I ran in to Walmart for food items, we drove home.


Oh yah, did I mention that someone likes my tea?

We were both starved so I cooked us a lunch of bacon and eggs. Then Bill had a few odd jobs to do. We wanted to trim some weeds, especially in the area we sit in. They grow faster (well, taller) than the grass! However, we didn’t have fuel so decided in the morning that we would move things off the area and Bill could cut with the big mower.


It took him a little longer today to settle down
but he finally gave in to the safety belt and layed down

It had rained overnight so I didn’t need to water my vegetable plants and they looked pretty good when I checked them. Gibbs was being so good, sitting near us and playing with his outside toys. He is understanding our “I’ll be right back, stay” admonishment and just waits for our return. The key is to be sure to return so he knows that. And we do. 😊 I read a lot of my book, I am at the stage where I hate to put it down and didn’t need to unless he got tangled.

Driving on the country roads is always
pretty and often shaded

Bill made the necessary adjustments on the underside of our picnic table so he could drill a hole in the centre rather than off to the side. The construction of the table meant he had to disassemble some boards, turn one on its side and reassemble. Smart cookie, oh and a bit anal too. I’m glad though as it looks much better and I sure don’t want to miss sleep at night because it was off centre! It would bug me too, I’m sure.

The board he is reattaching stood on its long end
and now lays flat

Drilling the hole in the centre

Lastly, he strung some blue LED lights around the stairs, just some brightness at night for when he takes Gibbs out in the dark. The over-door light is too bright and attracts the bugs here. Down south, no bugs, therefore no problem with the motion light. *sigh* down south. Finally, Bill stopped working too and we had a drink. He had a Zero Coke and I had a cup of tea. At some point, Bill went upstairs for a snooze and Gibbs and I stayed outside in the shade. The day was warm but in the shade it was lovely. We reached 25C/77F, perfect.

When we came inside after 5, Gibbs crashed from all
the fresh air

We had bbq’d farmer’s sausages (the big fat ones with no spices and I cooked a potato for Bill and we shared some mixed vegetables. Of course, Kalamata olives adorned my plate. 😉 After dishes, we put long pants on and all 3 of us went over to the Acreage for our Saturday night campfire. Next weekend it will be our turn and D & G are happy to be able to see our company at that time. Gibbs’ behaviour improves all the time but we won’t let him off leash there yet either. Too many places he can roam. He found all kinds of things to chew on so we were fishing them out of his mouth a lot. Puppies!

A very filling sausage supper

We were home shortly after 10:30 and I sat up with them until 11. I was so tired! It was a wonderful day ending with a wonderful evening.

The fixed umbrella in the fixed picnic table
It won't blow over now!
Good night!

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