Friday, June 18, 2021

A Wet Start to the Weekend, Canada Day Plans or Not?

The Ridge

On Friday, June 18th it was wet out from the 4 am thunderstorm and rains. I didn’t hear it but Bill did. He didn’t hear any complaints from Gibbs so hopefully he, like Clemson, will not be bothered by the noise of the rumbles. Bill was ready to leave for work around 7 and kissed us goodbye as we snuggled in my recliner. Seems, already, Gibbs is adopting this habit of sitting with Mom after Daddy leaves. He slept again for half hour while I read. 😊

the overcast skies hung around all day

After he ate his breakfast at 8, he was ringing the bell a few times. A piddle each time but mostly because he wanted to play. The last time, we got wet and there still were no poops. I want to take him with me to Elmwood so he’ll have to leave some droppings before we go in the car or he won’t be comfortable. I made a Crustless Quiche for my lunches for a few days. A step in the right direction.

all ready for the oven

It looked good before it cooked but even better after and oh, that smell? The sky was overcast and we were in for on and off showers all day. I’ll be surprised if Bill and the boys manage to finish their job this morning. He likes to be home early on Friday anyway but after having a day off this week because of weather, they may try and stick it out longer. I’d put together my list of Norwex products that I wanted from my $104 free as well as some items I would pay for. 😊 Now to wait to hear from Marie on how I place my orders.

All done!

Around 10, I took Gibbs out once more and we hopped in the car soon after. No point in him staying home, we would be together in the car with one quick stop at the auction place. I paid for and picked up my stuff and we drove back home towards Hanover on #10 and made the jig jog east and then south again. There is a spot with a trail just as you enter the town limits along the Saugeen River (oh yeah, you are all familiar with that river by now). This is just another location.

It is about a 40 minute drive

Through Allan Park which is almost a non-town

I pulled into the parking lot and although you could walk on either side of the street, I took Gibbs out for a short walk along the lovely, well-shaded trail to the west. I think I have my directions right. 

It's a nice trail

We didn’t go too far as little Mr. Timid put the brakes on half way through. “Exactly where are we going, Mom?” So, I turned around and he raced back to the vehicle. Not that he wanted to get in, he does not like the seatbelt set-up we have right now. With some persuasion, we were in and off for home.

Gibbs kept an eye in the woods 😀
My protector

Gibbs wasn't thrilled to be back on his seat belt so I calmed him
down with my dash Teddy bear

It was just around noon hour so I made a plate with my quiche, olives and tomato for lunch. I was ready for the freshly ‘brewed’ coffee too. 😊 

I went through my stuff and except for one thing that I will resell, I did well. Bill and I both wanted some fingerless leather-type gloves for riding on Jazz for those hotter days. One lot had a few different things in it but included about 6 pair, various sizes. We are all set now for a mere $3 + tx.

These new sheets were a good deal too

I also got some puzzles and a new king size sheet set so it was worth the drive over. Bill got home soon after, while I was still finishing up lunch. Nice to have an early Friday. Marie and I set up a time for a conversation this afternoon to place my order but she got delayed so around 3:30, we connected. I’ll be anxious to receive the packages with all my goodies! Bill went down to the Hangar so his timing was good. Gibbs has been sleeping so I was hoping he wouldn't need out throughout my chat. 😟

But the best deal was all this for $3

Well, as it turned out, Gibbs slept through the whole conversation and I hung up very excited about my rewards and purchases. We both dozed, Gibbs and I, and then around 4:30 I woke him up and took him for a walk. It was feeling warm inside the Suite even though we haven’t had hardly any sun all day. The humidity was high and the air outside felt good. We went down to see Bill at the Hangar and his trailer and we all walked back to the back side of the west pond.

On our drive, we passed a field of happy horses

Someone is selling some re-e-a-l-l-y old trucks

For supper, tonight, we had fish and chips. I only had a few chips, choosing string beans and carrots instead for my filler. No need for dessert again tonight. During dishes, of course, the little bum needed out but we try our best to accommodate when we can unless we know he’s playing games. (which is a lot) 😊 

A nice supper tonight

The clouds darkened up and we got a few more spatters of rain. Along the horizon, there was some lightening up, so, hope for tomorrow.

Some brightness below the clouds

We've been up and down this hill a lot today

This was a good day and we were able to spend the afternoon together. Bill took Gibbs out ‘off’ leash for a run before his supper and he was very, very good. Funny but he didn’t go over into the long grass – of course, no Chippys tempted him either. Before the evening ended, we had settled plans for our Canada Day dinner. 

                                            Gibbs doesn't walk well yet, he more or less hop


                                                                  When Bill said where's Mom

                                                         as encouragement to get him inside

                                                                   this is the result - Mama's boy?

                                                                      GOOD NIGHT!!

Thank you for stopping in to see what we’re up to. Your comments are welcome, as always.


  1. Your quiche looks great! Gibbs is sure a little cutie! Glad Bill made it home early, and that's always nice on a Friday.

    1. The quiche is quite good with all of MY major food groups. :)

  2. I love quiche. I make the crustless version too.

  3. Those videos of Gibbs are adorable and the photo of him with the Teddy is priceless.

    We had a frittata last night for dinner. I was curious to see what the difference is between a quiche and a frittata so had to google it - not a whole lot as it turns out, especially if the quiche is crustless as yours was.

    Have a great day!

    1. I agree about the videos. You sure see what he is like out and about. He's a happy camper!
      Frittata, hmmm, I never knew what that was but I now see that it would be very similar to my quiche. :)

  4. I'm quite familiar with the Saugeen River, but you've never said much about it in your blog except for your time in Paisley. You must nearly pass it on your way to the mat every day.

    1. Ha ha, I'm not the historian you are FG but yes, the Saugeen River is all around me when I go to the Mat. She's a very huge part of these counties. :)