Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Not Much Happening, Sister’s Milestone Birthday

The Ridge

On Tuesday, June 8th I woke to roll over and stretch at a few minutes before 5. Did I hear a whimper? I waited and then heard a small zip with another whine. Bill was still sleeping, which usually means he had a not-so-good sleep so I slipped something on and crept around the bed. First a trip to the bathroom since these outings usually constitute a bit of a walk. 😊

I'm glad Gibbs doesn't mind being out on his leash by himself
He is close enough for me to see and hear him if he gets wrapped up
under the step
It does give me a needed break sometimes

Gibbs was good and did his business pretty quickly and walked fairly well on his retractable leash. It had rained through the wee hours of the morning but it was hard to tell how much. The bird bath wasn’t overflowing, just too bad I put some water in it yesterday or I’d have an idea of how much rain we were blessed with. The deck stairs were quite wet and so was the grass. The hammock was dark with wetness too. I’m assuming our plants are happy for the day. saves me a job.

I would be remiss if I didn't post this memory picture
of my sister, Cathy with Bill on our old Honda Goldwing
75 years young today!
Happy Birthday, sis! πŸ’“πŸŒΈπŸ°

I gave the little guy a good wiping down, 1 paw, 2 paws, 3 paws and 4 paws plus a tummy and back rub down. He was pretty wet as it was still drizzling. It felt good out there, actually. I'd slept well, with our bedroom windows open and the downstairs a/c set around 76F but I bumped it down a couple of notches so it would take some humidity out of the living area before Bill got up.

That rain filled the bird's bath

It doesn't take much for the puddles to appear

Once he was dry, Gibbs and I went upstairs and crawled into bed with Daddy. There was some nipping, some moments of covering our heads with the sheet and eventually after about 20 minutes he settled down. That’s one thing in the puppy stage we could both do without. We’ve each had surprise attacks at our bare toes a few times. His teeth are sharp so he gets a loud retort which often gives him pause. Not always does it stop him from coming back.

This planter with begonias and bacopa is happy

Throughout the morning, we were in and out, either walking or him being on the leash at the steps. We received 3 packages in the mailbox yesterday but one isn’t ours so we took it down for the mail lady to read it correctly this time and deliver it down the road today. Their name is RichardSON, she read it too quickly. Ha ha. While Gibbs was outside on his rope leash, I know he is safe, so I vacuumed throughout. He doesn’t like the vacuum anyway and would just be in my way, trying to grab the  nozzle. I speak from experience!

The Ridge hasn't had puddles for a while
It was a nice calm 10 minute rain

I was online with family, friends and my Norwex consultant for a while and then grabbed a late lunch around 1. Today it was a breakfast/lunch wrap and went down well. There was another light rain shower around 1:30 and yet no wind so that is perfect! I wasn’t doing anything outside anyway. I might need to go to the body shop to help move Tommy from one area to the working area. Yup, sounds like we will be working on him once more. That is the ’31 (?) Plymouth that I worked on when I was first hired. There were 'stalls' for one reason or another.😊

Daddy picked Gibbs up to say hello when we returned from work

My heart melted
Look at those paws, he's going to be a few pounds heavier than
our Clemson was 😁
I like how the light is like a heavenly 'ahhhhhh' moment

I dozed in my chair for a while because I couldn’t keep my eyes open to read. At 2:30 M called and said he was ready and it had stopped raining. Tommy doesn’t start so it was a matter of using his pick up to pull him out with the chain and then push it into the 'working' shop side. As luck would have it, Bill arrived home when I was taking Gibbs out for a piddle. Extra help! So, we drove around the corner to the shop and while M pulled, Bill got in and steered and I guided.

Tommy is looking pretty good 
even without his fenders
Bill steering

Of course, as soon as we started, it started to rain. Me, being outside, I got soaked and we all had to stop and run into the shelter and wait for it to subside a bit. It didn’t take much for the guys to push Tommy in the last 10’ while I steered. We will work on it pretty steady, as long as there is a cash flow to pay for my time and parts and paint required. I’m still anxious to see it finished even though that will be many hours down the road.

We were forced to wait for the rain to stop
or we'd be drenched pushing the car in

We relaxed back home until 5:30 when I started supper. We had some potato salad along with a couple of hot dogs. I had a hankering for the dogs and they were very good. Today, I made a recipe using 2 cups of rhubarb and the last of my frozen strawberries but rather than making pie dough, I made a crisp. Needless to say, our supper was delicious and the crisp with cream was over the top. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’“

Told you my spirea was dying 😒

Being on the hill in sandy rocky soil did not help it
The water didn't stay with it, even from the rain
My Dianthus plants are doing better

The hill garden needs a weed trim once it cools down
and it also needs some weeding

My big garden is doing awesome!

After dishes, we watched some of the NCIS reruns. Gibbs slept at our feet, here, there and over there too, and I plugged away at my blog. I still get distracted by the program even though I’ve seen it many, many, many times. 

Worth the wait

My part keto part traditional crisp was AWESOME!

The evening didn’t consist of any good tv, with the season finales done, until America's Got Talent came on at 8. I did my best to get my blog finished but couldn't focus. I'd much rather sit with Bill and watch something I enjoy together. His movies put me to sleep and too many of the car shows just annoy me. 😝

The sky was worth watching too

This was a bit of a lazy day. I didn’t do anything outside other than with Gibbs. We had a different visitor today, bigger than our normal females. That was kinda cool!

Our prehistoric Yertle looked pretty healthy

He found the only puddle in the laneway

We didn't see any last year at all so this was cool

We reached 30C/86F again today, hotter with the humidity
Stay cool like this guy is!
Good night!

Thank you for taking the time to come by.


  1. Those needle sharp teeth!!! Practicing to kill dinosaurs!!! Your garden always looks wonderful.

    1. Thank you Nancy, you can't see the weeds! haha
      Any suggestions for stopping a pup from biting? He has lots of chew toys but still wants to chew our fingers, toes and noses!

  2. Whew, this heat is getting exhausting isn't it? We had a bit of rain last evening, then a thunderstorm over night. It was nice and fresh, though hot, this morning.

    1. It really is exhausting, so soon too!
      Do your best to keep cool, Karen!

  3. It must be interesting to be working on that old car. Your big garden is looking great!

    1. It is neat working on the car and after all the sanding I put into/on it last year, I'm pleased with how it is looking.
      Thank you FG

  4. Your large garden looks awesome! I would think you could still move your spirea to another spot. There looks to be some green leaves. I have a similar one, called Autumn Joy, that I thought hadn't made it through the winter, so I gave it a serious trim and in the last week it has suddenly come back to life. Good luck!

    That turtle looks huge! Very cool to see.

    Happy Birthday to your sister!

    1. Oh! Thank you, I'm going to try moving it before it is too late! You're brilliant! :D

  5. Is that a snapping turtle? Kind of looks like one to me...not like your usuals..