Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Busy Day, Cooler Temps

The Ridge

On Tuesday, June 22nd from the moment I got up at 6:45, I was on a roll. Gibbs and I went out to say hello to Billy and goodbye to him and Bill as they left for work. 

The boys are hooking up the trailer

Daddy ready to leave for work
Gibbs and I watched until they disappeared in the laneway

The morning was a cool one but at least the sun was going to be making appearances to keep it around 17C/65F for the best of the day. Good enough for me! I had my tea inside and read some blogs so I am calling that was my pre-work break.

Gibbs likes to sit with me in the morning

I had softened cream cheese yesterday to make a cheesecake so set about crushing almonds for the crust. I’d decided to use my bigger springform pan and bake the cake in the convection oven for a change. It always spills over in Madame IP. When that was baking, I was in and out with Gibbs a few times on his leash and then he was out on his own on his rope tether at the step. I wouldn't get anything done if I stayed out with him as long as he wanted. Luckily, he doesn't mind being on his leash.

And this was one of the many reasons I wanted a small dog
Just like sweet Clemson, Gibbs fits right beside me in my chair 💓💓

Yesterday, I made some keto butter tarts that I love. They are small, perfect for a snack for me. Last night, Bill and I had them for our dessert. I savoured every bite. Bill, not so much. I give him a lot of credit for accepting so many of my keto recipes so he is allowed to ‘not’ like every single one. He said he would eat them but I had to tell him “no you will not!” I will eat them and I will make the things he likes and only substitute Splenda for sweetener.

So! That being said, today I made some lemon cupcakes with whipped cream topping. I hope he likes them because there are lots! 😊 From licking cream cheese and whipped cream beaters, I wasn’t too hungry for lunch so just had some yogourt, pepperoni and surprise! A keto butter tart for dessert. I did the dishes as I went along so I had room to work on the island counter top with my recipes and then Gibbs and I went outside.

They sure aren't professional looking but 
he'll like them anyway

I dressed for garden work and went out to check my assumption. I was pretty sure that I had fuel left in my weed eater and was happy to be right. That allowed me to get the trimming done around our sitting area, along the corral fence to a point and around the hill garden. Things look better except I turned the wrong way once and snipped off one of my flowering raspberry stems. 😢 Darn! I know it will come back in the spring but what a klutz! I gave Bill heck for snipping one of my Dianthus plants just the other day.

I have a few more hats to hang to fill in the area

When I ran out of gas, I put it away and sat with Gibbs on the patio. He’d been very good playing on his own while I worked. It was still early, only 1:00, so I found some small finishing nails and hung the straw hats that I’ve been collecting. Ever since seeing this done in Owen Sound at the garden we toured, I wanted to do it for the birds. I will cut holes in them to encourage nests. The hats are a dime a dozen at any second hand store so if they don’t fare through the winter, no biggie.

Later, when I finished trimming, Gibbs and I
sent a hello message to our buddies on the island
Little show off here!

I had an episode of This is Us, the finale, to watch so inside while the little bum slept, I turned it on. I love the show and there are usually a couple of bouts of tears throughout. Today, no different. However, when it ended, it left me totally confused. Do you watch it? Have you seen the last episode of the season? I’m quite familiar with the bouncing around with memories but I’m just not sure what I saw in that last scene. I suppose that is why they call them cliff hangers.☹   

My sister, Donna, sent me this picture of
Gibbs watching the fire Saturday night
Such a poser!

The sun has given us a really decent day. Not hot and not too windy so although it will be a cool 8C/47F overnight again, tomorrow will warm up. I hadn’t decided what to make for supper yet but I did get ground beef out of the freezer this morning. Another habit that is forming – Gibbs wants to sit with me in the late afternoon. He has been sleeping on the floor for a couple of hours and at 4, after I make a tea, he wants up. 😉 And he is so good. Every week, I notice subtle changes in his behaviour.

My meatloaf never fails me 😋

I saw Billy and Bill drive in around 4:45 but Gibbs didn’t hear them right away. Within the first few minutes of them unhooking the cargo trailer, Gibbs went and stood at the door. So cute. I knew he heard/sensed that Daddy was out there. He didn’t ring the bell right away, he just sat and stared at the screen door. I put him on his rope leash and let him out. He barked until Daddy came around the Suite and came inside with him. By then, I’d decided we were having instant pot meat loaf.

The lane was full of branches to pick up

Bill changed and had a snooze in his recliner and the little guy slept in his bed on the floor. I set about putting the meatloaf together and setting Madame IP to cook it for 25 minutes. We would have veggies on the side and some macaroni salad. I wish Jess and Matt had eaten more! It means we have to eat it because I hate to throw good food out!😊 

You can bet this made a hug difference in the lane

We heard from our friends who are coming this weekend, just touching base with an approximate time. Yay! We can’t wait to see them; it has been a long time. I have been having a problem with my Alta Fitbit over the past couple of weeks. It just dies after a couple of days and then it takes a whole day to reconnect and recharge when I plug it in. I’m sad because I have so many bands for it as well as a fancy one for a November wedding.

Two loads

Today, I found a few people who are selling theirs on Kijiji. I could pick and choose on the condition, price AND the location. I contacted a lady in Hanover and we’re going to meet on Thursday morning to make an exchange. They don’t make the Alta anymore and my bands don’t fit any of the other styles (of course) so I’m happy to find some for sale. I will pick up a few food items at Walmart while there and still be back home by the time our company arrives mid afternoon.

I cleaned up my seating area today

We were eating by 6:30 and while I cleaned up, Bill walked down the lane and did some trimming of the tall branches. There were some that needed to come down for the large units we are expecting over the summer, as well as this weekend. 😊 Gosh, it feels like things are getting back to normal! Yay! With the dishes done, I took my wagon down to help gather. I expected just one load but Bill was on a roll himself. His 'some' turned into a LOT!

It even improves my weed laden garden by being 
trimmed around the outer edges

I wish the hill garden looked like this!
Everything is so healthy!

Two over-full loads of branches went into the brush pile and I do admit that the laneway looks much better. We shouldn’t have to trim anymore this year. When we came in at 7:30, for dessert, we had the broken cupcakes (woops, I ran out of papers and they stuck to the pan) with raspberries and whipping cream. 


It was a nice treat. I also added some half and half cream to mine. Yummmmmm!

Gibbs was overly excited when both Mom and Dad took him for
a 'free-unhooked' leash walk
He ran crazily in between and around us
                                                                            Good Night!

This was a busy day for both of us. We got a lot done on this beautiful summer day. Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Isn't that just annoying that you can't get the original Fitbit you wanted - at least you were able to find used ones. The band on my Fitbit broke and I lost the Fitbit on a recent shopping trip the day before the new bands I'd ordered came in. I didn't think to look for a used one, and of course the bands for the original don't fit the new Inspire I purchased.

    Gibbs is such a cutie, he's starting to look like he'll need a haircut soon.

    1. I love my Fitbit, have been wearing one for probably close to 8 years. Drives me nuts when they stop making them, yes. At least make them compatible to other bands but of course that isn't good business sense, is it?
      Gibbs definitely needs a haircut soon!

  2. I was left VERY confused at the end of This Is Us. Next year is the end of, so I think they are setting us up for a lot of new scenarios. My darn PVR cut off the last five minutes but my daughter and cousin caught me up.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad I'm not the only one. I'm sure my mouth gaped open when watching it........and even when I ran through the last 5 minutes a second time!!

  3. I think you might be getting our weather. It was quite chilly for a couple of days, got nice and hot the next day and today has been a bit cooler.

    Your broken cupcakes look wonderful with the raspberries and whipped cream.

    God bless.

    1. The winds are cooler for sure but it was a nice day.
      The cupcakes were good with the fruit and cream. :)

  4. A busy day here too. We've now both had our second vaccine shots.