Saturday, June 26, 2021

More of the Same, A Drive to Harriston, A Sad Memory

The Ridge

On Saturday, June 26th, we slept in. After Bill took Gibbs out, they crawled back into bed and we didn’t get up until almost 8. It was breakfast time for a little someone! It felt good to just take it slow this morning. We had our morning brew together and witnessed some rain and steady cloudy skies out the windows. What a dull day from start to finish.

This view just got greener throughout
the day

We discussed the day’s agenda and Bill had some toast and jam for his breakfast and when I remembered that I couldn’t warm up my quiche, I actually had (as the commercial says) Bressert. Dessert for breakfast. I had a piece of my cheesecake, all good ingredients in there. I made a coffee and we walked over to the Journey. Yesterday, we were talking about microwave/convection ovens as well as rv mattresses so we wanted to share with Kim and Ken what we’d learned.

I love this set of two pictures
sitting on Daddy's shoulder  looking out at the rain


This morning, Bill called CanAm and got some prices on both. We need the oven more than the mattress so placed an order with Martin. He is always very helpful and today was no different. 😊 We asked K & K if they would like to join us for a drive to McPhail’s RV of Harriston. It was going to be a rainy day anyway so we had some cheese and crackers and met at the car within 20 minutes. Bill had taken Gibbs for a nice walk and he stayed in the crate, looking after the house.

We started Happy Hour here

The drive was nice, taking a route through Neustadt and Clifford, but the stop at McPhail’s was kind of pointless. All rv’s were locked, because of Covid, (If I hear that excuse too many more times, I’ll lose it!!) and Ken wasn’t able to get any answers to his queries. We turned around and headed back home by way of Hwy #6. The sky had tried a few times to let sunshine through but it just didn’t happen. It was comfortable in the car with the a/c on since it was so humid.

It was a nice surprise to hear from Suzie

Back home, we agreed to meet at 3 for Happy Hour and went our separate ways. It was spitting lightly just when I thought we could sit outside but Bill put the awnings out and we moved the chairs onto the patio. When the rains got heavier, we had to fold them up and move indoors. I had the a/c on in the Suite too, for some reason I was really feeling the heat today! LOL I’m way past ‘that’ stage!!

I was pleased to see a Rose breasted grosbeak

We were surprised while sitting with our drinks when Suzie called on F aceTime. Well, in a round about way but that is how we ended up chatting on Ken’s phone. It was nice to see and hear her voice. She knew from my postings that we would all be together by 3:30. Are we predictable, or what? 😊 Great chat and we will keep our fingers crossed to see her in August at our Ridge campout.

Bill snapped a picture of Ken barbecuing
next door
Of course, the rain started AFTER he got the Weber out and lit
It has been that kind of day

When 6 o’clock rolled around, it was time to say goodbye and get supper started. Madame IP cooked pork ribs and a potato for Bill. I had 2 cobs of corn to cook on the stove. I’d hoped to brown the ribs with sweet and sour sauce for 5 minutes but even though Bill lit the Weber, it had blown out before I got out there. I wasn’t about to wait so we ate them as they were. And supper was delicious. A small piece of pecan pie (for me) with whipped cream topped off the meal.

ribs and corn, yummy meal

After dishes, Gibbs wanted to sit outside on the step and since it wasn’t raining, we let him keep an eye on the Ridge. He loves watching the chipmunks and birds and I love watching him watch them. 😉 It’s Saturday night, Bill’s nights for movies so we watched some until the new one came on at 9. Whether I can stay up for the whole thing, will be determined. For now, I can say it has been a good day again, in the rain.

Pecan pie and whipped cream
Not good at all!!! 
(my fingers are crossed behind my back)

We had tornado warnings on our phones during H.H. today and they were in the area close to my sister, Gayle. When I texted to see if they were okay, they hadn’t been affected at all so I was relieved. These pop-up storms can be scary even though pretty rare up here. I hope you didn’t have any scares in your area.

It was 2 years ago today that Kim and Ken were
preparing to leave after a week's visit in 2019
It was also the day we had to put our sweet little Clemson down
It would have been fun to see him and Gibbs together 💓🐕🐕
Good night

Thank you for your visit!


  1. I love your little pup, Gibbs. So sweet and how nice for you to be able to chat to Suzie during HH. Hot, humid and stormy over this side the province, too.

    1. Thank you, Gibbs is a 💗 stealer even though he can be a little wild one. :)
      Great to have company and to see Suzie.

  2. Little Clemson.♥️
    Sweet Gibbs.
    Lots of rain and wind.....can go away anytime now.

  3. Glad you were able to enjoy HH with Suzie on Facetime.
    Gibbs is learning.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. It was nice to see Suzie for sure! We do see changes in Gibbs weekly. :)

  4. Here's hoping the weather improves for you soon. Enjoy your company!

  5. We've had a lot nicer day here today, with just some brief rain over the past hour. Nice to see Suzie!