Monday, June 28, 2021

Best of the Bunch, Laundry Day, Sunny Happy Hour

The Ridge

Sunday, June 27th was laundry day so when we got up around 7:30, I sorted clothes and left for town before 8. Two loads worked while I cleaned. Bill and Gibbs hopped in Black Beauty and headed over to the Acreage to fill the water bladder. I was back by 9:30 and Bill, Ken and Gibbs were outside on the patio. Kim joined them within minutes. I had dried the clothes at the Mat since the weather was so ‘iffy’. I was quite hot and sweaty when I left that hot building!

Obviously, I didn't get any early pictures taken today

I made a cup of tea and joined the group. Raindrops really ran the show this weekend and this morning was a good display of that. We were in and out and in and out. The humidity was playing havoc too so Bill turned the a/c on first thing and it was on all day. Bill and Ken worked on a couple of things together and when my phone suddenly died, Ken did a soft reboot for me, giving it life again. Yay! The phone is a lifeline for us who only have a wifi hot spot through our Samsung. 😊

But, the afternoon WAS the better part of the day

We didn’t want to be indoors when the day turned out so nice so an hour or so before Happy Hour, we gathered outside in the shade. As the sun moved, so did we, first Kim and Bill and then me. Ken braved the heat. This would be our last Happy Hour this visit so we made the best of it and covered a lot of subjects, again. My gnawing stomach had me suggesting we get supper started at 6 so we parted ways and Bill lit the Weber Q.

Gibbs has been quite excited this weekend with our company
but he finally crashed under Kim's chair

It was burger night on the menu so while he grilled, I got a Caesar salad ready inside. The sky looked lovely ‘for the moment’ BUT off to the west, it was dark and to the east it was a mixture of both blue and dark gray with a little white in the mix. We’d hoped to clean up after our meals and meet outside for a bit more evening chatter. By the time I was ready to go out, everyone was running for cover. The sky just broke loose in a downpour.

Even with the nice sun, the sky wasn't letting go of the clouds

It made for some pretty pictures
These look to the southeast over the berm

time to barbecue

I tried to take Gibbs out for a piddle after his supper in the rain but before I got down the steps, he put the brakes on and we both got soaked. No way was he going any further in that. 

A tasty supper, Bill had pecan pie for dessert
I was too full after my Happy Hour Caesar cocktail!

Despite my umbrella and rain coat, I had to use my bath towel to dry off and change clothes completely. Bill did the same with the little furry wet dog. 😉 Oh well, it doesn’t hurt us. I hoped he could hold his piddle but the way he ran around playing with us, I thought an accident could happen at any point.

My meagre garden is doing awesome
Even the rhubarb looks healthy

Baby tomatoes! 🍅

This was a great day and the evening was looking quite unpredictable again. I took a walk up to the garden and snapped a few pictures to post. There are actually tomatoes on my plants now so the garden is certainly appreciating the rains.

Across the pond to the north

Looking westerly
Good night from the Wilsons and the Richards
on the Ridge

Thank you for popping in.



  1. Your property sure looks inviting! Gibbs is a happy pup. Does chippy bother your garden?

    1. Thank you, we try to keep the property good for us and good for company. :)
      The Chippys don't bother the garden, just once when I planted sunflower seeds!

  2. Nice to see you enjoying life and having some time together! Have a wonderful summer!

  3. The downpours could come at a more opportune time, but they sure help the gardens. Your tomatoes and peppers are looking good.

    1. Yes, we can't pick and choose our rain days can we? :)
      thank you, those 2 veggies always do well for me.

  4. The Ridge is looking beautiful. The rain is keeping everything nice and green. Glad you had a lovely visit with your friends.

    God bless.